7 places I’d love to re-visit

As every wanderer dreaming of seeing as much of our lovely little planet as possible, I have a never ending to-visit list. And said list tend to focus on new-to-me places, because as Barney Simpson says: “New is always better”.



As exciting as discovering a new place is, the truth is, there’s always going to be some places that truly resonate with you.

Spots you simply can’t cover in one trip. Cities that keep changing and evolving, and therefore always in mouvement and ‘new’. Places that just feel like home.

So much so in fact that you start planning a return visit on your way to the airport.

Here’s my current top 7 of those places I’d love to re-visit.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


Much like London, New York is always changing.

No matter how many times you visits (and how many steps you walk a day!), there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Which is just as well because as you read this post, I’m actually on a 2-week trip to the USA, with two full weekends in NYC. I’m hoping to re-visit old favourites (looking at you, Katz’s!), as well as discovering new things (and eating all the brunch dishes).


I celebrated my 18th birthday in Sweden, and I have wonderful memories of visiting Stockholm and the Lake region.

There was something so beautiful about the pure, golden light, the small red wooden houses, the deep blue water and the fresh fish dishes and it all reminds engraved in my mind.

And now that I’ve mastered the art of planning city breaks, I’m itching to re-visit the Swedish capital!

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


Beautiful, unexpected and so, so, so different from anywhere else I’d ever been to, Cuba simply took my breath away.

Unfortunately, my Cuban adventures were not the most comfortable as I managed to catch a nasty stomach bug on day 2, which prevented me from making the most of our time on the dreamy Caribbean island.

I have major regrets of not being able to swim in waterfalls in Trinidad, and of not drinking all the rum cocktails.

So a Cuban do-over is most certainly on the cards at some point!


I went to Bilbao on a school trip and I keep unaltered memories of the beautiful Guggenheim undulating structure shinning in the sunshine.

The museum itself, featuring works from many of my favourite contemporary artists, was a dream.

The architectural mix of the city, combining old brick buildings and super modern glass structures in a seamless way, was another thing that caught my eye.

But because we spent very little time wandering the city and with all of our meals planned and taken care of for us, I feel like there’s still more for me to explore in Bilbao.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


The people. The vibes. The whiskey. The foooooooooooood!!

Our trip to Dublin last year was everything I had dreamt about, and then some.

Though to be honest, the prospect of dinner at Forest Avenue alone would be enough to convince me to jump in a plane!

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


With a strong focus on scandi design, interesting food creations, cinnamon buns and the purest, whitest light, Copenhagen was always to be a favourite of mine, and a place I’ll want to visit again and again.

And again.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


When I lived in Paris, I didn’t really enjoy it as a city.

Now that I don’t, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Similar enough to London to be comfortable, yet different enough to be exciting, and the very epitome of classy easy-going ‘à la Française’…

It’s just such a lovely city to explore… just got to keep an eye on the Eurostar ticket prices!

How many of those places have you visited? What places have you been to and can’t wait to re-visit? 

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7 places I’d love to re-visit

‘Once in a lifetime’ moments in Burkina Faso

I never thought I would ever get to sleep on a military bed under the stars in the middle of rural Africa. I never dreamt of being invited to attend a film festival in the presidential tribute no less. I didn’t expect to get cold in 25+°C temperatures. I didn’t think I’d ever have a discussion about how many animals would be a suitable offering from any suitor wanting to marry me. Or that I would have to explain in great details that living in a developed country didn’t automatically make me rich.

And yet…

'Once in a lifetime' moments in Burkina Faso ● #travellinkup

In the winter of 2007, I took the plane for the very first time together with a team of students from my high school. We were on our way to the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, and from there to a rural area an hour’s drive away, where we would stay for two weeks on a rural development mission.

Unlike what many would expect from a ‘once in a lifetime’ story, it wasn’t a glamourous experience. It was boiling hot (45+°C when the sun was at its highest), there was no running water, no electricty, no phone connection.

Every task was more complicated than it should have been.

No running water means we had to arrange from water from the nearby lake to be delivered every two days, and then treat it with many filters and chemicals to ensure it was drinkable. For two weeks, water tasted like bleach. There were also no showers, and the toilets were of the dry (and smelly, because 45°C temperatures tend to have that effect on things) kind (and home to a family of scorpio).

No electricty meant waking up early to make the most of daylight as there was only very limited lighting after sunset (our generator would only provide for about 4h of it). We cooked over an open fire and had to get groceries every day since we had no ways to stock them. We all got sick from the heat, dehydration, poor sanitation or a combination of all of the above.

