Objective Capsule Wardrobe – #2 The Investment Theory

The previous episode of my “Objective Capsule Wardrobe” series was all about de-cluttering, only keeping the clothes you liked and liked you back and making room in your cupboard and your life!

But of course, everyone knows nature abhors a vacuum, and there’s very little point pretending you’ll never want to buy anything anymore now that you have all of that empty space! So I thought it would only be fitting to focus the second episode on strategies to buy better so you don’t have to go back to square one too often.


My mum has always tried really hard to explain the whole price VS quality thing to us. I was that kid that never got one pair of expensive branded trainers but was always wearing expensive, well-made leather shoes.

But when I first started buying my own clothes, I obviously forgot it all at once for quite a while and ended up with far too many things, many of which that didn’t fit me and I incidentally never wore.

I’m not even sure why I fell in the fast-fashion trap. I clearly didn’t need that many things, but it was so cheap and I felt like buying things “in case I’d need it” made me ready to face every situation I’d ever encounter. I was basically trying to build an armour out of all those junk-clothes I’d never wear and believed that my life would definitely be ruined if I didn’t have those sparkly silver heels the day I needed them.

Thanksfully, that’s when bloggers started taking a step back and talking about minimal wardrobes. Reading Dead Fleurette and French blogger Une Chic Fille, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and eventually realised that I didn’t need all these things in my life. That having them around actually made me feel worse rather than good and that my money would be better used differently.

That same evening, I sat on the floor of my room and filled two (TWO!) Ikea bags with all the things I shouldn’t have bought in the first place. I donated most of them, sold a few, and promised myself it wouldn’t never get quite that bad again.

I obviously needed to come up with a plan though! That’s when I created my very own “Investment Theory” as some sort of a test for potential wardrobe suitors, so I thought I’d share my top tips to buy well!

1. It’s not all about the price! Mark my words: no deal is good enough not to be missed. If you’re never going to wear it, no matter how cheap it is, you are still wasting money buying it. This is especially true when it comes to sales; I’ve bought SO MANY things on sales because it was cheap and I would never find such a good deal ever again! Whether or not I would be using it was a thought that never crossed my mind. So now, every time I catch myself thinking “oh, that’s such a good deal”, I ask myself if I’d still get it if I was shopping in Liberty and it had the usual £££ pricetag. Works like a charm!

2. Better material is a worthwhile investment: Well-made clothes will last you longer, so it might be worth putting in the exact £, especially for those major pieces you’ll wear quite a bit (shoes, coats…). (However, that only works if the quality increases proportionanlly with the pricetag. I usually find that there is some sort of price ceiling for this, which is generally related to the impact of branding.)

The reasons behind it being that:

1- Better material will keep you warmer and won’t made you sweat so much (i’m so glamourous!)

2- Well-build items can be fixed.

3- Good-quality material will keep its form and colour much better.

4- You won’t tire of wearing basics quite as quickly as you would of wearing the last fashion fad.

3. Cost-per-wear: If I invest time in money into buying something, I want to make sure I get the best return on it. Which is why I usually only invest in items I know I’ll be using on a daily basis. So before you go out and spend all your money on really beautiful but also expensive pieces, take the time to figure out what you are actually wearing every day. One good way to measure this up is by putting all your clothes in the Closet app which allows you to log in what you’ve worn and does all the hard work for you!

4. Beauty samples: I love how you can get samples for pretty much every beauty product there is. That’s such a great way to try things out and decide whether or not they’re truly made for you without cluttering your cupboards!

Do you have tricks to avoid shopping mistakes? I’d love to hear them! 

Objective Capsule Wardrobe – #2 The Investment Theory

The Liebster Award

I’ve recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by two of my absolute favourite bloggers: my friend-of-23-years Ophélie of Cross My Heart And Hope To Die and the cute-as-a-button Amanda who writes over at amandabootes.blogspot.co.uk. Funilly enough, they seem to have asked similar questions… (maybe that says something about the kind of people I get along with! 😜 )

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award was created as a way of connecting new and more experienced bloggers and a way for newbies to make their mark into the blogosphere.

