Battersea Pie Station | Covent Garden

Covent garden has been near the top of my absolute favourite places in London since the first time I went there back in 2011. I tend to hate touristy places, especially when they’re really crowded, but there’s something about Covent Garden I simply can’t resist.

As for most heavily touristy places, food is still a bit meh around there though. And/Or rather expensive. But, as for any general rules, there are always exception and I think I’ve found Covent Garden’s!
Cake + Whisky | Battersea Pie Covent GardenBattersea Pie‘s shop is a tiny unassuming shop located on the lower level of Covent Garden’s Plaza. It is really easy to miss it as everything else around is so buzzy and colourful and loud, but somehow, I always find my way there when I’m in the neighbourhood. Most probably because it’s the best value-for-money meal you’ll find! And also, PIE
Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonNo-nonse there: as soon as you get through the door, you’re greeted by those golden beauties! And there begins my your agonising mission of choosing just ONE of them to inhale bring home with you!Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonCake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonCake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonDecisions, decisions… Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonThe whole place is pretty simple. It’s all white tiles, marble-like tables and wooden stools. Plus all the necessary condiments. Which is perfectly fine by me (for some reason, I rather like this no-fuss look).Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonBut what I like even more are the pies, that are really quickly brought to your table by one of the lovely, always smilling members of staff. From then on, it becomes really difficult to resist the urge to dive in. Which I somehow managed to do for a few seconds to click those pictures (what a dedicated blogger I am!!) before I gave in to buttery, flaky pastry encasing the most moreish mince beef and onion filling. Hot, salty and very satisfying, there isn’t much more to ask from a pie, is there?
Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonThe pastries aren’t bad looking either! And from what I’ve heard, really good too!Cake + Whisky | Vegetarian fod at The Gate IslingtonWhat: The best cheap meal on the Plaza.

How much: Pies are around £5 (prices vary according to what you get, and also if you eat in or take it away). £10 should be more than enough for a very filling, satisfying lunch of pie, mash, gravy etc…

Tip: If the weather happen to be nice, I’d really recommend you take your pie(s) to St Paul’s Churchyard and enjoy it in the sun. Best lunch break ever? I sure think so!

Where: Battersea Pie Station, 28 The Market, Lower Ground Floor, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8RA


Battersea Pie Station | Covent Garden