'Once in a lifetime' moments in Burkina Faso ● #travellinkup
Yours truly, building (or rather, failing to build) a sun dehydrator…

Cultural gaps made for many a fascinating discussion.

We fought with the local welders, who wouldn’t explain why there were getting so behind on fulfilling orders. We later found out it was because if they had made enough money to sustain themselves for the week by say Thursday, they would simply stop working until the next week.

We talked with local students, who asked us how it was to live in France and ‘be rich’. Followed a 3 hour passionate debate on why we weren’t actually rich and how standards and costs of living somewhere affects disposable income.

A few of us were proposed to against various amounts of chickens, goats and even cows. The prospective husbands fully expected us to be thrilled. And to be able to pay for a plane ticket to France and a few electronic gadgets for them.

'Once in a lifetime' moments in Burkina Faso ● #travellinkup

We sang and drew with school kids. We helped our guard to carry a used mattress he was very excited about having bought (and pretended not to hear him and his lady friends making good use of it the following nights). We lost every football game we played again the village’s teenagers.

We ate strawberries in February and the sweetest mango I’ve ever had. We slept outdoors, staring at the upside-down moon and counting the stars late into the night.

We took bet on how many of us it’d take to go around the village’s biggest baobab (12!!).

We fought over who’d get the limited strawberry flavour Fanta at the local bar. It was horrific and nobody liked it but still, every day, we fought for it.

My bag almost got stollen but my then-boyfriend jumped off our running car and catch up with the thief. My parents’ camera, who was never meant to have to face 40+°C temperatures, died after a week.

We were invited to the African Film Festival opening ceremony, where we fully humilited ourselves by wearing terrible clothes amongst the crème-de-la-crème of the continent cultural icons.

We came back from our African adventures tired but wiser, covered in orange dust but with new perspectives on life and the world. And with a brand new appreciation for the little every day thing we wouldn’t even have noticed otherwise (oh, the life-changing magic of a light switch after 2 wekks without electricity!).

Coming back was hard, finding the words to explain what it was like was even harder. 11 years after, I still struggle with it.

It was surreal and a true, once in a lifetime experience. It wasn’t one bit glamourous, and I hardly have any photo of it, but it was the sort of things money can’t buy, which makes it even more precious.

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My 2018 travel plans

‘Once in a lifetime’ moments in Burkina Faso

Oh the places we’ll go!

2017 was a pretty fantastic year when it came to travelling the world.

I ate all the potatoes, drank all the whisky, had the best meal of the year and all-in-all fell in love with Dublin in March. I finally visited Munich in April, then got early Spring sunburns and survived on just ice cream in Brighton. I ate all the tapas in Barcelona with my parents in May. I treated my boyfriend to a weekend in Paris for his birthday in August. Last but not least, I made the most of November sun (and incredibly cheap rum) in Cuba before heading home to France for Christmas.

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

Basically, I ticked (almost) all the boxes on my 2017 travel wish list.

I really hope 2018 will work out just as well…

Here’s what’s on the travel agenda / in the travel dream pipes so far.

York to visit my best friend

2017 was great on the travel front, but not quite so good in terms of exploring the UK itself. This is something we plan to rectify this time around, starting with a visit to my oldest friend’s new playing ground early this year.

I’m looking forward to wandering its history-ladden streets, taking too many pictures and my belly hurting from too much laughing.

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

The US on a reconnaissance mission

Our biggest trip of the year will be a research one. My Mr. is seriously considering applying to business school in the next few years, so this spring, we’ll be heading off to the US to visit campuses.

The plan so far includes New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco. Amongst other things, I’m excited to hit up the East Coast for the first time, as well as catching up with friends on both sides of the country and getting to re-visit Katz’s Deli.

Amsterdam with my sister

Last year, my sister turned 20. As a present, we treated her to a weekend trip to the city of her choice. She said Amsterdam, so that’s where we’ll be heading later this year.

I’m interested to give the Netherland’s capital a second chance and hope it’ll surprise and delight this time around!

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

France for my grandpa’s 80th birthday

The perfect chance to catch up with all the family I didn’t get a chance to see around Christmas!

Berlin to celebrate our birthdays

My Mr.’s and my birthdays are exactly one week apart, and his is always on the week of the August Bank Holiday, so it’s basically like the calendar wants us to go on a celebratory trip, isn’t it?

Lats year, it was Paris. We ate tones of croissants, caught up with friends, walked aimlessly and all-in-all did a whole lot of nothing and it was absolutely brilliant.

