Ahi Poke, Fitzrovia

With both of my siblings visiting back-to-back, this week is o-fish-ally the busiest ones this year.

Admittedly, it’s only the beginning of January, but I doubt it’s going to get worse than that any time soon.

Ahi Poke, LondonAhi Poke, London

The good thing about my brother & sister though is that when I offer to go here or there for lunch/dinner/drinks, they always say ‘poke-doke’!

Which is how we ended up at Ahi Poke the other day.

Ahi Poke, LondonAhi Poke, LondonAhi Poke, London

Located at the heart of bustling Fitzrovia, with colourful exteriors, bright planted filled with equally bright flowers and walls enhanced with surfboards, Ahi Poke is about as close as you’ll get to a visit to Hawaii at lunchtime.

Ahi Poke, London

The small but perfectly formed restaurant surfs on the one-item-menu trend and dishes up the most delicious bowls of poke a.k.a. the ultimate Hawaiian staple.

A tumble of sticky sushi rice, raw fish, crunchy vegetables, punchy sauces… It’s sort of like a burrito bowl, but with a sushi twist, which makes it both a comfort food and a healthy meal.

Ahi Poke, London Ahi Poke, London

Part of the fun is to mix and match ingredients to make your perfect DIY poke bowl. Which is just what we did.

Ahi Poke, London Ahi Poke, London

Half-and-half (rice & kale salad) with leche de tigre salmon with carrot, radish, red onion and crispy shallots.

If you’re lacking the time/energy to DIY, you can pick from a handful of the team’s fave pairings.

Ahi Poke, London Ahi Poke, London

Including the Heat Wave poke bowl (quinoa, salmon, avocado, kimchi cucumber, red onion, coriander, chipotle mayo).

Very Venice Beach and very, very good indeed!

Ahi Poke, London

If you’re hungry in Fitzrovia, Ahi Poke is soy the place to go!

Delicious, healthy & cheap as (kale) chips, it’s the kind of lunch that’ll for sure be maki‘ng you very happy!

Ahi Poke3 Percy St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DF

Ahi Poke, Fitzrovia