French apple turnovers

As a child, my favourite day of the year was the much-anticipated family trip to one of the gigantic superstores for our annual back-to-school shopping trip.

Beautiful new notebooks. Pens in every colour of the rainbow and the fountain pen I had been dreaming of for month. And -best of all- the promise of warm-from-the-oven classic apple turnovers for le goûter.

It truly was the most wonderful time of the year!

French apple turnovers ● Recipe ● Cake + WhiskyFrench apple turnovers ● Recipe ● Cake + Whisky

My schoolyears are now far behind me but my love for the puffed up little pockets of autumn joy of my childhood remain.

French apple turnovers ● Recipe ● Cake + Whisky

Light, crisp, buttery, filled with warm cinnamon sprinkled apple and just so goddamn apple-ing!

French apple turnovers ● Recipe ● Cake + Whisky French apple turnovers ● Recipe ● Cake + Whisky


The ultimate fall snack and the perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa!

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French apple turnovers

Festive Apple & Cranberry Pie

I spent the afternoon cooking my first ever #Worksgiving dinner for my colleagues yesterday.

From that epic adventure, I take away a couple of things:

1. I am completely lost in a kitchen that doesn’t have scissors.

2. As surprised as I might be about it, I do like cranberry with turkey.

3. Cooking an entire meal, complete with a table worth of sides, in one afternoon in borderline insane.

4. Pie is a Thanksgiving staple (or life staple if you ask me) but baking one in a hot kitchen is not a good idea.

Luckily, I baked this little show-stopper the night before.

Festive Apple & Cranberry Pie | Cake + Whisky

Meet my Christmas-meets-Thanksgiving, half Americana-half Fah la la la la masterpiece: The Festive Apple and Cranberry Pie.

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Festive Apple & Cranberry Pie