Christmas gift guide – for him

I’m all Fah-lala-la-la lately. I bake orange and cranberry cake (recipe coming soon), shop ’til I drop, wrap everything I put my hands on and write gift guides non-stop.

I’ve always found it more complicated to buy presents for guys. I could easily buy my sister a present a day for a year and still have ideas. I always know what will make my mum happy. But when it comes to my dad, brother and boyfriend, it’s a completely different issue! My mind goes empty in a matter of seconds and it takes me ages to find something that would make a good present.

Hopefully you’re better than me, but in case you’re still a bit unsured of what you want to give your male loved ones, here are a few of my favourites…


1. He’s a bit of a Mike Guyver? This brilliant multi-tool utility case will allow him to have everything he needs at hands no matter where he goes!

2. He’s always in for a party? Aren’t these Cartridge shot cups the cutest? I grew up in a family of hunters, so I can think of far to many people I could give those to, but if you’re after something more conventional, the LSA shot glasses paddle is equally wonderful!

3. He never knows what to wear? I absolutely LOVE this Jack Wills Pheasant TShirt. It’s both basic and quite quirky, and would make any guys’ wardrobe that extra bit special!

4. He loves chocolate? And beer? I can’t wait to try these beer chocolate truffles! It seems like the perfect solution to all my perfect-present searches! Beer truffles for everybody!

5. He already has everything? What about getting him tickets for whatever event he’ll enjoy… Concert, play, football game, the possibilities are almost endless!

Hopefully you’re doing better than me when picking presents for your dad, brother(s), male friends and boyfriend! What will you be giving them?

Christmas gift guide – for him


It’s this time of the year again… and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m crazy about all things Christmas-ey, all the Fahlalalala, the lights, the trees, all of it. Hell, I even LOVE wrapping presents! And I’m also one of those people who actually enjoy buying them. I start in July (no kidding!), make endless idea lists, walk miles and usually shop ‘til I drop.

So I thought I’d write up a few gift guides for all those important people in everyone’s life… Starting today with the BFF!

She’s for sure a very special person, always there when you need her, no matter how busy she is and the distance between you. And she for sure deserves something nice for answering all your bored/crazy/drunk texts!


1. For the health junkie: a BKR bottle. I got one for myself a few months ago and I don’t think I could ever go back to not having one. It is just so convenient, and they come in a gazilion pretty colours. Just too cute. BKR bottle, $30.

2. If she’s a tea lover: I can not recommend The Blue Bird Company enough. It’s a brilliant small company from Brighton that sells creative (and delicious) loose-leaf teas (including one called Moji-Tea, yup!). But as far as festive presents are concerned, it would be a shame not to go for my favourite from their Christmas collection, the Christmas Cake tea. Not only does it taste EXACTLY like Christmas (cinnamon and cloves), but it has sparkly sugar snowflakes! Christmas Cake Tea, The Blue Bird Tea Co., £5.25

3. If she’s a the foodie: Chocolate truffles are a festive staple. But those are 1. white chocolate 2. Mojito-flavoured. Need I say more? Mojito chocolate truffles, Hotel Chocolat, £3.75

4. If she wishes she was French: Sure, you could get her Ladurée macaroons. But I’d rather go for How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. It sounds a lot more fun, doesn’t it? How to be Parisian wherever you are, Anne Berest, about £13

5. If she’s a fashionista: I’ve learnt the hard way that when it comes to presents, less is more. Even more so when it comes to “beauty” gifts. My advice? The iconic Rouge Noir from Dior, in a pretty box, and voilà!

Hopefully there will be something for every kind of BFF! What will you be giving yours?