Eat, Play, Shop – A local’s guide to Angel Islington

You don’t know what to have until it’s gone.

That’s true for pretty much anything in life. But especially my moving out of Islington.

Not that I’m complaining (having moved to Clerkenwell, I don’t exactly get to do that…).

But with fanstatic brunch places, more independant pubs and restaurants than you can shake a stick at, a booming coffee scene, adorable knick-knack stores that definitely are conspiring to make you spend all your money (…) Angel Islington really has it all.

Perfect destination for a weekend stroll you think? You don’t say!! So put on your nicest striped top (the N1 sure-fire camouflage) and follow the guide to Angel Islington’s very best bits!


Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

First things first – cakes & sweet treats!

There’s plenty of choice on Upper Street, from gluten-free delights at Romeo’s GF Bakery and Bread & Beyond, to ice cream, traditional French pastries and more.

The very best of the bunch at to be found at Ottolenghi (287 Upper St, N1 2TZ),  whose window display is very difficult to resist. But then again, so is their ever-changing buffet of fresh salads…

Also good: Udderlicious’ ice cream (187 Upper St, N1 1RQ – the seasonal flavours are always especially good)

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

If you’re after a good pub, The Old Queen’s Head (44 Essex Rd, N1 8LN) is the one. Not only do they have a good selection of beer & wine, but they also make very good cocktails at quite okay prices for the area.

Also, they’re home to this baby:

Lucky Chip at The Old Queen's Head | Cake + Whisky

Because you see, The Old Queen’s Head is also home to Lucky Chip. And their burgers are far, far better than your usual pub grub…

The Pig & Butcher, Islington | Cake + Whisky

That said, Angel Islington is also home to some of London’s best gastropubs and The Pig & Butcher (80 Liverpool Rd, N1 0QD) is at the very top of my list.

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

Serving up beautiful seasonal plates, it’s a great place to take guests and friends along for a leisurely lunch or a casual dinner.

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

…and their Sunday roasts aren’t half bad either, in case you were wondering!

Also good: sister-restaurant The Smokehouse (63–69 Canonbury Rd, N1 2DG), forever-on my to-visit-list Drapers Arms (44 Barnsbury St, Islington, N1 1ER)

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

For a quick pick-me-up, nothing beats mini juice bar Ginger & Lime (191 Upper Street).

Boasting a 50-something strong juice & smoothie menu & lovely, personable service every single time, it’s the perfect way to stay hydrated / treat yourself without blowing up the calorie counter / work towards your 5-a-day all at once!

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + WhiskyEat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

Another one on my always-a-good-idea list is Oldroyd (344 Upper Street, N1 0PD).

It’s a great place for a nice lunch (they serve up an excellent value set lunch menu), a small bite (their croquetas are always on point), dinner, pudding and even brunch (when they serve up the above, to-die-for carbonara-like pasta).

I could happily dine there once a week, though I can be challenging to get a table in the evening, so make sure you book ahead or go late!

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

While we’re on the topic of brunch, let’s make something really clear. There is absolutely no reason why you should queue up at The Breakfast Club when there is Radicals & Victuallers (59 Upper St, Islington, N1 0NY) down the street.

A favourite with the afterwork drink & weekend party crowds (they have live music & cocktails ’til late), they also have a great brunch menu and always plenty of room for you to seat! And also a small courtyard, board games & sports on the telly if you ever wanted to make a day of it…

Also good: Kipferl (20 Camden Passage, N1 8ED – for an Austrian take on your traditional brunch), The CoffeeWorks Project (96-98 Islington High St, N1 8EG – for coffee & cake)

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

Last but not least, quite possibly my favourite place in Angel: The Afghan Kitchen (35 Islington Green, N1 8DU).

A tiny, always packed gem of a restaurant, where husband-and-wife team dish up traditional Afghan dishes. Think India-meets-the-Middle-East stews, homemade bread, rice dishes and baklawa.

It tastes like food my grandma would cook (if my grandma was Afghan, that is) and makes for the best takeaway you’ll ever have. Perfect for a picnic at nearby Islington Green or a Netflix-and-chill sesh’.

