Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits

Cravings are an evil, evil thing.

Picture this. You’re sitting on the coach, minding your own business (read: trying your hardest not to watch the entire season of House of Cards in one go) when, coming from nowhere, the idea of crunchy, crumbly cheese biscuits pops up into your mind.

Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

You try to push it away, but there’s nothing to be done. Before you know it, you find yourself rummaging through your kitchen cupboards, hoping you have all the ingredients to make your craving dreams come true.

If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid the late-night visit to your closest Tesco Express to pick up the missing bits. Otherwise… well, you’ll just have to go, won’t you?

Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits • Recipe • Cake + Whisky Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

Then it’s time to get measuring, mixing, and baking, peering through the oven door and wishing the time to pass quicker so you can -finally- get your hands on those long anticipated cheese biscuits.

Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

That’s the thing about cravings: they make you do crazy things. Like a supermarket run / baking session in the middle of the night.

But after that first crumbly cheese biscuit bite, you can’t help but think that it was all worth it.

You know what they say… Sweet dreams are made of cheese!


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Poppy Seed & Parmesan Cheese Biscuits

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

I don’t have many back to school rituals but one thing I always, always crave when Autumn comes around and the leaves turn red is a classic lemon and poppy seed cake.

It might have something to do with the fact that it’s always been a basic in my house when I was growing up (and that the first cake I ever baked by myself was actually a version of this very recipe…).

Or maybe it’s just because the said recipe is absolutely perfect: very moist and extremely versatile, and so easy I don’t even believe it’s possible to mess it up EVER (I’ve tried and still haven’t managed).

Lemon and Poppy Seed cake | Cake + Whisky

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 170g granulated sugar, 160g self-raising flour, 150g melted butter, pinch of salt, zest and juice of 1 lemon, 2 tsp poppy seeds

1. Whisk together the eggs and the sugar

2. Add the flour and the salt and mix thouroughly

3. Pour in the butter and mix again

4. Add the lemon zest and juice and the poppy seeds and mix thouroughly once more

5. Bake for 45 min at 180°C

P.S: Don’t feel like lemon and poppy seed? Then skip them and add litterally ANYTHING ELSE you want instead!

What do you say? Best cake recipe ever or what? 

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake