Harissa Carrot Soup

This past few weeks, my diet has been anything but blogger-like.

Every year in January, it’s the same thing.

My fridge and cupboards are sorta empty (because Christmas cookies and playing host), my freezer is packed full (because Christmas leftovers) and my stomach is right at the border of indigestion from all the overindulging.

Harissa Carrot Soup recipe | Cake + WhiskyHarissa Carrot Soup recipe | Cake + Whisky

The result of this wonderful combination? A couple of weeks where I’m basically surviving on salad, soup and re-heated leftovers.

No cake, no pasta, (almost) no dining out. Take that, glamorous food blogger image!

Harissa Carrot Soup recipe | Cake + Whisky

That said, I don’t really carrot what you think because:

  1. Vegetables are my thing (and hopefully, they help me keeping colds and other lovely diseases at bay).
  2. I’m the laziest cook on Earth so a freezer packed full of delicious leftovers are my idea of paradise.
  3. I just made the biggest, yummiest batch of harissa carrot soup. My entire flat smells SO NICE and I have fussy-stomach-appropriate food ready for days. {insert thumb’s up emoji here}

Harissa Carrot Soup recipe | Cake + Whisky

Seriously though, guys, Harissa carrot soup is a revelation. Sweet, warming and comforting, but with a serious kick.

Just enough to keep gobbling up your 5-a-day interesting without blowing your head off, it will keep you rooting for soup ’til winter’s over (and maybe even after, because, as it turns out, it’s also delicious cold!)

Harissa Carrot Soup recipe | Cake + Whisky

Harissa Carrot Soup (serves 4 as a starter or 2 as a main)


  • 3 big carrots
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp harissa paste
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
  • salt, pepper

1. Peel and chop the carrots and onion.

2. Heat up the olive oil into a bit saucepan. Add in your vegetables and fry for a few minutes.

3. When they turn slightly golden, add the harissa paste, a good pinch of salt and the water. Pop a lid on top of the saucepan and cook on medium-low heat until the vegetables are very soft (about 35-40 min).

4. Add the smoked paprika, ground cumin and pepper to taste, then blend with a hand blender (adding a bit more cold water if necessary). Taste and correct the seasoning accordingly.

5. Serve hot or cold with a spoonful of cream or yoghurt (choose a vegan alternative if you so wish – coconut yoghurt would work especially well) and a pinch of smoked paprika / chilli flakes on top.

Harissa Carrot Soup

Carrot and Almond Cake

Sunday’s cake day! Or at least, it’s one of my favourite excuses to get baking!

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + WhiskyI’ve been back home for just a few days and I’ve spent every hour trying to find a way to use up all the vegetables we’ve goten in the garden. However, a tomato cake was hardly a possibility, so I turned to a small bunch of carrots for today’s baking experiment…

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + WhiskyCarrot and almond cake (serves 6-8)

250g carrots, 2 big eggs, 100g sugar, 50g self-raising flour, 110g almond flour, 2.5 cL vegetable oil, pinch of salt, a handful of dry cranberries

Carrot and almond cake | Cake + Whisky1. Wash the carrots, peel and grate them.

2. In a big bowl, wisk the sugar and eggs together.

3. Add in the flour and almond flour and mix thoughroughly.

4. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until thoughroughly combined.

5. Pour the batter into a buttered and floured cake tin and bake for about 35 min at 180°C.

Are you a carrot cake lover? If you have a favourite recipe, send it my way! 

Carrot and Almond Cake