Also good: Little Viet Kitchen (2 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ – for the best spring rolls in London, amongst other wonders!)


Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

One of the oldest running cinemas in the country, Screen on the Green (83 Upper St, N1 0NP) will ruin you for ‘regular’ cinemas.

Not only is the selection, mixing new blockbusters and old favourites, absolutely brilliant, but you get to enjoy your movie from the comfort of plush red velvet armchairs & sofas, with a perfectly crafted cocktails from the cine-bar in hand and delicious snacks from the cine-kitchen served at your seat.

Not going back to Odeon any time soon, are you?


Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

Whether you love vintage finds, hipster trinkets or quality kids’ toys, After Noah (121 Upper St, N1 1QP) is an absolute Aladdin’s cave. No lamp-rubbing needed, just a bit of patience (and the self-control required not to buy half the store)!

Also good: Gill Wing Cookshop (190 Upper St, N1 1RQ – great selection of quality equipment for all your kitchen needs)

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

SMUG (13 Camden Passage, N1 8EA) is another store in the don’t-need-any-but-want-it-all category.

Specialising in stationary & homeware, it’s also the perfect spot if you’re after the perfect birthday gift for you best/girl friend(s).

Eat, Play, Shop - A local's guide to Angel Islington ● Cake + Whisky

A touch less glamour but far more useful is Upper Street DIY (204 Upper St, N1 1RQ).

True to their motto, they have everything you could possibly need, from lightbulbs to glitter tape and much more. They also offer DIY services, should you need help with any of your home upper-fixer projects…

Anyone else living in/loving Angel Islington? Would love to hear about your favourite bits!

Eat, Play, Shop – A local’s guide to Angel Islington

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016

Having spend a bit too much money in recent trips to Paris & Copenhagen (more on that coming this week on Cake + Whisky!), I decided to put myself on a spending ban for a little while.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

But looking’s not spending, and the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project is the perfect excuse to indulge in a spot of window shopping.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Returning for its seventh year, the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project is an annual showcase of innovative architectural shop window display.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Some of Regent Street’s leading retailers, including Liberty, Kiel’s and Kate Spade, have collaborated with RIBA’s finest emerging and established RIBA Chartered architects to create a series of stunning windows with an architectural twist.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

This year’s windows reflect the versatility and ingenuity of the architects in creating new and fresh designs that build on each brand’s history and vision.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Liberty’s windows, designed by Architecture Social Club, tells a modern tale of the store’s founder’s story.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

With a play on the brand’s iconic floral patterns and a plethora of details, it’s one of the most stunning displays I’ve seen in years. and definitely worth taking a detour when you’re next in the area!

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

With a special appearance of Sir Arthur himself, his marble bust having been moved from its usual pedestal for the occasion!

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Kate Spade’s display, imagined by Design Haus Liberty, is a play on the iconic golden dots & black and white stripes present in many of the brand’s collections.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

The perfect playful-yet-sophisticated background for the brand’s newest baby, the Cameron Street Byrdie bag!

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Down the street, architecture firm Bureau de Change pays hommage to suit-and-shirt specialist brand Charles Tyrwhitt’s craftmanship.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Including wooden replicas of the brand’s patterns, the window is a salute to its expertise and width of product, ranging from shirts, to suits, ties, and even shoes!

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Across the street, Kiehl’s window is a work of love & patience.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

Dozens of handmade china ‘petals’, assembled to ressemble a quinoa husk (quinoa being the active ingredient in Kiehl’s new Night Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate).

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

A unique collaboration, and a lot of work indeed, but the result’s well worth the effort.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

And that from every possible angle…

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

And it would be rude not to pop in & say Hi to Mr Bones (and possibly try this revolutionary quinoa elixir for yourself when you’re at it!)

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

With ten unique windows blending contemporary architecture, innovative art & design practices, the RIBA Regent Street Window Project is a showcase for some of London’s finest emerging architects.

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + WhiskyRIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

RIBA Regent Street Windows installations will be on display from Monday, 5th September for a three week period until Sunday, 25th September, so that leaves you plenty of time to plan your own Christmas-window-shopping before Christmas tour!

