Radicals and Victuallers

Four-day weeks are always so confusing to me. I’m not sure what exactly my brain is so confused about, but I seem to never know which day it is, and for some reason, they seem longer than regular weeks (#nonsense).

But there definitely are silver linings to them. First of all, you get an extra day of weekend. Also, the next weekend is one day closer to the beginning than it is on regular weeks.

Which in my (admittedly food-obsessed) brain only means one thing: I’m one day closer to brunch day yay!

Obviously, the discovery of the little gem that is Radicals and Victuallers makes things even more exciting on that point…

Radicals & Victuallers restaurant review, London | Cake + Whisky

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Radicals and Victuallers

NYC Day 3 – Central Park, The Upper East Side and Times Square

Early birds will be rewarded if they visit New York in the Summer. Because it tends to get so hot in the afternoon, you can’t really beat an early stroll around the city.
NYC UN Headquarters | Cake + WhiskyWe started off our day reviving some elementary school memories in the form of flag guessing at the UN Headquarters
NYC Chrystler building | Cake + WhiskyNYC Fifth Avenue Forever 21 | Cake + WhiskyWe then strolled through the streets and over to the Rockfeller Plaza for a bit of early morning shopping. 
NYC Rockfeller Center | Cake + WhiskyNYC The News Building, Rockfeller Center | Cake + WhiskyWe strolled through the streets, pointing at every single building and taking in as much as possible.
NYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyAfter a quick pit stop at Ess-A-Bagel (831 3rd Ave between 50th and 51st Street) to pick up food for an improvised lunch, we marched straight up to Central Park to find a quiet spot to tuck in.NYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyFuelled up, we continued our exploration and quickly stumbled upon Conservatory Water, where kids and parents alike gather to sail miniature boats. NYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyNYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyWe sat to rest our poor worn feet and observed the boats dancing and racing on the pond…
NYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyNYC Central Park| Alice in Wonderland statue | Cake + Whisky… before leaving Wonderland behind to continue our journey.NYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyNYC Central Park | Cake + WhiskyNYC New York Public Library | Cake + WhiskyWe headed North to the New York Public LibraryNYC New York Public Library | Cake + Whisky… where we met this reading-addicted gent!NYC Guggenheim Museum | Cake + WhiskyWe were taking a quick look at the Guggenheim‘s quirky architecture when we heard our stomachs grumbling in unison.NYC Gray's Papaya's hot dogs | Cake + WhiskyWe raced back to Broadway for a taste of the city’s best hotdogs at Gray’s Papaya (2090 Broadway), which is another of those New York cheap food gems you don’t want to miss out on. Certainly not the healthiest of meals, but that’s what holidays are for… right?NYC travel guide | Cake + WhiskyNYC travel guide | Cake + WhiskyNYC city guide | The Hearst Tower | Cake + WhiskyAfter lunch, we zigzagged through the street to burn off some of the calories and tick some more iconic buildings off our to-see list. 
NYC city guide | Times Square | Cake + Whisky As the sun set and fell behind the horizon, we reached Times Square.NYC city guide | Times Square | Cake + Whisky NYC city guide | Times Square | Cake + Whisky NYC city guide | Times Square | Cake + Whisky With our eyes wide open, we took as much in as possible until our head spinned, at which time we decided to beat a hasty retreat (or, as most people call it, dinner!)

NYC Day 3 – Central Park, The Upper East Side and Times Square