KERB Camden Highlights

About a month and a half ago, the company I work for moved its offices to Camden for the Summer, and it didn’t take me long to start grumbling about the limited amount of choice available when it comes to non-deep-fried lunch options around.

But the London food gods must have heard my prayers, and they brought KERB to Camden.

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

The latest venture by London street food collective KERB, KERB Camden is their biggest baby yet.

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

And what a beautiful baby it is: located at the heart of Camden Market, with 35+ vendors trading 364 days a year, food from all around the world and the cutest pastel tables, KERB Camden is everybody’s lunch dream came true!

KERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

There are loads of delicious options to choose from, from fried chicken…

KERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

To some of the best mac’n’cheese this side of the Atlantic, and pretty much everything in between…

KERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

From the usual suspects, including some beautiful Mexican street food and drool-inducing grilled cheese sandwiches…

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

Some beautiful, juicy hotdogs courtesy of Oh My Dog…

KERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

To some lesser known options, such as this beautifully moist shredded beef and plantain Venezuelan arepa, there truly is something for everybody!

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

One thing everyone should get for sure is a portion of Oli Baba’s irresistible halloumi fries.

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

Golden fried halloumi sticks, drizzled with garlic yoghurt and pomegranate molasse, topped with fresh mint, pomegranate seeds and chilli flakes…

It really doesn’t get any batter than that!

KERB Camden | Cake + WhiskyKERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

Except of course for Blu Top legen-dairy ice cream sandwiches!

KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

With flavours such as carrot cake or raspberry shortbread, delicious salted caramel sauce and some seriously good cookies, it’s the best way to turn any trip to Camden into an ice day!

KERB Camden, West Yard, Camden Market, Camden, NW1


KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

KERB Camden Highlights

Postcard from the Ile de Ré

Some places just feel like home. I can’t really explain how it works, but the second you set the foot there, you immediately feel calmer, happier and like everything’s just right. Ile de Ré is definitely one of those places for me.

St Martin de Ré, Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + Whisky

My love story with the small Atlantic island started when I was a kid (I spent each and every one of my summers there) and it never went away.

Postcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyArs-en-Ré church, Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + Whisky

It most probably has something to do with the pastel shades of the blinds and the bright, very pure light.

Salt marshes on the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyPostcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + Whisky

From the beautiful beaches to the lively markets, the salt marshes as far as one can see and the quirky bits here and there, there’s so much to love and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Postcard from the Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyIce cream from La Martinière, St Martin de Ré, Ile de Ré | Cake + WhiskyIce cream from La Martinière, St Martin de Ré, Ile de Ré | Cake + Whisky

Especially if the plan includes a picnic, followed by some ice cream at La Martinière.

If you’re ever around, do yourself a favour and order a scoop (or three) of their signature salted caramel ice cream. And if you ever need any more tips on visiting this little gem f an island, let me know!

Where’s your happy place? I’d love to visit each and every one of them! 

Postcard from the Ile de Ré

8 photos of happiness

It might seem a bit voyeuristic of me but I actually love tag-style articles as I find them to be a really good way to get to know the person behind the blog (and the little Gossip Girl inside me finds learning secrets extremely satisfying!).

Ariel of Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet recently created the 8 photos of happiness tag and was kind enough to nominate me. Thanks Ariel!

And while I was busy deciding which pictures to include, the lovely Helena of Helena’s Teabreak, and the darling Amanda of Amanda Bootes tagged me as well! Thanks both!

The rules are very simple: it’s basically about sharing 8 pictures that make us happy and then sharing the love (and happiness) with other bloggers by inviting them to join into the tag!

So here are my 8 pictures!

8 photos of hapiness tag | Cake + WhiskyThis picture of me and my brother when we were kids is the cutest one I have and it gives me all the feelings.Cake + Whisky | FamilyThis picture of my sister & me, taken on Christmas Eve 😂😂As you might have guess, Christmas parties are a bit wild in my family! 😂

I love those pictures with my siblings as they remind me of how great a time we have when we are together. Being away from them is probably the most difficult thing about living abroad, but pictures like that always make me feel better. Cake + Whisky | 8 photos of happiness tagA fantastic trip, Polaroid cameras and my ever-so-wonderful boyfriend who’s getting far too good at dealing with even the craziest sides of me and would’t even think of eating a bite before I’ve taken 25 pictures of anything that’s on a table… This picture says it all! ❤Cake + Whisky | Touring London's best coffee shops with The London Coffee FestivalCake. Duh.

Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at GelupoIce cream. Basically like cake but frozen and much more appropriate in a heatwave. I’ll take 1 scoop of each please-and-thank-you-very-much!Cake + Whisky | Ile de Ré France beachOh, I like to be beside the seaside! Pictured is my absolute favourite place on Earth; Ile de Ré, on the French Atlantic coast.

Cake + Whisky | A walk around London | Sunny Days & Pretty DoorsLiving in London. Yes, it’s too expensive and there are too many people and it takes you ages to go anywhere, but I love it anywayCake + Whisky | 8 photos of happinessSlow mail. The sure-fire way to put a smile on my face. If you’re unable to provide cake, that is.

And now I’m going to sit tight and look forward to seing those lovelies’ happy pictures!

Izzy of Qthee

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Want to join in the picture fun? Don’t forget to tag me in so I can go check out your happy pictures! 

8 photos of happiness

NYC Day 2 – Walking the Highline (+ Pride Parade 2015)

After having spent much of the morning going through airport security and sitting in planes and buses, we were keen to explore more of New York. As soon as we arrived, we ditched our bags and we were off again!NYC Pride Parade 2015 | Cake + WhiskyWe started our exploration with a taste of the day’s big event: the Pride Parade!NYC Pride Parade 2015 | Cake + WhiskyTaking place on the day following the countrywide legalisation of same-sex marriage, the atmosphere was cheerful to say the least! NYC Pride Parade 2015 | Cake + WhiskyFollowing crowds of rainbow-dressed people, we slowly made our way south and to the Highline.Walking the Highline NYC | Cake + WhiskyA popular destination for families and friends alike, the 1.45 mile-long linear park is build on a former railway of the New York Central Railroad. Walking the Highline NYC | Cake + WhiskyWalking the Highline NYC | Cake + WhiskyWith trees and flowers all around, it’s the perfect place to take a much needed nature break!
Walking the Highline NYC | Cake + WhiskyWalking the Highline NYC | Cake + Whisky… But you can also choose to marvel at the views… New York skyline to the East…Views on the Hudson River from the Highline NYC | Cake + Whisky… and the Hudson river to the West!Walking the Highline NYC IAC Building | Cake + Whisky… Not to mention some of the coolest buildings in the whole of New York! (here the ICA building, which reminds me of Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum)!
Walking the Highline NYC | Street Food Ice Cream sandwich | Cake + WhiskyAfter a little while, we came accross a small street food market, where we treated ourselves to the most delicious of ice cream sandwiches.Walking the Highline NYC | Street Food Ice Cream sandwich | Cake + WhiskyFuelled up, we continued our exploration… Walking the Highline NYC | Cake + WhiskyAfter a bit more walking and a lot more chatting, we reached the end of the Highline. Walking the Highline NYC | Meatpacking district | Cake + WhiskyAnd found ourselves at the very centre of the trendy Meatpacking District.
Price Parade 2015 NYC | Cake + WhiskyPrice Parade 2015 NYC | Cake + WhiskyPrice Parade 2015 NYC | Cake + Whisky… just like every single person who took part in the parade earlier! We left the tempting sweet treats and devilishly long queues behind and went for a walk through the small streets of the Village instead. 
NYC The Village red brick building | Cake + WhiskyWe zigzagged through the area for a long while but we failed to find the Friends buildings despite all of the efforts we put into this quest.