This year, it might be a touch more active as we explore Berlin for the very first time. The German capital has been on my travel wish forever and I can’t wait to finally get a chance to see all the places I learnt about in my uni classes in real life!

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

And that’s about it for now, though there’ll probably be a few other plans coming up as the year unfolds. Bring it on, 2018! May you be as travel-good as your predecessor!

What travel plans do you have for 2018? Will you be flying across the world or exploring places closer to home? 

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Oh the places we’ll go!

The journey of a lifetime – Highlights from our first US trip

Any visitor to the U.S.A. knows that, no matter their final destination, there’s a state or two you’re sure to find yourself in.

Fascination. Excitement. Eyes-wide-open bewilderment.

A visit to the land of Stars and Stripes will always be a memorable journey.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

A journey through complex history and diverse culture, of culinary delights and incredible street food, of one-of-a-kind experiences, building memories that will last a lifetime.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

Below are the moments from my first all-American journey that remain firmly etched in my memory.

Hope it inspires some future US travel, or brings back some happy memories!

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

New York

1. The sky opening up the second we stepped out of the Subway from the airport, leaving us soaked to the bones within a couple of minutes.

2. Feeling insect-small when walking down the streets.

3. The views of the city from the ferries.

4. Eating the most epic sandwich of my entire life (the pastrami on rye) at Kazt’s Deli.

5. Seeing all the iconic buildings in real life.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

6. Admitting New Yorkers’ bagel bragging rights after one bite of Ess-A-Bagel’s sensational lox & cream cheese bagel.

7. The fascinating madness of Times Square.

8. $1 pizza.

9. Finding the cutest stationery store in Brooklyn.

10. Walking the Highline.

11. Witnessing the Gay Pride.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

Washington D.C.

12.  Waiting out a flood warning with the locals and chili fries at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

13. The sheer scale of the city – the timed street crossings give you two whole minutes to cross and they’re barely enough!!

14. My first ever visit to a Shake Shack restaurant.


15. Late night grocery runs – American supermarkets are FUN!

16. Getting caught in the 4th of July madness.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

New Orleans

17. Jazz at the Preservation Hall.

18. Classic cocktails at the beauuuuutiful Carousel Bar.

19. Coffee and beignets with a local at Café du Monde.

20. The incredible colonial architecture.

21. Mufulettas at Grocery Central.

The journey of a lifetime - Highlights from our first US trip ● Cake + Whisky

22. The journey itself

Despite the horror stories you might read about in the press, travelling across the USA is actually quite enjoyable.

Thumbs up to fast-moving security lines. A big fat YES to not having to take your liquids or laptop out of your over-stuffed bag. My deepest gratefulness to all the comfortable cab and coach seats.

After all, it’s the little things that allow you to enjoy the journey, as well as the destination!

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The journey of a lifetime – Highlights from our first US trip

How to find the perfect travel companion

“There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” Mark Twain

Tiredness, poor orientation, delays, lost luggage and the occasional terrible meal – travelling with people can be a serious test of a relationship.

How to find the perfect travel companion • #travellinkup • Cake + Whisky

Whether you’re travelling the world or just hoping to the next city for a well-deserved break, the right travel companion – one that will enjoy the sights (and share your picture-happy habits), the exotic food (and not complain once about always eating it cold) and the aimless wandering – will enhance any adventure.

So choose wisely (with some help of the points listed below).

And once you find your perfect travel companion don’t let that person go. Or -even better- go with them!

1. Discuss your expectations

When it comes to travelling, some people like seeing all the sights. Others prefer travelling like a local. There are the foodies. The shopping lovers. The museum goers. The nature seekers. The ones that just want to relax and take it easy by the pool with a cocktail in their hand…

And all are great ways to see a new place – as long as whoever you’re travelling with share your views on the matter. So before you start planning and booking, make sure you discuss must-sees and must-dos and check that your travel companion’s and your expectations of what you want to do on the trip match to some extend!

2. Make sure your travel paces align

While you’re at it, you’ll also want to discuss how much you’re expecting to do on your trip.

Do you want to visit a city/area in depth, leaving a lot of time for wandering and getting lost or would you rather hit several cities/countries in that same amount of time?

Will you be up at the crack of dawn and pack every day with as many activities as possible, or would you rather sleep in and take things slowly?

Are you planning to beat your personal best in terms of daily steps, or would you rather favour public transport or taxis?