Double brownie points if you manage to get some actual Christmas shopping done while you’re at it!

Visit for the full programme of events and a free walking map to download


RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016 | Cake + Whisky

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2016

10 souvenirs to buy from a French supermarket

(or the reason why I always go to France with an empty suitcase)

Let’s be honest. The end of the holidays always sucks.

You might be happy to go home and stuff, but the prospect of going back to the routine of everyday life? Not so much.

One thing that’s good about it though? Souvenirs shopping!

And when in France, there’s no better place for that than the supermarket! (unless of course you’re planning on decorating your flat with Eiffel Tower replicas of all sizes… in which case, enjoy!)

10 souvenirs to buy in a French supermarket | Cake + Whisky

Now, I will admit that I have a bit of a thing for foreign supermarkets, and in my opinion, nothing tops bringing back home the flavours you enjoyed during your holiday…

So if you want to keep the French Summer holiday vibes going, below are 10 brilliant things you should pick up at the local French supermarket!

10 souvenirs to buy in a French supermarket | Cake + Whisky

1. Milk chocolate with hazelnuts: A staple of French snacks, it’s proving surprisingly difficult to find in the UK. Most supermarkets will sell some under their own brand, or you can always splurge for some Milka or Côte d’Or bars… When you’re at it, you might also want to pick up a few bars of Nestlé baking chocolate (the one wrapped with brown paper). You’ll never bake a chocolate cake with cocoa after that.

2. Speciality mustard: The French do love their mustard and, from the classic Dijon to more unusual blends, there’s a wide range to choose from. If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend anything from family-owned, Burgundy-based mustard company Edmond Fallot.

3. Le Petit Marseillais Milk shower gel: My favourite shower gel in the entire world. Not only is it one of the most moisturising ones I’ve ever tried, but it’s also super cheap (about 2€ for 400ml) and it smells like my childhood.

4. Lotus speculoos: The one and only way to turn your coffee break into a proper Parisian experience. Also really good dunked in tea, crushed on top of baked fruit for an instant crumble, with yoghurt or instead of biscuits in a tiramisu… So you better get a few extra boxes, just to be safe (and maybe add a jar of speculoos spread as well…)!

5. Cornichons: NOT your usual pickles! The French cornichons are smaller in size and have a more ferm, crunchier texture, and the taste is somewhat more sharp. Perfect in sandwiches and with cold meat platters!

6. Levure Chimique “Alsacienne”: Now, that’s a rather weird one, especially since self-raising flour is so easy to come by in the UK. BUT despite my effort, I find that cakes simply don’t raise the same way when I don’t use the little pink bags, and taste weirdly chemical-ey when I add some British baking powder to my batters… or am I just doing something wrong?

7. Skincare from the parapharmacie: Parapharmacies are where all my money disappears the second I set food in France. Offering all sorts of skin care products, there are any beauty addict’s dream come true and very good value for brands such as La Roche Posay, Avène, Caudalie etc.

8. Crème de Marrons: Now, this is rather niche. Coming from the beautiful middle-of-nowhere region of Ardèche, this chestnut spread is simply divine. My favourite way to eat it is mixed in yoghurts, but it also has multiple uses in pastry (and I won’t rule out the idea of eating it by the spoonful…)

9. Wine: Because when in France… but put down that bottle of Chardonnay (nobody in France drinks that) and go less obvious labels. If you’re into white wine, I suggest you try a nutty Côtes du Jura (excellent with hard cheese and stone fruit), or an easy-going Sancerre. As far as rosé goes, you can’t really go wrong with a Bandol. And if red’s you thing, maybe a Bourgogne or a Saint Nicolas?

10. Herbes de Provence: This mix of dried herbs (usually marjoram, rosemary, thyme and oregano) simply tastes of Summer. It is a staple of southeast France cuisine and perfect on grilled meat and fish, as well as in Provencal stews such as ratatouille.


What sort of souvenir do you like to bring back from holiday?


10 souvenirs to buy in a French supermarket | Cake + Whisky

10 souvenirs to buy from a French supermarket

On top of Paris

There isn’t one angle Paris doesn’t look majestic from.

But it’s especially beautiful from the top.

