6 beauty new-ins #1

I already said it and I’ll say it again: I’d be the worst beauty blogger in the world.

But does it stops me from buying loads of beauty stuff? Nooooo! Of course not! And I’ve been especially pro-active on that front lately… 🙈🙈🙈
10 Beauty New-Ins, July 2015 | Cake + WhiskyThe worst part is, I’m been using most of those every day since I got them. How did I even live before, I have no idea!

Like toe separators. Those really shouldn’t be a revolution in anyone’s life in the 21st century, and yet until last week, I ended up with nailpolish all over my toes for lack of having purchased that most necessary accessory, but this mistake is now fixed at last.

The Bath & Beauty Works’ mini hand sanitizers I obviously brought back from my US trip after having heard literally EVERYONE raving about it on YouTube. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find sents I actually liked (I’m not much of a sickly-sweet perfume fan…) but I really like how small the bottles are (so convenient to carry them around!) and I’m really happy I got my hads on those.

Having struggle to apply my Bourgeois Bronzing Powder for far too long, I finally took the plunge and got myself a shiny brand-new RealTechniques Coutour brush. It’s so soft and I recently caught myself dreaming of a pillow made of the exact same material… (oh, and it makes applying bronzer SO easy too, in case you were wondering…)

My absolute favourite amongst my new beauty purchases is most probably that Essie nailpolish I picked up in Macy’s on my last day in New York. The name itself (Pret-A-Surfer) is THE BEST and the colour (the perfect mix of blue and lavender) is the one I had been looking for forever. Quest achieved.

With new nailpolish always comes new nailpolish remover (or am I the only one always running out of nailpolish remover when I’d most need to have it at hands?). I bought those little Superdry nailpolish remover pads mainly for the compact size of them but I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised with how great they did their job and will definitely re-purchase those again in the future (and not just because the box is the cuttest and I can think of a billion way to re-purpose it…)

Last but not least, that Shea Butter Cleasing Oil from L’Occitane is SO GREAT it’s made me want to take my make-up off EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without any exception at all. Which if you know me and how lazy I am when it comes to beauty stuff, is quite a revolution really! It’s so thick and it leaves your skin all soft and comfortable, I can’t get enough of it! And don’t even get me started on the smell…

*Not pictured* Josie Marant’s Coconut Watercolour blush (which is the prettiest blush I’ve EVER used); and the cutest lipstick EVER…

What are your latest beauty discoveries? Anything I should know about, now that I have the essentials covered? 

6 beauty new-ins #1

New-ins April 2015

Not that many new things to report this month but the few things I got, I’m absolutely in love with! Maybe because they all have that little “Spring feeling” about them… 🌸🌱🌳🌷
Cake + Whisky | April New-ins1- I’ll never say it enough (and I’ll come back on the topic in details in a future “Objective Capsule Wardrobe” post): there is hardly any point buying good clothes if you don’t buy good underwear. I started buying mine from the French brand Princesse Tamtam 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back. (also, they swimsuit collection is just 👌 Very tempted to buy this one)!

2- I tested Rimmel’s Color Burst this month but I’m still not sure what to think. The colour is kind of nice but I’m not a massive fan of the texture as it feels fairly dry on the lips…

3- I FINALLY got myself some GAP black jeans! Yay! (I absolutely love GAP for jeans! They have many different cuts, inc. one that fits me perfectly! But can someone please explain to me how it makes sense to switch from number-sizes to letter-sizes?Why?)

4- Finally, what’s probably my favourite purchase this month: this lovely nude Silk Cami from J Crew. It’s so pretty and soft and I never want to wear anything but silk ever #Spoiled

What have you bought this month? I’m always looking for shopping inspiration!

New-ins April 2015

New-ins February 2015

I think I’ve been rather good in February. At least as far as shopping is concerned (because if we’re talking eating out, is a completely different story!). Here are the happy few that I’ve picked up last month!



1. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet: My absolute skincare essential. I already raved about it in my 10 beauty favourites of all time article and I still love it just as much.

2. Repetto Cendrillon ballerinas: They were my dream shoes and they’re now mine *little dance of happiness* Now, I might want them in every single colour there is (aka. a lot)…

3. Accessorize socks: Or the cutest things I’ve ever put on my feet. I also have the tiger ones and the koala ones btw… Is that what they call an addiction?

4. Sephora twizzers: I lost my former beloved ones (drama). So I got new ones. Sometimes, life is no more complicated than that. They’re not pink as the old ones 😦 but I suppose bright yellow is good for Spring too!

5. Hotel du Chocolat Whisky truffles: Those little wonders were part of what I gave my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. I’m not even sure I got to taste one, so you better get some for yourself as well if you’re planning to gift them!

6. Philips juicer: Very powerful new kitchen stuff there! I’m still experimenting with it… Any juice recipe I absolutely must try?

What has joined your cupboards in February? I’m always looking for shopping inspiration!

New-ins February 2015

New-ins January 2015

So, it’s been a month or so since I’ve last posted here. Sorry about that. The truth is, January has been a bit crazy and I simply haven’t had a second to breathe (or write). But the good news is, I did give a bit of a thought to what I want this blog to become, so let’s give it a go!

January has been filled with shopping trips of all sorts (because, well, sales!), so I thought I’d make a little recap’ of all those new things that have made an appearance in my life lately!

I’ve been reading a lot on “capsule wardrobes” lately and I find them absolutely fascinating, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready to take the idea on just now, so I thought as a first step, these “new-ins” posts will help me keep track of what I buy. Baby steps.


1. This pink Jigsaw sweater is one of my latest obsessions. I’d been looking for that shade of dusty pink for ages, and now it’s finally mine! Not that it diminishes the obsession, ooooh no! And it’s still on sale in case you want one for yourself!

2. I wasn’t sure whether to get this Moleskine make-your own London guide, but who was I kidding, this is just up my aisle!  So handy to keep track of all the restaurants I want to visit, and to hand out to my friends when they visit! You can get a closer look at it here. (and YES, I am planning on getting a few more of those some time soon…)

3. I have finally come ’round to trying Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder and I’m loving it! It really helps my skin stay matte (good job with the name there, marketing folks!) and it’s such a bargain, I don’t think I’ll try something else ever again!

4. World breaking news! I have found leather black ankle boots, they don’t hurt my feet and I’ll all in love with them! Want the same ones?

5. Hardly a discovery for anyone on this planet but me, conditioner actually makes a difference! (crazy, I know!) Yay for silky-soft hair either you’ve realised that long ago, or if (like me), you’ve been stubborn enough not to try it until now!

6. Real Techniques‘ brushes are not the cheapest of the bunch, but they’re SO soft. I “invested” in their eye-shadow brush and can now happily apply my one and only (see why I’m no beauty blogger huh?) eye-shadow every morning with something other than my finger! Yipee!

What have you been up to in January? Any last-minute sale I can’t miss out on? Let me know!

New-ins January 2015