Mojito Lemon Curd

I like all desserts but I’m especially partial to the citrus-y ones.

Lemon posset, tart, cake… you name it, I love it!

And since Mr Weather Man has been kind enough to let us have a little bit of actual summer-time lately (and the fact that today is National Rum day…), I’m celebrating with a little cheeky twist on my absolute fave: lemon curd!

Mojito Lemon Curd | Cake + Whisky

Boasting the same sweet-and-sour taste as the classic, but with added mint and a sneaky shot of rum, this cocktail-inspired Mojito lemon curd tastes just like Summer in a jar!

Because when life gives me lemon, I really don’t need much more encourage-mint to turn it into a dessert (and neither should you!)!

Mojito Lemon Curd | Cake + Whisky

Mojito Lemon Curd (for two small jars)

Ingredients: 3 unwaxed lemons (preferably organic), 3 unwaxed lime (preferably organic), 120g unsalted butter, 120g icing sugar, 4 eggs, leaves from a small bunch of mint, 20ml good quality rum

1. Grate the zest of the lemons + limes. Juice the citrus.

2. Beat the eggs, then pour in the citrus juice and zest and whisk until well combined.

3. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter on a low heat. Add in the icing sugar, turn the heat to high and cook until the mixture turns white and sort of foam-y.

4. Add the citrus and eggs mixture and the mint leaves and cook on a medium heat until it thickens.

5. Pass the lemon curd through a thin sieve if you wish, and let it cool down entirely before mixing in the rum. Keep in the fridge and eat within a week (which shouldn’t be too much trouble if you spread it on toast, pipe it on cake and biscuits, mix into yoghurt or get at it with a spoon around midnight!)


Mojito Lemon Curd | Cake + Whisky

Mojito Lemon Curd