So on our first day in the French capital, we took it upon ourselves to brave the masses of tourists at Galeries Lafayette and climb to the very top…

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Where we were rewarded with this view.

From the Eiffel Tower, to the golden dome of the Invalides and everything in between, the whole of Paris of Paris is at your feet.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

There is a brilliant view of the majestic Opera building too.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

And if you’ve done your research, there will be many a monument you’ll recognize…

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

As you’re about to head back downstairs, make sure you get a good look at Montmartre’s stunning Sacré Coeur church.

An intricate architectural wonder dominating Paris’ highest mound, it’s well worth it if you ask me!

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + WhiskyOn top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

You might also want to take a moment to ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaah’ at the Galeries Lafayette’s resident wonder…

Before going right across the street to one of Paris’ newest, yet most succesful stores.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

After having worked at Le Gavroche, then with the Roux family and French patisserie superstars Christophe Felder and Pierre Hermé, Christophe Adam opened L’Eclair de Génie in 2012.

There, he focuses on his favourite patisserie classic, the traditional éclair, which gets re-invented in a variety of exclusive and creative flavours.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Taking the city by storm and leaving all Parisians (and myself) feeling like kids in a candy store.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

In the window, nothing but rows and rows of jewel-like éclairs.

Spinning head, beating heart and sweaty palms, far too uickly, it’s time to make a choice.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Will you go for the meringue & cookie adorned yuzu-lemon éclair? The classic strawberry & raspberry éclair? Or maybe the temptalising vanilla & pecan nut one?

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Maybe you’ll succumb to the exotic charms of the above passion & mango éclair.

Or will the limited edition ‘Paris’ one catch your eye?

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Needless to say, choosing just one is a real challenge.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Once you do, you’ll want to take your precious haul outside and take advantage of one of the city’s quiet little parcs.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Settle on a bench in the sun and take your paper treasure chest out of its multicoloured bag.

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Take one last look at those éclair beauties (and maybe a few Insta-worthy pics), before digging in!

On top of Paris + L'Eclair de Génie | Cake + Whisky

Not only are L’Eclair de Génie the prettiest éclairs around, but they’re also the best I’ve ever had (and trust me, I’ve had a few in my French days).

Vibrant, perfectly balanced and with cleverly picked topping that bring that little textural plus, they’re truly a work of art.

So good in fact they deserve a little déclairation of love!

So make sure you pick a box up next time you’re in Paris (find all the stores on L’Eclair de Génie’s website). In the meantime, I’ll have my fingers crossed that they’ll soon come to this side of the Channel…

On top of Paris

10 awesome souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo

I am not one for tacky souvenirs.

Magnets, snowglobes, shot glasses, pebbles… If it’s going to stay in a corner of my living room collecting dust, it might as well stay in the store.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t want to bring home any goodies when I go away on holidays.

10 awesome souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo, Brittany | Cake + Whisky 10 awesome souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo, Brittany | Cake + Whisky

Things to remind me what a wonderful time I had when the holiday blues next strikes. Things I can share with those I had left behind to give them a taste of that specific trip. Things I will be happy to find in a few months, once my tan has faded.

Following my recent trip to Brittany’s beautiful Emerald Coast, I thought it might be useful to create a little guide of souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo if you want to skip the junk traditional stuff but still bring a little piece of Brittany home with you!

10 awesome souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo, Brittany | Cake + Whisky

1. Salted caramel. Obviously. You’ll find plenty of varieties, from supermarket jars to small, artisan-made batches, and even some flavoured versions. Get one of each. Spread on everything. Scoop some in your coffee, drizzle on yoghurt or ice cream. Worse come to worse, eat by the spoonful. You really can’t go wrong.

2. The butter of the stars. With a silky texture, aromatic complexity, a light dusting of salt, a smart balance of flavors and a creative collection of flavours, Bordier Butter is unlike any other one. And as for all luxury goods, the proof is in the client list, and Bordier butters reign supreme on the menus of the finest restaurants in France and abroad. The easiest way to take the French Palace experience home with you!