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer – it’s only a matter of personal preference (and level of exhaustion!) – but discussing this ahead of time will make your trip much more enjoyable for everybody!

3. Check you’re on the same page budget-wise

No matter where you go, your travel budget will really affect your trip – from the destination (short VS long haul), to deciding where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

Trust me – there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to save when your travel companion wants to splurge or vice-versa.

The budget discussion is not an easy one, but it’s one you’ll want to have very early on. The best approach in my experience is to agree on an overall ‘budget’ so your spendings should not come as a surprise to anyone in your travel party.

4. Be flexible and make the most of your differences

You don’t have to agree on everything and have the exact same idea/desire/need for every single second of the entire trip.

Maybe your list of must-sees isn’t exactly the same? Maybe your travel companion of choice really wants to do something you’re not all that excited about?

But in travel as in many other things – your differences make you a stronger team. So compromise. Do some of the things they suggest. Push your boundaries. Drag them to that can’t-miss-won’t-miss exhibition in return.

You’ll all get out of it better (if only because you’ve learnt something about yourself!).

5. Consider your options for alone time

Because you’re travelling with other people doesn’t mean you should have the option to split for a while and go do your own thing. This is especially important if you’re travelling as a big group (be them friends or family).

Fellow introverts / curious wanderers, trust me on that one. Planning ways to escape / do the things no one else is even remotely interested in (a city walk, a trip to the museum, a cycling excursion to the next village, a nap…) is a life (and trip) saver!

6. When in doubt – pick the ones that always say yes to cake!

People who like food are always the best people.

How to find the perfect travel companion • #travellinkup • Cake + Whisky

This post was written as part of this month’s #travellinkup, all about travel companions, be they constant, occasional, animal, crazy or simply left at home. If you want to join in the #travellinkup fun, pop your post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th Oct.), then add it to the link up widget found on Follow Your SunshineSilverSpoon LondonAdventures of a London Kiwi or Wandermust Family.

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How to find the perfect travel companion

10 things I learnt from traveling

I didn’t really travel as a child.

We didn’t have the money to afford anything more than our yearly holiday in my absolute favourite place in the world.

10 things I learnt from traveling • Cake + Whisky

But that didn’t stop me from dreaming of seeing the world and adding to my ever-growing wanderlist.

Or to get at it as soon as I had the chance, taking in the sights and a little bit of wisdom from each of the 10 countries I’ve visited sofar.


My first ever trip abroad was a school trip to Stuttgart, Germany back in 2004 and it’s the best memory I have from the overall horific college experience (the first part of High School in France, leading up to GCSEs).

From my first experience of life in a big city and staying with an amazing Turkish-German family, I learnt that middle of nowhere, whiter than white small town was not where I belonged.

And that there was a whole world of Haribo to be discovered out there!

Burkina Faso

A rural development mission to Burkina Faso took me on my first ever long-haul trip in 2007.

No phone connection, no electricity, no running water, strawberries in the middle of February – it was a completely different world and an real eye-opener for my 16-year-old self.

Kids that had nothing but would still hand up fruit and nuts at the local market. Passionate debates with professional degree students on standards of living and how it affected disposable income. The mind-boggling fact that local builders would simply stop working by Wednesday if they had made enough money for the week.

That trip changed me more than any other I have ever taken. It taught me to not take anyhting for granted – not even getting light or water at the touch of a button – gave me a sense of perspective and a drive to travel as a local.

10 things I learnt from traveling • Cake + Whisky


A two-week trip to Sweden was my most fantastic 18th birthday present.

Our road-trip adventure took us across the achingly beautiful Lake region as well as golden light-bathed Stockholm and reminded me that despite my big city aspirations, no amount of skyscrappers will ever top up how beautiful nature is.

It’s also when (after carrying a veeeery over-packed bag and the most ridiculous pair of heeled silver sandals along) I finally understood the value of packing light – and I never looked back.

The UK

After 3 years of uni, I wasn’t really sure which way to go. So I decided to hit the pause button, enrol as a teacher assistant with the British Council and go spend a year across the Channel.

2012 was a crazy year. I drank too much, didn’t sleep nearly enough, finally learnt to speak English properly (as in, in ways that would allow me to discuss things other than the apartheid) and made friends for life.

I fell in love with London almost instantly. Bright, exciting, strongly multi-cultural, it was everything I was looking for in a city, and then some. It was scary at times, and exhilarating the rest of the time.

London has taught me so much – how to navigate night buses, tricks to not let SAD take you down, what to do when you spend an entire day at the pub… – but mainly how to live in the moment and make the most of each of them.


Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. A feeling you can only understand once you’ve left.

Going back taught me about the importance of having a place you can always go back to. A place that’s stable and that allows you to see that you’re still the same, despite how much you’ve changed.

10 things I learnt from traveling • Cake + Whisky

The Netherlands

Amsterdam was the first place the BF and I traveled together to. It was also my first proper ‘city break’ and that kind of showed.

Short trips are tricky to plan and we didn’t do as well as we should have in that department. Lesson learnt – we’ve improved much since!

The US

We went to the US in the summer of 2015. Needless to say, the main thing I learnt from this trip was the value of air conditioning and drinks bigger than my head.

America is all about excess – cities are massive (and you can’t get anywhere without a car), portion sizes are huuuuge (and often enough to feed two).

‘Restrain’ is simply not a thing there. Which made me realise that restrain is something I’m rather into and that it was okay to be a little homesick when on holiday!

10 things I learnt from traveling • Cake + Whisky


With its care-free lifestyle, rolling accent, long siestas and slow pace of life, Spain is the ultimate relaxing holiday destination. A couple of long weekend visits over the past few years has been a great way to remember what’s important – good food, good wine and even better company to make memories with.


Gorgeous white light, bikes and water everywhere, amazing food and the never-ending impression that you’re walking around in a perfectly currated Pinterest board – what’s not to like about Copehagen?

From our idyllic 3-day stay in the Danish capital, I learnt that waking up early is the way forward if you want to hit the sights and also took away a determination to give degustation menus a chance!


Our trip to Dublin wasn’t quite the traditional itinerary. We didn’t go to the Guinness Museum, or to St Patrick’s Cathedral. Instead, we had brunch and doughnuts, our most fantastic meal this year and more whisky than strictly reasonable. And it was fantastic!

The definite proof that the only thing that matters is to have fun your way!

10 things I learnt from traveling • Cake + Whisky

So, here it is – the top 10 things I learnt from traveling:

  1. Exploring is a chance to find places that are right for you.
  2. Travel like a local and take every trip as a chance to get a feel of what it’d be like to live there.
  3. Pack light.
  4. Go with the flow and make the most of it.
  5. There’s no place like home.
  6. Do your research – especially for shorter trips!
  7. It’s okay to get a little homesick.
  8. Memories with azaming people is what truly makes a trip.
  9. Wake up early if you want to see the sights.
  10. Leave FOMO behind and do whatever you want!

What unexpected/surprising/amazing thing have you learnt from traveling?

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10 things I learnt from traveling


Home is one of the most complicated words in the English language.

Or maybe it’s just me & my complicated home situation speaking. But the fact is, almost everytime I use it, I have to explain which home I mean.

Coming home, going home, being back home… How many times have I had to stop mid-sentence to add some helpful bit of context. One of the difficulties of being an expat’ (for lack of a better word) in a country I don’t have direct ties to, I suppose.

The Places I Call Home • #travellinkup • Cake + Whisky

From London to Ile de Ré, to my parents’ house in the French countryside and to places we visited that instantly made me feel at home, there are so many places I call home.

You know what they say… Home is where the heart and the memories are. And my heart & memories just seem to be spread all over the world.

My parents’ home

My parents bought the house they live in shortly before I was born.

It’s the place where I grew up. The place where I’ve woken up every Christmas morning. The place my childhood memories link back to.

It’s the place I’ve met my best friend in. The place I’ve baked endless cakes while studying for my exams. Where I fell in love with garden-to-table dining. The place that never fails to make me feel calm and at peace the second I pass through the door.

It’s in the middle of nowhere, in the tiniest of villages, and the sort of place where you need a car if you hope to be able to do anything. Post office, grocery store, the whole lot. Needless to say, it’s really rather unpractical given that I don’t own a car.

But then again, it’s the place the ones I love most live in. The place where the dogs are. The place where I come from.

It’s always been my home and even now, after having moving out almost 8 years ago, it still is.


The place I built my first home in.

The Places I Call Home • #travellinkup • Cake + WhiskyCake + Whisky | London

It hasn’t been easy. London is a demanding city. It’s gigantic, it never stops and it can take a while to find your spot in the city’s crazy diverse environment.

Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London | Cake + WhiskyAnd yet it was love at first sight. From the very first day, London has felt like home in ways every other place I lived in before never did.

● Cake + Whisky

And almost 5 years in, it looks like I’m not about to get tired of it any time soon. Especially since I’ve started cycling everywhere (more on that soon!).

