Where to celebrate Bastille Day in London

Allons enfants de la patriiiiiiiiiiiie, le jour de gloire est (presque) arri-vé!

And by ‘jour de gloire’, I obviously mean Bastille Day, the most French of all days. 

It’s understandably less of a grand affaire this side of the Channel, but there still are a few special events happening in London so you can eat your fill of croissant and oh-la-la to your heart’s content!

Bastille Festival at the Borough Market

Bastille Day London - Bastille Festival at the Borough Market

The recently-reopened Market will be full of joie de vivre as, for the 10th year running, the venue is hosting a free festival to celebrate the fabulous fête nationale, along with Better Bankside and Français Du Monde.

Expect all sorts of French delicacies. There will be red, white and blue macarons, crepes and croissants of course, but also traditional waiter’s races, bi-lingual storytelling, Parisian folk music, and petanque playing.

There will also be a special, French themed free demo with Luke Robinson, who will re-work french classics in his own contemporary style.

All you need for a délicieux day!

Terrace BBQ à la Française at Bon Vivant

Bastille Day London - Bon Vivant's BBQ

Fresh fish, burgers and pork chops will be given Bon Vivant’s signature French twist, with classic crème brulée and cherry clafoutis for dessert. Plus, those who come dressed in their best Breton stripes will receive a complimentary glass of rosé. Vive la révolution!

Book here

Bastille Day at Brasserie Zédel

Bastille Day London - Bastille Day at Brasserie Zédel

This year again, Brasserie Zédel is having a Bastille Day bonanza on July 14th. From 5.30pm onwards, diners showing up in a stripy blue & white Breton top and a beret will enjoy a complimentary three-course menu with wine and coffee.

Moustache optional but highly recommended!

T&C & more info here

PAUL’s croissant giveaway

Bastille Day London - Paul's Croissant Giveaway

French family-run artisan bakery PAUL is offering free freshly-baked croissants at all PAUL bakeries for customers wearing blue and white stripes who declare ‘Bonjour PAUL’ at the till (takeaway only).

Those who dine in Le Restaurant de PAUL Covent Garden or Le Restaurant de PAUL Tower 42 will receive a complimentary glass of bubbly and box of six irresistible mini macaroons when dining from the a la carte.

More information & bookings here

Pastis cocktails at La Poule au Pot

Come celebrate Bastille Day at La Poule au Pot in the utmost French way, with a glass of pastis!

On July 14th, the Belgravia restaurant will be serving creative twists on the popular anise-flavoured spirit and aperitif, such as the Perroquet with mint syrup.

A lot of my favourite regional French dishes, such Rabbit with mustard sauce, Coq au vin and Bouillabaisse also all feature on the menu!

T&C & more info here

Where to celebrate Bastille Day in London

Postcard from Paris – Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

(Just a quick ‘postcard from Paris’-type post today while I unpack my bags & go through my pictures, but expect a lot more of French-flavoured content coming to Cake + Whisky very soon!)

Bleu. Blanc. Rouge.

Blue for honour, white for purity, red for passion. Blue for the king, white for light, red for blood.

And of course, blue skies, white cheese and red wine!

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + Whisky

As it happens, blue and red are also the time-honored colors of Paris, while white is the color of the Royal House of Bourbon (including Louis XIV, XV & XVI, whose reigns have fundamentaly marked the French capital).

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + Whisky

No wonder then that blue, white and red are everywhere in Paris… especially on Bastille Day!

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + WhiskyBleu, Blanc, Rouge in Paris | Cake + Whisky

France may have lost the Euros, and we may have had the saddest of Bastille Day, but the tricolore colours still shine high and proud. Love will prevail.

Together with blue skies, white cheese & red wine, of course!

Postcard from Paris – Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

French Clafoutis Recipe 🇫🇷

🎉 Happy Bastille Day everyone! 🎉

From what I’ve heard, calories from French food don’t count today, so it really is the day to stuff yourself silly with croissants and bread and cheese and all things good and buttery!Cake + Whisky | French clafoutis recipe

I’ve had my fare share of all those things this weekend (early celebrations still count, right?), but I’ve taken advantage of the beautiful cherries that seem to be popping up on every market lately and made a classic French clafoutis to make today a little bit more special…

Cake + Whisky | French clafoutis recipeI mean, I’m already missing out on the Bank holiday and the fireworks, so obviously, I should at least have some cake (and so should you!). Cake + Whisky | French clafoutis recipe🇫🇷 French clafoutis (serves 6-8 people)


65g self-raising flour

4 eggs

70g honey

120 mL milk

115g double cream/crème fraîche

1/2 punnet of cherries


1. Preheat your oven at 180°C

2. Mix all the ingredients together in the same order as above.

3. Butter & flour your cake tin (I used a small oven tray)

4. Bake for 30-40 min.

5. Let cool down completely before serving.

What’s your favourite French recipe? Do you celebrate Bastille Day? 

French Clafoutis Recipe 🇫🇷