Bordier Butter flagship store, La Maison du Beurre, is located 9 Rue Orme

3. Buckwheat everything. Frequently listed as one of the world healthiest food, buckwheat remains quite niche outside of Asia and Brittany, where it’s the main component of the region’s most iconic dish, the Galette (a savoury buckwheat pancake).  Despite its name, buckwheat is gluten-free (it is actually a fruit related to rhubarb and sorrel) and a variety of buckwheat-based food items, including flour, biscuits and tea, are available in supermarkets and speciality shops.

La Maison du Sarrasin, a store specializing in all things buckwheat, is located 10 Rue Orme

4. A fresh Kouign Amann. If you like croissants, you must try Kouign Amann (and if you don’t, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore…). Those little round cake/pastry hybrids are made with bread dough containing layers of butter and sugar folded in and result in a sort of caramelised croissant. They are about a billion calorie each but definitely worth every one of them.

Saint Malo’s best Kouign Amann is to be found at Les Délices du Gouverneur, 6 Rue Porcon de la Barbinais 

5. The most beautiful fish preserves. I love those. Not only are La Belle Iloise‘s preserves super pretty, but they’re also the best I’ve tried. There is a huge variety of flavours for you to choose from, they make excellent presents and even better nibbles for your next dinner party.

La belle Iloise, 4 Rue Porcon de la Barbinais

6. (not pictured) A Breton-stripped top. When in Brittany… Armor Lux & St James are the most trusted brands in France, and both have a store in Saint Malo.

7. An intriguing spice mix from Roellinger. If you’re a bit of a spice nerd (I feel you), Epices Roellinger is your idea of a true Aladdin’s Cave. There’s vanilla and pepper from every corner of the globe, jars of the world’s rarest spices from floor to ceiling and exclusive spice mixes you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re an expert cook or really just starting, there is something for everyone. The hardest part is choosing.

La Boite à Epices, 12 Rue Saint-Vincent

8. A bottle of Breton cider. Cider is Brittany’s regional drink of choice and the perfect accompaniment to galettes and crêpes. French cider is different from its British counterpart; it is both less sweet and more sour, making it the perfect pairing for fish and pork dishes.

9. A new bikini. There’s this lovely little French brand I love called Princesse Tam Tam and they do the cutest bikinis. I had to stop myself from buying the whole store. They’re a bit pricey but the quality is amazing (I got my previous bikini from them and it’s lasted me a good 5 years). Definitely worth the investment.

Princesse Tam Tam, 12 Rue Broussais

10. Zero sunburns. Best present you can give yourself. Trust me on that one.

What sort of souvenirs do you bring back home from holiday?

10 awesome souvenirs to buy in Saint Malo

6 beauty new-ins #1

I already said it and I’ll say it again: I’d be the worst beauty blogger in the world.

But does it stops me from buying loads of beauty stuff? Nooooo! Of course not! And I’ve been especially pro-active on that front lately… 🙈🙈🙈
10 Beauty New-Ins, July 2015 | Cake + WhiskyThe worst part is, I’m been using most of those every day since I got them. How did I even live before, I have no idea!

Like toe separators. Those really shouldn’t be a revolution in anyone’s life in the 21st century, and yet until last week, I ended up with nailpolish all over my toes for lack of having purchased that most necessary accessory, but this mistake is now fixed at last.

The Bath & Beauty Works’ mini hand sanitizers I obviously brought back from my US trip after having heard literally EVERYONE raving about it on YouTube. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find sents I actually liked (I’m not much of a sickly-sweet perfume fan…) but I really like how small the bottles are (so convenient to carry them around!) and I’m really happy I got my hads on those.

Having struggle to apply my Bourgeois Bronzing Powder for far too long, I finally took the plunge and got myself a shiny brand-new RealTechniques Coutour brush. It’s so soft and I recently caught myself dreaming of a pillow made of the exact same material… (oh, and it makes applying bronzer SO easy too, in case you were wondering…)

My absolute favourite amongst my new beauty purchases is most probably that Essie nailpolish I picked up in Macy’s on my last day in New York. The name itself (Pret-A-Surfer) is THE BEST and the colour (the perfect mix of blue and lavender) is the one I had been looking for forever. Quest achieved.

