Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones

I’m a bit late to the #afternoonteaweek (totally a thing!)… but no way I was going to miss out entirely on the opportunity to use the best excuse there is to have scones and cake and call it a meal!

Scones are my favourite part of afternoon tea, and having never baked any myself, I thought it was about time I give them a go.

The word on the street is that a good scone is actually more tricky to bake as you’d think, so I wasn’t really sure how it’d end up. Add to that the fact that I’m truly terrible at following recipes and had decided that adding fresh passionfruit to your dough was the way to go and it looks like a recipe for disaster!

Add yet, my Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones worked a charm, so I thought I’d share the step-by-step recipe below.

Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones | Cake + Whisky

For 8-12 scones, you’ll need:

  • 30g granulated sugar
  • 60g cold butter, cubed
  • 60ml whole milk
  • 240g plain flour, plus more for dusting
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 package instant yeast
  • 10-12 dried apricots, chopped
  • seeds from passion fruit

Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones | Cake + Whisky

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180-200°C.

Mix together the sugar, flour and yeast. Add in the cold butter and combine until you get a sand-like texture.

Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones | Cake + WhiskyApricot and passionfruit scones 4

2. Add the eggs and mix until roughly combined.

Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones | Cake + Whisky

3. Add the milk and knead lightly until the dough comes together.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 6 Apricot and passionfruit scones 8

4. Add the diced apricots and passion fruit seeds and knead for a few seconds until just incorporated.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 9

5. Using your hands, stretch the dough on a sheet of flour-dusted baking paper.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 10

6. Using a cookie-cutter (or a glass), cut up rounds of dough until you run out. Place the scones on a baking-paper covered baking tray.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 11 Apricot and passionfruit scones 13

7. Glaze each scone with a little bit of milk (or beaten egg), then bake for 10-15 min.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 14 Apricot and passionfruit scones 16

8. Serve immediately the traditional way with clotted cream and your favourite jam.

Apricot and passionfruit scones 17

But then, salted butter and lemon curd isn’t half bad either!


Apricot and passionfruit scones pin

Apricot + Passion Fruit Scones