As the sky tuned pink, we decided to call it a day and were considering our dining options when we came accross Dos CaminosDos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyWe managed to get a table on the sun-filled terrace and admired the light go from white to golden while perusing the menu. Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyWe started things off on a high with the Bacon and jalapeno guacamole.Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyDid I mention there was pork crackling onthere as well? #BorderlineGenius
Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyFrom then on, it only when from good to best with the Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese (a personal favourite). Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyMore cheese than mac, just as it should be! Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyDos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyWe also shared a plate of the goat taccos which were the juiciest taccos I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. Dos Caminos Mexican restaurant NYC | Cake + WhiskyThe accompagnying rice & beans were delicious as well but made us achieve satiety a bit quicker than we had expected.

We skipped dessert and walked home with very full bellies and a big smile on our face, chatting happily about the great day we had just had and how excited we were for the next one… before falling in a food-induced coma the second we passed the doors!

NYC Day 2 – Walking the Highline (+ Pride Parade 2015)

London’s best ice cream | Gelupo

Summer’s coming! Which in my book only means one thing: ice cream! And I think I might just have found London’s finest! Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Gelupo is a cute little ice cream parlour down Archer Street and was opened by the team behind always-packed Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo. Saying those guys know their gelato would be quite an understatement. Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo They also quite possibly have the cutest window display I have ever seen. 🌸 🌸 🌸
Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo But soon enough my attention was dragued by all the goodies on display. Not that I had any intention of trying any (I was there for the ice cream!) but it all looked very tempting indeed! Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo After much debating on which flavours to get (we might have had to get 4 since we couldn’t decide on 3… #sorrynotsorry), we ignored the tables at the back of the store and sat in the sun to devour savour our selection! 
Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Out of the flavours we tried, my favourite was the Ricotta & Sour Cherries gelato: each mouthful was so creamy, slightly acidic from the ricotta, and so, so indulgent!
Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo I really loved the Blood Orange sorbet as well. I don’t usually like orange-y things as they tend to be too sweet and carry no similarity with citrus fruits whatsoever but it wasn’t the case at all here. The sorbetto was the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness and acidity and basically tasted like summer.

I still can’t decide which of the Salted Almond or the Amaretto & Apricot flavour I prefered (those where also the two we couldn’t pick between!). Both where quite different from your traditional gelato flavours, and equally interesting, so you might have to go and try them for yourself! Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at Gelupo This is the GOOD stuff! Look at that sour cherry ripple! 👌 It’s been 2 days and the taste is still on my mind! So I suppose it’ll have to be a permanent feature of my London Summertime then… Oh well… As Mary Poppins says, “When you have to, you have to!”

What: The BEST gelato (seriously)!

Why: That Ricotta & Sour Cherry gelato! Looking forward to trying the Dark Chocolate sorbet on my next visit though!

How much: £6 for 4 flavours

Where: 🍦 Gelupo, 7 Archer Street, London W1D 7AU 🍦

London’s best ice cream | Gelupo

Barcelona Day 1 | Ciutat Vella, La Barceloneta, the best ice cream and ALL the tapas!!