With new nailpolish always comes new nailpolish remover (or am I the only one always running out of nailpolish remover when I’d most need to have it at hands?). I bought those little Superdry nailpolish remover pads mainly for the compact size of them but I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised with how great they did their job and will definitely re-purchase those again in the future (and not just because the box is the cuttest and I can think of a billion way to re-purpose it…)

Last but not least, that Shea Butter Cleasing Oil from L’Occitane is SO GREAT it’s made me want to take my make-up off EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without any exception at all. Which if you know me and how lazy I am when it comes to beauty stuff, is quite a revolution really! It’s so thick and it leaves your skin all soft and comfortable, I can’t get enough of it! And don’t even get me started on the smell…

*Not pictured* Josie Marant’s Coconut Watercolour blush (which is the prettiest blush I’ve EVER used); and the cutest lipstick EVER…

What are your latest beauty discoveries? Anything I should know about, now that I have the essentials covered? 

6 beauty new-ins #1

Top 10 Summer Essentials

Summer, Summer, Summertiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

If you ask me, there’s only one true way to now if summer is on its way. One very simple test. Do I want to wear pastel nailpolish or do I stick to my dear Rouge Noir?

We all have a favourite season. Some like Winter and the snow, some prefer Fall and its beautiful colours, or Spring with all its flowers. But Summer, with its barbecue parties and beac holiday plans has always been my personal favourite. I’m never happier than when I wear jean shorts, a white linen Tshirt and sandals, sit in the sun and sip on one too many cups of Pimm’s (oops!), so today, I wanted to share my absolute summer essentials.

Cake + Whisky | 10 summer essentials | shopping guide1. Jean shorts: I basically live in those from June to September and those H&M ones are definitely on my radar!

2. Stay Matte pressed powder, Rimmel: I love hot weather and all, but shiny skin, not so much. Luckily, this does the job perfectly and is cheap as chips! #WinWin

3. Glass bottle, BKR: I said it before, I said it again: those are the BEST! And it seems Selfridges is now stocking them, so you won’t have to deal with the whole “do I really want to pay that much in P&P?” issue!

4. Aloe Vera Gel, Banana Boat: My skin is just the worse: as soon as there is ANY kind of change in the weather, it starts drying out, cracking etc… So convenient when the weather changes about 12 times a day. So I’m trying everything I can possibly put my hands on to see what works best to keep things in control, and sofar, this seems to do the trick. I also love that it dries very quickly and doesn’t stick when you put clothes on afterwards. Not sure I’m a massive fan of the Shrek-like green colour though, so might try to find a “cleaner” alternative next time around.

5. Pore Refining Solution Instant Perfector, Clinique: Shine-free, Photoshoped-like skin anyone? This thing is basically magic in a bottle (and you can use it on top of your make-up too!).

6. Aqua Smoky Lash mascara, Make Up For Ever: When they say “waterproof”, they mean it. Go on, jump in that pool and have fun!

7. Maximillian Strasse nailpolish, Essie: Some people start wearing shorts and flip-flops the second the sun starts shining. Instead, I just switch my usual dark red polish for some sort of pastel mint. This one, by Essie, is one of my absolute faves.

8. Audrey Swimsuit, Princesse Tam Tam: 😍😍😍 (I think it says it all)

9. Mojito Ice Lollie, Ice Kitchen: Just what it says on the bag: Mojito. In a Lollie. Life is good!

10. Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, Kiehl’s: A no-brainer this one, really. When there’s sun, wear sunscreen, your skin will thank you.

What are your summer favourites? Anything I should check out? (Would take any excuse to go shopping, really! Please help!)

Top 10 Summer Essentials

Gift Guide | For your (London) visitors

Since I’ve been living in London, I’ve had loads of people coming over to spend a few days in the capital, tour all the sights and eat some world famous breakfast.

And if I enjoy creating little guides of things for my visitors to see and do, there’s absolutely nothing I love more than putting together little London gift bags to make them feel truly special upon arrival and remember the fun times once they’ve left.

The content of my gift bags usually varies depending on what I stumbble upon while shopping, but here are a few of my absolute favourites!

Cake + Whisky | Gift Guide for your London visitors1. This Gin & Tonic Lip Balm is just genius. I mean, it’s basically a cocktail that keeps your lips soft. What more could you possibly ask for?

2. I’m such a kid at heart! I LOVE Legos and this Big Ben Nanoblocks make for the perfect alternative to tacky snowglobes!

3. Tea is obviously a must and I like to get a small tea caddy from Fortnum & Mason for the added wow-effect. I tend to get classic blends such as Earl Grey or the Royal Blend but their Peach Balck Tea and Elderflower Green Tea are also cracking!

4. I have a stock of Cath Kidson purses at home, so if you ever visit me, it’s very likely you’ll be handed one as soon as you pass the door. I’m absolutely obsessed with purses so it’s near impossible to resist buying them and my friends have loved being gifted some as it’s so convenient to keep everything together, keep currencies separate, not lose your Oyster card at the bottom of your bag…  Win-win then?

5. Burt’s Bees lip balm was one of the first things I ever bought when I first lived in London, so this one has quite a sentimental value to me. Plus they’re absolutely ace, entirely natural and now come in so many flavours!

6. Don’t we all need something sweet in our lives? I believe we do, so I always try to include some treats in my little London boxes, be it Jelly beans or a bar of Green & Black Chocolate!

Do you put together gift bags for your visitors? What do/would you include in them?

Gift Guide | For your (London) visitors

New-ins April 2015

Not that many new things to report this month but the few things I got, I’m absolutely in love with! Maybe because they all have that little “Spring feeling” about them… 🌸🌱🌳🌷
Cake + Whisky | April New-ins1- I’ll never say it enough (and I’ll come back on the topic in details in a future “Objective Capsule Wardrobe” post): there is hardly any point buying good clothes if you don’t buy good underwear. I started buying mine from the French brand Princesse Tamtam 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back. (also, they swimsuit collection is just 👌 Very tempted to buy this one)!

2- I tested Rimmel’s Color Burst this month but I’m still not sure what to think. The colour is kind of nice but I’m not a massive fan of the texture as it feels fairly dry on the lips…

3- I FINALLY got myself some GAP black jeans! Yay! (I absolutely love GAP for jeans! They have many different cuts, inc. one that fits me perfectly! But can someone please explain to me how it makes sense to switch from number-sizes to letter-sizes?Why?)

4- Finally, what’s probably my favourite purchase this month: this lovely nude Silk Cami from J Crew. It’s so pretty and soft and I never want to wear anything but silk ever #Spoiled

What have you bought this month? I’m always looking for shopping inspiration!

New-ins April 2015

Spring Wish-List

Every year, it’s just the same: after 2-3 days of sunny warm-ish weather, I forget all about my winter wish-list and build an entirely new one. Most of the time, my spring wish-lists include pastel nailpolish, ballerinas and tones of home stuff.

However this year, it seems I have slightly different ideas. It might be because I already have 25 shades of mint nailpolish, or that I already bought the ballerinas of my dream, or that I don’t want to scare anyone with my home wish-list… Or it might be that I’m finally making some progress on this whole capsule wardrobe thing, and accepted that basics will always be the new black to me!

Cake + Whisky | Spring Wish-List | GAP, Vero Moda, Petit Bateau, Pure, Clinique

1. Vero Moda Parka Coat: I’ve been looking for a mid-season coat for quite a while (as in, I can’t remember when was the last time I ever owned one of those…) and it was love at first when I spotted this beauty in Oliver Bonas’ window!

2. Petit Bateau Basic White V neck Tshirt: I love love LOVE Petit Bateau, all their stuff is incredibly good quality and the cuts are amazing! Not sure if I’ll get the cotton or the linen version, but I’m pretty sure where I’ll head to quench my thirst for white-v-neck-tshirts!

3. GAP 1969 Legging Jeans: Mine died. I need new ones. As simple as that!

4. Pure Grace perfume: It smells like soap and laundry. Do I really need to say more? #SoReadyForSpring

5. Clinique Chubby Stick: I haven’t quite decided which colour I want to get it in, but I’m working on it!!

Spring Wish-List