Salted caramel spread

Remember my little Salted Caramel Spread breakdown? Well, let’s say Pancake Day didn’t make it any better.

I browsed the web, and the stores in search of one of those magic little jars, but nothing.

The obsession reached its pick yesterday (everybody knows calories don’t count on Pancake day!), so I just gave up and whipped up my own version of that sweet, sweet (and a little bit salty) spread.

Salted caramel spread | Cake + Whisky

Sweet and salty and creamy all at once.

Salted caramel spread | Cake + Whisky

So good I -almost- ditched the pancakes for a spoon (almost, because #pancakeday)

And the good news is, it’s super easy and as good, if not better as the store-bought version!

Salted caramel spread | Cake + Whisky

Salted caramel spread

Ingredients: 300g granulated sugar, a little bit of water (about 2-3 tbsp), 50g butter, 3 tbsp crème fraiche, couple pinches sea salt flakes

1. In a saucepan, combine the sugar and the water and cook at high heat until it reaches full caramelisation.

2. Take off the heat and add in the butter. Mix until thoroughly combined.

3. Add in the cream and the sea salt flakes and mix until perfectly combined.

4. If you want a thicker texture, add in a bit more butter (the whole thing will thicken slightly as it cools down).

What do you like to put on your pancakes? 

Salted caramel spread

Sea salt and chocolate chips cookies

I recently re-discovered a recipe I used to be kind of addicted to.

Back when I was in my last year of High School, I developped an addiction to baking as a way to release stress. So much so that in the last few weeks before my exams, I baked up to 3 cakes a day. My brother and sister were really happy with this situation, my dad, not so much.

Sea salt & chocolate chips cookies | Cake + Whisky

These cookies (or one of their variations) were amongst the usual suspects back then (together with this little wonder) and there wasn’t a week I wouldn’t bake at least one batch.

And then, God knows why, I stopped.

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Sea salt and chocolate chips cookies

Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

I’ve recently re-discovered Golden Berries (also called Inca Berries, or Physalis).

Relatively difficult to find in the UK just a few months ago, they seem to have become more and more popular and I start seeing them everywhere nowdays. Which is perfectly fine by me.

Not only do those small golden, cherry tomato-like look lovely enclosed in their papery shell, but it’s also packed-full of anti-oxydants, vitamins and even has anti-inflamatory properties.

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

And covered in good quality, magnesium-rich Ecuadorian dark chocolate, it’s quickly become my favourite snack!

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Making a big bowl of those will barely take you 10 minutes, and I swear you’ll be glad you use your time this way!

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Ingredients: 100g fresh Golden Berries, 80-100g good quality dark chocolate (I used the perfectly balanced Hoja Verde 72%)

1. Melt your chocolate using the double-boiler technique.

2. When it’s melted, dip your berries in the chocolate and set aside to dry on a sheet of greaseproof paper.

I think those would make a brilliant addition to any chocolate dessert for that extra bit of wow factor we’re all after when entertaining. Or why not serving them with coffee for an indulging, yet healthy end to a meal? 


Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Carrot and Almond Cake

Sunday’s cake day! Or at least, it’s one of my favourite excuses to get baking!

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + WhiskyI’ve been back home for just a few days and I’ve spent every hour trying to find a way to use up all the vegetables we’ve goten in the garden. However, a tomato cake was hardly a possibility, so I turned to a small bunch of carrots for today’s baking experiment…

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + WhiskyCarrot and almond cake (serves 6-8)

250g carrots, 2 big eggs, 100g sugar, 50g self-raising flour, 110g almond flour, 2.5 cL vegetable oil, pinch of salt, a handful of dry cranberries

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + Whisky1. Wash the carrots, peel and grate them.

2. In a big bowl, wisk the sugar and eggs together.

3. Add in the flour and almond flour and mix thoughroughly.

4. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until thoughroughly combined.

5. Pour the batter into a buttered and floured cake tin and bake for about 35 min at 180°C.

Are you a carrot cake lover? If you have a favourite recipe, send it my way! 

Carrot and Almond Cake

Provencale Tomato and Tapenade tart

London seems to have forgotten how to Summer this year. Sure, they were a few heatwave-type days, but those were a while back, and since then, it’s been mostly dark clouds and rain and wind.

Since the weather has been failing me, I had to turn to some other methods to get my daily dose of Summer. Which might explain why I’ve baked variations of my mum’s tomato tart every week for the past month or so…
Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyThis tomato & tapenade version might be one of my favourite variations sofar.

Juicy ripe tomato, punchy tapenade and melt-in-the-mouth pastry… you’ll want a large slice of this one (and it takes minutes to put it together… #WinWin)!
Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyIngredients: 1 portion of shortcrust pastry (you can make your own or buy it in the supermarket), about 100g of black olive tapenade (I bought mine from the Borough Olives stall at the Borough Market), 4-6 ripe tomatoes (depending on the size of your tart tin), salt, cracked black pepper, dried thyme (or any other herb you like).

