Gü’s Dessert Island

I’ve been so tired these last few weeks that I’ve been dreaming of beach holidays even more often than I usually do. All I wanted was the sound of the waves, the kiss of the salty wind on my face, a good book and maybe a few cheeky cocktails.

Unfortunately, taking the first plane to dreamy destinations such as St Lucia or the Barbados isn’t quite in my budget. Luckily, the team has more than one trick up its sleeves and when they invited me with the promess of pudding in a beach-stastic environment, I almost did a little dance of joy!

I quickly packed sunscreen, sunglasses and the rest of my summer essentials (more on this soon, keep your eyes peeled!) and I was on my way!Cake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upPudding paradise was waiting and I was READY!Cake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upAfter a quick look around the upstairs lounge (they had the most beautiful flowers there!) and a bit of a debate on which Gü dessert was the best (Chocolate & Vanilla cheesecake in my opinion, the combination of the dense chocolate truffle layer and airy vanilla mousse just can’t be beaten!), I was quickly swifted downstairs… or should I say St Lucia!Cake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upAaaah! Blue skies and transparent water. I could already feel myself being a lot more relaxed than I was a few minutes earlier! Cake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upCake + Whisky - Gu #dessertisland pop-upAnd the pudding you ask? Well it simply was as velvety and decadent as ever!

The Gü #DessertIsland experience is on at 15 Bateman Str. today (20/05/2015) and tomorrow (21/05/2015) and a little bird tells me they still have a few availability for tomorrow.. so if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by for a delicious and relaxing experience!

Gü’s Dessert Island