Île de Ré

When I was a child, I went on holiday to Ile de Ré for a month every year.

Postcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + Whisky

There, I would live in my swimsuit, swimming in the sea, walking barefoot in the sand, eating ice cream by the dozen, sleeping under a tent, picking up shellfish on the rocks and salted butter by the kilo at the local market. And I would dream that one day, I would own one of the gorgeous houses overlooking the ocean.

Postcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyCake + Whisky | Ile de Ré France beach

To this day, that’s still a dream of mine, and a rather expensive one at that. But oh, how I’d love to some day live beside the seaside…

Finding new homes on the way

Whenever we travel (and even more so since the whole Brexit thing started), our #1 priority is to experience the city/country the way the locals do. Avoid the tourist crowds and try to have a peek of what living there would be like instead.

A weekend in Barcelona ● Travel Guide ● Cake + Whisky A weekend in Barcelona ● Travel Guide ● Cake + Whisky

That’s how we ended up finding the best tapas spot in Barcelona, why we decided to spend a week eating croissants and wandering the streets of Paris last summer, and why we loved our trip to Dublin so much.

It’s obviously not helping in any way with my travel bucket list as I now want to re-visit my new-found homes on top of trying to discover new ones…

A mini guide to Dublin, Ireland | Cake + Whisky

Where to you feel at home? Is home a specific place or city, or like me, do you confuse others with multiple homes and potential future homes? Answers on a postcard or in the comment below!

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Where to next? My 2017 travel plans

Going back a few years, my travel plans were always a last-minute gamble sort of thing. Having to work part-time jobs during school holidays (and always knowing at the very last minute when I’d be starting said jobs) and very little money available, I didn’t have much of a choice but to settle for middle-of-the-night shuttle buses and far-from-anything hostels.

Needledd to say, most of those plans aborted for various reasons and wanderlust was strong.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now the kind of person writing entire blog posts on how to best plan your city getaways. Crazy the difference a little time (and money) can make, eh?

As a consequence, and for the first time in forever, my annual travel wish list is less on the wish side (looking at you, 2016’s list!) and more on the work-in-progress side of things.

So, here are my 2017 travel plans sofar…

Dublin in March

2017 Travel Plans | Dublin, Ireland

I was meant to visit the Irish capital a few years back. But for some horrible, stolen-passport-related reason, it did not happen. 2017 is the year I take my revenge on karma and finally make it to the fair city.

2017 Travel Plans | Dublin, Ireland

Stunning Georgian architecture, the vibrant cobbled streets of Temple Bar, beef and potato stew, the incredible Trinity College Old Library, a healthy dose of Guinness and whiskey (…) I can’t wait to take it all in!

Barcelona in May

2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain 2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain

I fell in love with Barcelona in 2015 and have spent most of last year wanting to go back. So when it came to picking a destination for the second edition of our annual family weekend trip, I put my foot down and said 2017’s would be filled with tapas, siestas and the occasional walk.

2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to see the Sagrada Family in all its restored glory, stuff my face with all the patatas bravas and drink all the sangria with all my fave people!

The French/Swiss Alps in the Summer

2017 Travel Plans | Annecy, France

So, I’m not really a snow person (it’s really just frozen rain people!!), so mountains in winter aren’t quite my idea of the perfect holiday.

2017 Travel Plans | Annecy, France

In the summer though, it’s a whole different thing. Glorious scenery, hikes, followed by cooling dips in the lakes (and a much looked-forward to reunion with the French tradition of “l’apéro”)… That’s much more like it (and very much the plan we intend to follow for a few days this summer!)

Munich for Oktoberfest

2017 Travel Plans | Munich, Germany

A visit to the most sought-after Bavarian festival has been on my bucket list for a long long time. And when one of your very best friends just so happen to live in Munich, the opportunity is simply to good not to act upon.


Cuba in November

2017 Travel Plans | Havana, Cuba

Switching up a cold, rainy, dark London for a sunny, beach-ladden, rum-filled island is pretty much the dream, isn’t it?

2017 Travel Plans | Havana, Cuba

Home for Christmas

2017 Travel Plans | Poitiers, France

Because when it comes to the end-of-year Fah-lala-la-ing, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

Add to that a few day- and weekend-trips here and there and that’s me covered for 2017…

But I’m sure it’ll still leave room for plenty of wanderlust… So make sure you share your 2017 travel plans / dreams in the comments or via this month’s #travellinkup!

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Where to next? My 2017 travel plans