Kohlrabi, Blood Orange & Mozzarella Salad

There are very few things that makes me happier than the fact that Spring is well and truly sprung. Except maybe for how truly stunning the fruit and vegetables’ stalls at my local market have been looking lately.

So stunning in fact that I fel in the trap of getting a bit of everything without thinking too much about what I’d do with it.

Which has resulted in revising old favourites, as well as a few unlikely experiments. Some of them more succesful than others.

But the best discovery was this simple, colourful and super seasonal Kohlrabi, blood orange and mozzarella salad.

Kohlrabi, blood orange & mozzarella salad | Cake + Whisky

It’s quickly become a favourite of mine for a fresh and vitamin-full lunch, and I believe it’d do wonders served alongside some roast chicken and would be a great addition to any Spring table.

Kohlrabi, blood orange & mozzarella salad | Cake + Whisky

Kohlrabi, Blood Orange & Mozzarella Salad (serves 1)

Ingredients: 1 small kohlrabi, 1 blood orange, 1/2 ball of mozzarella, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt flakes

1. Peel the kohlrabi and slice very thinly (using a mandoline if you have one)

2. Using a sharp knife, cut away the peel and pith from the orange, exposing the flesh, then cut into thin slices.

3. Shred the mozzarella into bite-size bits.

4. Combine all three ingredients on a plate. Season with some good quality olive oil, a pinch of sea salt flakes and some cracked black pepper and serve immediately.

Kohlrabi, Blood Orange & Mozzarella Salad