White Chocolate & Matcha Blondies Recipe

I’m a bit of a cookbook addict. I spend hours browsing through any I can put my hands one, be it in Waterstones, my GP waiting room or the comfort of my grandma’s home.

Trying out new recipes and seeing how they measure up to my current favourites is something I find terribly exciting.

For that reason, there are very few recipes I’ve sworn allegiance to. But it’s no secret I made an exception for the best brownies’ recipe of all times.

This recipe truly is perfect: it’s easy and quick to make, there’s almost no dishes to clean and you get the densest, moistest, perfect brownies at the end of it.

Unfortunately, all this perfection doesn’t prevent me from experimenting and wanting to change things up a little from time to time, and last week, the idea of matcha and white chocolate blondies simply wouldn’t get out of my head and I knew I had to give my favourite recipe a re-vamp.
Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyAnd once again, the recipe proved itself to be perfect in every way.

White chocolate matcha blondies (serves 6-8)
Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyYou’ll need: 70g self-raising flour, 130g of sugar, 120g of soft butter, 2 big eggs, 200g of white chocolate, 3 teaspoons of matcha powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder.Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyMatcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyIn a mixing bowl, combine the butter and the sugar and whisk until smooth and well combined.Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyCrack in the eggs and mix. Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyMatcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyMatcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyAdd the flour, the matcha powder and the vanilla powder and mix thoughroughly.  Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyMelt the white chocolate (I’m lazy so I do this in the microwave) and add it to your cake batter and whisk once again.
Matcha Blondies Recipe | Cake + WhiskyPour the batter into a buttered and flour tin and bake for about 35 minutes at 150°C. Let your blondies cool down completely before cutting them into squares.

Add some berries on the side (both the colour and flavour contrast make that combination a winner!) and try not to eat it all in one go (I dare you!)

White Chocolate & Matcha Blondies Recipe