After all the tapas-sampling and general face-stuffing at the Boqueria market, a little stroll accross the city was more than welcome. For digestive purposes, obviously. But we might have stumbled upon a few more foodie gems while wandering in the Old Townsndguerin-barcelona-day-1-1Palm trees are everywhere in Barcelona: it multiplies the “holiday feeling” by about 100 and made me oh so happy! sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-13The same also applies to orange trees…sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-8sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-3It was the middle of the afternoon (aka siesta time!), so it felt a bit like walking in a ghosts’ city… only a very specific kind, full of old stones, amazing (mainly gothic) buildings and green little courtyards! sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-4sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-5sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-7sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-2I especially loved the area around Barcelona Cathedral. Look at how beautiful the cathedral itself is, it’s quite impossible not to fall in love! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get inside as there was a wedding that day, so we headed to the Arc de Triomf and more palm trees instead, before plunging back into Barcelona’s small streets!sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-14sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-15A little close-up for you to truly appreciate the beauty of it! sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-16sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-19sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-20Wish I could have brought one of those street lamps home! sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-9Another highlight was the former El Born market, which is now home to several exibitions on Barcelona’s story. sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-12sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-10sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-11Perfect mix of old (the foundations of the former market building) and new (industrial design 😍), Barcelona, you sure know how to reach my heart! sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-18sndguerin-barcelona-day-1-17Wonderful windows and colourful street art never hurts either! But Barcelona’s true hidden gem? Viokosndguerin-vioko-barcelona-4sndguerin-vioko-barcelona-2sndguerin-vioko-barcelona-5As usual, the most difficult part was to choose a reasonable number of flavours to taste! sndguerin-vioko-barcelona-3Oh, and not getting tempted by the macaroons was quite a challenge as well! sndguerin-vioko-barcelonaIn the end, we settled for Tùron (chocolate & hazelnut, really not my thing but my boyfriend loved it!), Mojito (very fresh and mint-ey, would work wonder in the summer!), Grapefruit & jasmine (so fresh and fragrant!) and Creme Catalana (a must-order! I was a bit scared it might be a tourist trap, but it ended up being my favourite of the lot!). sndguerin-shopping-happy-pills-barcelonaEn route, we also stopped inside the most adorable sweets’ shop I’ve ever seen (and trust me, I’ve visited A LOT of those!). Happy pills is somewhat of a cross between a pharmacie (white walls, prescription bottles…) and a candy shop (ALL the candy!). You just have to fill your little bottles with your favourite sweets, pick a label to put at the front and tadaaaaah, you suddently have magic candy that would make about anything in your life just a little better (yes, even if your fave football team loses their big game!). A brilliant idea really, and it would make for terrific gifts too, wouldn’t it?!

After a little siesta, we were in mood to get in with the locals, so we headed to the tapas joint recommended by our Airbnb hosts: Jai-Ca, a tapas bar loved by locals and visitors alike! (sorry for the drop in picture quality btw, but Barcelona simply isn’t as blogger-ready as London when it comes to food pics… so if you want to be treated like a local, you better act like one!)sndguerin-jai-ca-barcelona-tapasOnce again, it’s a bit of a dare-or-die sort of place, so do face your fears and fight off the crowd to get seats, and don’t be afraid of flagging waiters whenever you’re ready to order! And whatever happens, do get a platefull of Patatas Jai-Ca! Hands down the best bravas I’ve had in Barcelona!sndguerin-jai-ca-barcelona-tapas-bravasWhen you’re at it, you should also order my favourite: Chipirones! They are deep-fried baby squid, but if you don’t tell your date, I’m giving you my words they’ll never guess it!! sndguerin-jai-ca-barcelona-tapas-chipironnesThrow in some Buttifara (sausage with white beans), a couple of plates of Padron Peppers and maybe some croquetas and you should end up very full indeed! sndguerin-jai-ca-barcelona-tapas-buttafaraFinish things off with a Caffé con Leche… and maybe one or two cheeky chipitos?sndguerin-jai-ca-barcelona-coffeeThe best thing about Jai-Ca though? There’s no need to worry about the bill: somehow, it always end up being lower than you expected it to be (we payed about 30€ for two with drinks). Delicious food, cracking atmosphere, lovely staff and CHEAP? I have just one word: GO!!


Vioko, Passeig Don Joan Borbó Comte Barcelona, 55, 08003 Barcelona

Happy Pills, Carrer dels Arcs, 6, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Jai-Ca, Carrer de Ginebra, 13, 08003 Barcelona

Barcelona Day 1 | Ciutat Vella, La Barceloneta, the best ice cream and ALL the tapas!!