10 things to do in London with your parents

My parents are visiting next week. Which would be all good and exciting and everything if my dad didn’t happen to not be the biggest fan of big cities (this sentence is quite an understatement of his actual feelings towards them) and wasn’t sacred of “being bored” (his words).

So obviously, I started compiling lists (yes, plural!) of things for them to do when they’re here (boredom doesn’t stand a chance against my list-addict superpowers!!). Here are my top 10 must-do!

1- Walk along South Bank Cake + Whisky | Tower BridgeCake + Whisky | Blackfriars BridgeCake + Whisky | South BankCake + Whisky | South BankCake + Whisky | South BankCake + Whisky | St Paul's Cathedral… It’s been proven that it is impossible to get bored of these views!

2- Notting HillCake + Whisky | Notting HillCake + Whisky | Notting HillIt simply would be rude to ignore pretty pastel houses.

3- ALL THE PARKS! Cake + Whisky | RichmondCake + Whisky | Kensington GardensCake + Whisky | Regents ParkCake + Whisky | GreenwichCake + Whisky | St James ParkCake + Whisky | Richmond ParkCake + Whisky | Green ParkCake + Whisky | Richmond ParkCake + Whisky | London Hyde ParkCake + Whisky | Richmond ParkCake + Whisky | Richmond ParkAre we actually in the middle of one of the biggest cities in Europe? Yes? Really? (Also, deers. If that doesn’t win my dad over, I don’t know what will.)

4- Borough Market Cake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketCake + Whisky | Borough MarketMarkets in France are very different from what we get here in London (mostly produce-focused vs mostly street-food focused) and the Borough Market miraculously manage to mix both concepts perfectly. Plus litterally ALL THE FOOD!

5- Climb the Monument Cake + Whisky | Climbing the MonumentBest view at the best price (+ extra exercise!)

6- Walk around Covent GardenCake + Whisky | Covent GardenCake + Whisky | Covent GardenCake + Whisky | Seven DialsCake + Whisky | Seven DialsIt’s just so pretty. Also, there are pies. And tea. Which is basically my idea of heaven.

7- Take a peak of the best museums Cake + Whisky | V&ACake + Whisky | V&A MuseumCake + Whisky | V&A MuseumCake + Whisky | V&A MuseumCake + Whisky | V&A MuseumCake + Whisky | V&A MuseumCake + Whisky | Museum of LondonCake + Whisky | Tower of LondonMy favourites include The Tower of London, the V&A and the Museum of London.

8- Have a pub dinner. (pictures from last week’s very succesful dinner at The Pig & Butcher. Really good food inc. *THAT* Brulée Rice Pudding.)Cake + Whisky | Pig & Butcher, IslingtonCake + Whisky | Pig & Butcher, IslingtonCake + Whisky | Pig & Butcher, IslingtonA great way to prove that British food can be very (VERY) good indeed and make your mum stop sending absurd care packages (my own mum has gotten better lately though, she doesn’t send pasta anymore!).

9- Teatime!Cake + Whisky | Teatime

10- And most importantly, catching up on everything and spend time together!Cake + Whisky | Bitters & Rye | London's best cocktailsCake + Whisky | MuffinsAnd if this happens to be over a few rounds of cocktails or some cake, well, what can I do about it?

What do you like to do in London with visitors? Anyhting I should add to my list?

10 things to do in London with your parents

My 10 beauty favourites of all time.

When it comes to beauty products, I am very much a creature of habit. Many because my skin has a bit of a temper and strongly reacts ever single time I try out something new (until it gets used to it, that is). So I almost never get around to try new things, unless some of my favourites get discontinued (end of the world). I would be the worst beauty blogger ever.


But i figured that, since thy’ve served me so well for such a long time, it was about time I pay a tribute to 10 beauty products I love (and cross everything that they never ever stop being sold!)

1. Eau de Parfum, Chloé: I fell in love 5 years ago, when I was looking for a “signature” scent. My skin being acidic, a lot of perfumes don’t stay on me/ start smelling funny after a few minutes (sexyyy!). But not this one, thanks god!

2. Moisture-rich Body Lotion, Clarins: Rich but gets absorbed SO quickly and doesn’t leave your skin sticky/oily. THE most decadent body moisturizer ever. It doesn’t come cheap, but is worth every penny.

3. Le Vernis Rouge Noir (#18), Chanel: It has the most fantastic colour. I’ve worn it all winter and I’m still not bored of it. I smile every single time I look at my nails. #InLove

4. Exfoliating gel, Lexel Paris: THE BEST exfoliating gel I have EVER tried. And I’ve tried A LOT. And it smells DIVINELY good. The only issue being that it’s quite difficult to find on this side of the Chanel.

5. Aqua Smoky Lash mascara, Make Up For Ever: Make-Up Forever has FINALLY made it to London. Which means I won’t have to cry on the phone to get my mum to send me this little wonder! *little dance of happiness*

6. Make Up Remover Oil, Mixa: I’ve never really liked water cleasing lotions (is it just me or do other people feel like their skin is left weirdly sticky?), and since I wear waterproof mascara (see above), oil makes a lot more sense for me anyway. I love this one because it smells so nice (a rose-y sort of thing), but it’s not sold in the UK, so I’m probably going to try out the L’Occitane one once I finish my stocks.

7. Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, Caudalie: The only face moisturizer that doesn’t turn my combination skin into a complete mess. The texture is somewhat odd (more like a serum than a moisturizer), but it works for me.

8. C me smile Lip Butter, Yes to Carrots: Everyone needs some lip balm in their life. I have tried many (I went through a lip balm collection phase at some point), but this is the one I’d buy immediately if I ever were to run out (not happening any time soon though!).

9. Sephora Twizzers: I can’t live without twizzers. So much so that when in my first year of uni, we had to bring along the one thing we couldn’t live without for one of my German conversation classes, I brought twizzers along. Back then, I had pink ones, but they died a tragic death. So I bought the exact same ones in yellow and now my life is back in track!

10. Stay Matte Powder, Rimmel: It keeps the skin perfectly matte for hours without having to worry about re-applying any. Oh, and it’s cheap as chips too (especially if like me, you take advantage of some crazy offers!).

What are the beauty products you can’t live without? Anything I absolutely must try? 

My 10 beauty favourites of all time.