1. Roll your pastry on a lightly floured surface. Line your tart tin and cut the excess pastry.Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyProvencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyProvencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyProvencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky2. Spread the tapenade over the bottom of the pastry.Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky3. Slice your tomatoes.Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky4. Arrange the tomato slices accross the top in a circular pattern.Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + WhiskyProvencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky5. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt, some cracked black pepper and a generous helping of dried thyme. Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky6. Bake for about 30 minutes at 180°C or until the tomatoes look golden. Provencale Tomato and Tapenade Tarte Fine | Cake + Whisky7. Serve hot or cold with a green salad.

What’s your favourite lazy-cook-friendly summer recipe? 

Provencale Tomato and Tapenade tart

5 (more) quick, easy, healthy lunch ideas

Packing a healthy lunchbox can’t be a bit of a headache sometimes. Especially if you’re anything like me and 1. you don’t like sandwiches and 2. you get bored really quickly if you eat the same thing too many times in a row. Sounds familiar? That’s why I launched my Healthy Meal Ideas series (see #1), where I’ve been trying to come up with a bunch of ideas of healthy meals that’d be good enough to create serious food envy. In this second edition, I share a few of my current favourites!

Broccoli, avocado & radishes tahini salad (V)Cake + Whisky | 5 more healthy lunch ideasThis has to be my favourite salad of all time. It’s perfectly balanced both in terms of taste and texture, and it takes minutes to make. Oh, and it’s vegan too! #WinWin Toss a few handfuls of broccoli with some olive oil and sea salt and roast at 180°C until nice and golden. Chop 1/2 avocado and a small handful of radishes. Add your roasted broccoli. Season with 1 1/2 teaspoons of good tahini (I use this one), the juice of half a lemon, salt, black pepper and chives.

Smoked salmon & Jerusalem couscous salad Cake + Whisky | 5 more healthy lunch ideasI discovered Jerusalem couscous only recently and I’ve been obsessed since then. I love its springy, slightly cheewy texture and find it so much nicer than regular couscous in salads. Here’s my favourite to date. Follow the instructions on the pack to cook your couscous. In your favourite lunchbox, layer up some salad (I used iceberg lettuce, but I reckon watercress would be lovely as well). Tear up two small slices of smoked salmon and add it on top. Add about 3 tablespoons of couscous and one chopped up spring onion. Season with salt, black pepper and 2 teaspoons of tahini.

BLT Chicken saladCake + Whisky | 5 lunchbox ideas | bacon & Chicken saladYou gotta love a good BLT, right? Well, this is basically a salad version of it (no plastic-ey sandwich bread, yay! 🙌), but with added chicken. #WinWin Tear up some salad at the bottom of a bowl. Top with a handful of cherry tomatoes and a  small handful of quartered radishes. Pan-fry a small diced chicken breast (and a few slices of streaky bacon when you’re at it) with some olive oil and your favourite spices (I used smoked paprika, thyme, lime juice and Tabasco). Add on top of your salad. Dress with some good qulity olive oil, Maldon sea salt and black pepper.

Mexican Chicken saladCake + Whisky | 5 lunchbox ideas | Mexican Chicken SaladCook your black beans according to package instructions, rince and set aside. Dice up a ripe tomato. Top up with black beans, a handful of sliced salad onions and a tablespoon of chopped parsley. In a hot pan, melt a bit of butter and cook a small diced chicken breast. When almost done, add in 1/4 of a can of corn. Season with salt, black pepper, lime juice, Tabasco and a dash of smoked paprika and fry until golden. Add on top of your salad and season with a tablespoon of good quality olive oil, more Tabasco, sea salt and lime juice.

Morrocan couscous stew with smoked almonds

Cake + Whisky | 5 lunchbox ideas | bacon & Chicken saladCut 1 courgette, 2 small turnips, 3 carrots, a small stick of celery and 1 onion. In a big pot, cook the onion in a bit of olive oil. Add in the rest of the vegetable and roast for a few minutes. Add 1/2 can of tomato sauce and 1/2 can of chickpeas, then some lemon juice, harissa, salt, pepper, cumin and smoked paprika. Cook until tender. Cook your couscous according to package instructions. Add in chopped smoked almonds and parsley and stir thoughroughly. 

What’s your favourite lunch recipe? Send me your links! 

5 (more) quick, easy, healthy lunch ideas

#letsgetfoodie3 – Flambé-ed banana muffins

Earlier this week, Amanda announced that the #letsgetfoodiechallenge was coming to an end. Since I hadn’t had time to put in my entry for the very last challenge beforehands, I thought I would say farewell with a bang (and flames) by creating flambé-ed banana muffins!Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffins50g butter (+ 1 tablespoon)

250 plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 pinch of salt

100g caster sugar (+2 tablespoon brown sugar)

2 teaspoons honey

4 large bananas (ripe)

3 eggs

50 mL rum
Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsMelt the 50 g butter and leave to cool.

Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsIn a frying pan, melt the extra tablespoon of butter. Slice your bananas and add to the hot pan. Cook until it reaches the texture of slightly liquid jam. Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsCake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsAdd in the brown sugar and the honey and cook for a few extra minutes.

Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsPour in the rum and flambé until the flame disappears (make sure your kitchen vent is off as it might set it on fire otherwise!). Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsPour the mix in a bowl and leave to cool.Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsIn a mixing bowl, combine the flour, the baking powder, the bicarbonate, the pinch of salt and the caster sugar.Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsAdd in the eggs and the butter and mix thoughroughly.Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsAdd in your flambé-ed banana mix and mix thoughroughly. Pour your batter into muffin tins and bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 °C.

I’d recommend you let the muffins cool down a bit before eating them, but I won’t blame you if you can’t! (I couldn’t and might have burnt my fingers a little bit taking them off the tin…)Cake + Whisky | Flambé-ed banana muffinsCake + Whisky | Flambé-ed Banana MuffinsCake + Whisky | Flambé-ed Banana MuffinsBut look at how pretty they are! Can you really blame me?

#letsgetfoodie3 – Flambé-ed banana muffins

Illustrated recipes #1 | The fantastic quiche!

After my hosting of yesterday’s #ltbloggers chat (it’s everyday at 1 and 5 PM on Twitter, join us!) where we discussed all things food (and got so excited we almost broke Storify! oops! #sorrynotsorry) I thought it would only be fitting to share my absolute favourite recipe over here today. Welcome the fantastic quiche (aka. the easiest and most adaptable recipe I know)!

I initially created this illustration for one of my friends who was looking for easy recipes to bake in his newly acquired oven. You can of course substitute bacon for anything you have laying in your fridge (don’t forget to let me know what you go for!).
Cake + Whisky | Illustrated recipe | The fantastic QuicheWhat’s your favourite recipe? Send me your links! 

Illustrated recipes #1 | The fantastic quiche!

#Letsgetfoodiechallenge Week 2 – Something green | Spinach Tortilla

In the second edition of the #letsgetfoodiechallenge, Amanda challenged us to create a recipe with something green in it.

Now I love my greens, so once again, I was a bit paralized by the choices. But since we were heading to Brighton during the last Bank Holiday weekend, and the idea of a picnic on the beach was simply too difficult to resist, I ended up revisiting one of my favourites recipes: Tortilla. Since I got some beautiful spinach at the farmers’ market that same morning, I thought I would add some in as well and cross my fingers really hard for it to work and result in something delicious. And IT REALLY DID!

Spinach Tortilla – serves 4

You’ll need: 5-6 medium waxy potatoes, 5-6 eggs (I only had 3, but more would have been better!), chopped parsley, chopped garlic (I used dried garlic), 2-3 sliced spring onions, 2 big handfuls of spinach, olive oil, salt, pepper.

Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaStart by preping all your vegetables. Slice your potatoes up as thin as possible (without slicing your fingers though!).Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaSlice your onions too, and wash your spinach and dry it up. Chop your parsley and garlic.Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaIn a bowl, whisk your eggs with some salt and pepper, then add in your garlic and parsley.Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaGet a pan (one that goes into the oven would be perfect here! I got mine from IKEA) nice and hot, then add in some olive oil and your potatoes and fry those until they’re tender. Transfer to a bowl and keep them to the side for now. Fry your onions and do the same.  
Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaNext up, you’ll need to cook your spinach.
Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaCake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaOnce it’s ready, add the onions and potatoes on top and give the whole thing a good stir to combine all the elements. Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaPour your egg mix on top and cook for about 5 minutes. Transfer to a hot oven (180-200 °C) and cook for a further 5-7 minutes. Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaTake your masterpiece out of the oven and eat it while it’s hot. Or get some friends together and bring it to a picnic on the beach!Cake + Whisky | #letsgetfoodiechallenge 2 | Spinach TortillaWhat’s your favourite picnic recipe? 

#Letsgetfoodiechallenge Week 2 – Something green | Spinach Tortilla

Lemon almond cake

I have just made the best lemon cake ever. Yes, EVER! 🍋 Oh, and it also happens to be the easiest cake recipe ever. Yes, even easier than my favourite chocolate brownies. No it didn’t think it was possible either.

Basically, it’s a lemon equivalent of the best chocolate fondant you can think of. It’s so moist and zesty and addictive you’ll never want to put your spoon down.

If you don’t want to get addicted, you should stop reading now. And you most definitely shouldn’t give this recipe a go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeFor 4 (reasonable) people (or 2 much less reasonable ones…), you’ll need:

100g of sugar

50g of melted butter

100g of almond flour

2 eggs

Zest of 1 lemon + juice of 1/4

Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeCombine the sugar and the almond flour.Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakePour in the melted butter.Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeAdd the eggs.Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeMix it all together until well combined, then add your lemon zest and juice and mix again. Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakePour your batter in muffin tins (I used mini-loaf ones instead) and bake for 20 minutes at 180 °C. And that’s it.Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeEat them by themselves.Cake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeOr you could top them with whipped coconut creamCake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeCake + Whisky | Lemon Almond CakeLook at that! SO MOIST!!

Speaking of chocolate fondant, I start to wonder how those would be with a lemon curd insert in the middle?

I say delicious, what do you think? 

Lemon almond cake