Katz’s Deli NYC

I truly believe that the best things in life are the ones you don’t plan too much for. And our first meal in NYC happened to be one of those.Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYC

We had been walking all morning (we walked A LOT, but more on that later) and stumbled upon the legendary Katz’s Deli just as we were getting hungry. Taking that as a sign, we settled down for lunch. And god, what a good idea we had then!Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCNeon signs and loads of happy customers welcomed us in. It was still relatively early in the day (I blame jetlag for our unusual lunchbreak timings!), but the restaurants was positively busy already!Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCWe grabbed a couples of drinks to try out while reading the (extensive) menu…Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCThe kitchen team is amongst the nicest we’ve met in NYC and will happily let you try anything. I think it’s meant to help you make your decision, but I’m not sure it really helped me as everything was absolutely delicious!Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCHaving taken a peek over neighbouring tables’ plates, we finally settled for the (gigantic) Reuben sandwich with fresh & pickled gerkins. Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCNot only did it look epic but the meat was seriously smokey and very more-ish. The accompanying pickles freshened the whole thing up quite nicely. All in all, a beautiful beast of a sandwich and one of the best I’ve ever had!
Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCCake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCnyc-day-2-24Once the billion necessary pictures taken, it was (finally) time to tuck in! Somebody was really excited about it!
Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYCAnd me? Oh, just like every other time I eat a gigantic sandwich, I was a true lady! 😂Cake + Whisky | Katz's Deli NYC

What? The best sandwich I’ve ever had (Reubens on Rye).

Why? Katz’s Deli is an institution for a reason. It’s a no-nonsense, cash-only sort of place, but they definitely know their way with meat.

How much? About $20 for two with drinks. Portions sizes are GIGANTIC, so you’ll have more than enough if you share, which makes it one of the best deals I’ve ever came accross!

Where? Katz’s Delicatessen, 205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Katz’s Deli NYC