8 photos of happiness

It might seem a bit voyeuristic of me but I actually love tag-style articles as I find them to be a really good way to get to know the person behind the blog (and the little Gossip Girl inside me finds learning secrets extremely satisfying!).

Ariel of Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet recently created the 8 photos of happiness tag and was kind enough to nominate me. Thanks Ariel!

And while I was busy deciding which pictures to include, the lovely Helena of Helena’s Teabreak, and the darling Amanda of Amanda Bootes tagged me as well! Thanks both!

The rules are very simple: it’s basically about sharing 8 pictures that make us happy and then sharing the love (and happiness) with other bloggers by inviting them to join into the tag!

So here are my 8 pictures!

8 photos of hapiness tag | Cake + WhiskyThis picture of me and my brother when we were kids is the cutest one I have and it gives me all the feelings.Cake + Whisky | FamilyThis picture of my sister & me, taken on Christmas Eve 😂😂As you might have guess, Christmas parties are a bit wild in my family! 😂

I love those pictures with my siblings as they remind me of how great a time we have when we are together. Being away from them is probably the most difficult thing about living abroad, but pictures like that always make me feel better. Cake + Whisky | 8 photos of happiness tagA fantastic trip, Polaroid cameras and my ever-so-wonderful boyfriend who’s getting far too good at dealing with even the craziest sides of me and would’t even think of eating a bite before I’ve taken 25 pictures of anything that’s on a table… This picture says it all! ❤Cake + Whisky | Touring London's best coffee shops with The London Coffee FestivalCake. Duh.

Cake + Whisky | London's best ice cream at GelupoIce cream. Basically like cake but frozen and much more appropriate in a heatwave. I’ll take 1 scoop of each please-and-thank-you-very-much!Cake + Whisky | Ile de Ré France beachOh, I like to be beside the seaside! Pictured is my absolute favourite place on Earth; Ile de Ré, on the French Atlantic coast.

Cake + Whisky | A walk around London | Sunny Days & Pretty DoorsLiving in London. Yes, it’s too expensive and there are too many people and it takes you ages to go anywhere, but I love it anywayCake + Whisky | 8 photos of happinessSlow mail. The sure-fire way to put a smile on my face. If you’re unable to provide cake, that is.

And now I’m going to sit tight and look forward to seing those lovelies’ happy pictures!

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Want to join in the picture fun? Don’t forget to tag me in so I can go check out your happy pictures! 

8 photos of happiness

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award

Guys… As crazy as it seems, I’ve been nominated for another blog award (apparently my cocktails-and-cake strategy to take over the world is working! 😜)! Thank you to Michelle of Sugardust & Starlight (the great mind behing #ltbloggers) for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ AwardSisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

The rules are pretty simple:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link them in your post.
Answer the ten questions you have been sent.
Come up with 10 questions of your own.
Spread the love and nominate up to 10 bloggers!

Ok, so here it goes!

1. What is your favourite book and why? My all-time favourite is Antigone by Jean Anouilh (a modern re-write of Sophocles’ classic and a true masterpiece, but it hasn’t been translated into English unfortunately). I recently read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and if you haven’t read it already, you really should; it’s the best thriller I’ve come accross in a long long time.
2. What did you do today? Not much sofar. I went to the doctor, which was a massive waste of my time, spent too much time on Instagram and packed about 25 suitcases in my head. Such a productive morning!
3. If you could have any pet, what would it be? A cat. I’m such a cat-lady-to-be. 
4. What’s your current favourite song and why? Hmm, this is embarassing. I don’t really listen to music (#weirdo). I used to when I had to drive a car every day, but that’s not quite the case anymore…
5. If you could give just one piece of advice for life, what would it be? Love yourself.
6. Do you have a favourite quote and what is it? “I started with an idea an then it becomes something else” – Pablo Picasso (so representative of how I actually function!)
7. What do you enjoy reading most in other people’s blogs? The “lightbulbs” moments I get and I’m all like “How did I not think about this before?”
8. What’s your worst habit? Forgetting to take off my make-up before I go to bed far too often.
9. What’s your favourite film and why? I have several; Love me if you dare (a slightly fucked up love story between Marion Cottilard and Guillaume Canet), The Lion King (obv.) and my latest crush, The Theory of Everything (I still can’t get over Eddie Redmayne’s incredible performance!).
10. How would you spend the perfect day? A nice lie-in, followed by breakfast in bed, then a nice walk on the beach, and dinner at my favourite restaurant with the people I love most.

As far as sharing the blog love is concerned, I am nominating some of my latest discoveries and some all-times favourites!

Hannah Gale
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Persephone H
Rent or Chanel (best blog name ever or what?😂)
Elle Bloggs
Things Sarah Loves
Oui Stephanie
Full of Living
Amanda Bootes
Cross my Heart & Hope to Die

I can’t wait to see their answers to my (rather nosy) questions!

1. Your favourite season? (Summer! Summer! Please say Summer!)
2. Your Pokemon soulmate? (I wish I was an elegant Persian, but I’m afraid Snorlax‘s mine…)
3. What’s ALWAYS in your bag? (Most of the time, I don’t carry a bag and only have keys, Oyster Card, credit card & smartphone. When I do carry a bag though, my whole life’s likely to be in it)
4. Your guilty pleasure? (Butter. Good sea salt butter on EVERYTHING!)
5. Your #1 summer goal? (I say naps in the park and walks. And alcoholic ice lollies.)
6. Something you didn’t like as a kid but love now? (Walks. see #5)
7. Things you ALWAYS buy at IKEA? (I can’t resist mugs. There. The secret is out.)
8. Which Hogward House will you probably be in? (I think I’d make a great Ravenclaw.)
9. The one thing you always forget even though you really shouldn’t! (To charge my phone. Which is basically the modern day equivalent to “actually taking the shopping list along when you go shopping”, mainly because my shopping list happens to be on my phone!)
10. Where would you much rather be right now? (“In bed. Or taking a nap on a sunny beach somewhere.” says my inner Snorlax (see #2))

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award

The new blog.

I am at this point of my life where I have no idea what it’s all going to be like. Or how to describe myself, for that matter. Which is both exciting and quite unfortunate.

Especially as I just started this blog and you probably want to know all –or at the very least, something- about me.

What I can tell you is that I am no longer a student, but still struggle to see myself as a young working professional (who pays taxes, errgh!). Not Her Majesty’s subject, but speaking with fellow “expats” has become a bit too complicated to introduce myself as French. More of a Londoner than a Parisian, even if my heart will always belong to croissants and baguette.

There are very few things I am sure about, but my love for food, sleep and a few DYI projects are no secrets. Especially food. My current life pretty much revolves around it. I think it always has. But no cheese or onion soup for me I’m afraid. That’d make me far too French, wouldn’t it?

The new blog.

Making -and sharing- Memories

{Day 8872- Opening the doors of Making Memories}

I’ve always been very into the idea of having a home of my own.

As a teenager, I use to keep a notebook with cut-out pictures of dream interiors and collect disposable flatware because ‘it could come in handy when I moved to my own place’.

It took quite a few more years for me to realise that home didn’t have to be just that.

That building a home was just as much about picking objects to fill your physical space as it is about making memories in said space.

That the travel memories you make half way across the world and the taste of your dad’s signature lemon tart, your favourite breakfast and the little things that make you happy every day are just as big a part of home as, say, your sofa and your coffee table.

So here it is – a digital home for the memories I’m making.

Memories of daily life and extraordinary days, of being home and adventures far, far away, f delicious meals and life changing discoveries – in the hope it helps and inspires you to make your own!

Making -and sharing- Memories