Herman Ze German | Wurst + Pommes bitte! | London

They claim that their Wurst is Ze Best… I had a bit of time to kill (and needed to grab lunch before taking a very special cab back to work!), so i thought I’d check out if Herman Ze German lived up to its expectations!

Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonCake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonCake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonI like short menus(= it takes me only 10 minutes to decide between 5 types of sausage!)Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonBready goodness or healthy sides?Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonAll the Fritzt drinks!! Cherry or melon?Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonIsn’t the branding too cute?Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonHooray for lunch in the sun! Cake + Whisky | Herman ze German | LondonCurrywurst mit Pommes. The wurst was good (not too greasy, good flavour), but I’m not sure I liked the curry sauce that much (it was a bit too sweet for me). The chips however were very VERY good (with loads of curry-salt)!!

What: German sausage in all its forms (including vegetarian), grilled and served in buns, with chips or a side salad. But trust me, you’ll want the chips! Other German goodies also available (giant pretzels, sauerkraut…).

How much: Currywurst + Pommes was £5.95 I think. Rolls around £5. Sounds like a great lunch deal to me!

Tip: No matter what you do, GET THE CHIPS (and probably the free crispy onion topping too, because YOLO)!

Where: Herman Ze German |19 Villiers Street, London WC2N 6ND

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Herman Ze German | Wurst + Pommes bitte! | London