The rules: 

1- Thank and link to the people who nominated you
2- Answer the 11 questions that have been given to you
3- Nominate 11 blogs and include their link in your post.
4- Create 11 new questions for your nominees
5- Notify your nominees (blog/social media)

Ophélie’s questions:

1- What’s your biggest dream? Having a house of my own, doing something I love for a job (any idea what I should do? HELP ME!!) and making people around me happy.
2- How do you react to failure? I usually over-obsess and end up try again and again (and again) until it works (well, unless we’re talking about macaroons, in which case I do the dishes and buy a box from Ladurée).
3- Do you have good relationships with your parents? My parents are simply the best people I know and I’m so glad for the person they’ve made me. Everything I have and am, I owe it to them and one of my biggest fear is to never become as good a person, let alone a parent, as they are. Also, they’re actually coming to London next week and I couldn’t be happier.
4- What’s the last book you’ve read? La Faute de l’Abbé Mouret by Emile Zola. Yes, yes, I’m the kind of girl who actually enjoys reading classic French litterature where it takes caracters twenty pages to climb up the stairs… #TotalWeirdo
5- What’s your favourite hobby? Sleeping and eating cake both rank very high on my list!
6- What would you bring to a desert island? A bikini seems like a must-have. Also, a BBQ and my beloved non-disposable straws. It’d be a hell of a beach party, I’m telling you! 🌴
7- Which country do you dream to visit? Australia!
8- Where do you see yourself in 15 years? I honestly have no idea. But you might want to ask my boyfriend, he’s the one who makes detailled plans the next 20 years (and they all make a lot more sense than any I could ever come up with anyway).
9- Why did you start blogging? I was really just looking for a good excuse to click pictures of my food! Oh, and meeting people along the way was kind of a good surprise!
10- Are you a dog or a cat person? I never know what to answer to this one! I actually have 7 dogs at my parents but I also think I was a cat in one of my past life and still act like one from time to time (#CrazyCatLady, litterally).
11- What’s your favourite icecream flavour? I’d always been fairly loyal to sea salt caramel. Until I discovered The Ice Kitchen‘s Mojito Lollies. These things are THE BOMB! 💥

Amanda’s questions:

1- Why did you start blogging? See #9 above
2- Who are you inspired by? Other blogs and bloggers, books, restaurants’ dishes & menus, window displays, colours looking nice together, whatever I find in my fridge. Not necessarily in that order.
3- Celebrity crush? Eddie Redmayne, Guillaume Canet. And also Marion Cottilard, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman.
4- What’s the last lie you told? Most probably something along the lines of “I don’t know why I’m crying”. Or “I’ll be back in 5 minutes”.
5- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Geographically, probably in London. For the rest, see #8 above.
6- What do your friends/family think about blogging? I have no idea.
7- If money was no object, what would you be doing? Probably working in a kitchen somewhere. I’ve always been fascinated by the restaurant industry and wondered if that was something I would be able to do.
8- What has been the biggest challenge you had to face? Like most people, I’m usually the only person standing in my own way. So trusting myself and realising what I do is actually worth something I suppose.
9- Cats or dogs? See #10 above
10- What 3 words would your friends use to describe you? I’m fairly sure food-obsessed and social-media addicted will be among the top answers. but some of my friends might also tell you about my compulsive container buying habits…
11- If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Probably tomatoes. They’re so versatile, I never seem to get bored of them.

My 11 nominees: Not all of them are new but they’re all definitely worth a look/read/follow!

Broke in the Big Smoke: I met Leanne recently and she’s the loveliest person you could ever imagine. Also, she’s TONES of cheap as chips ideas to have the best time in London!

Little Miss Katy: Do I even need to introduce Katy? I don’t, do I? But I know she’ll come up with the best answers (and questions)!

Spoon Me: I discovered Molly’s blog through Twitter and I’ve been hungry ever since!

A Certain Adventure: Tamsin’s sneaky Instagram previews are definitely the main reason why I consider having a second lunch every day. Not even talking about how her blog makes me feel. (hint: HUNGRY!)

City Cookie: Did someone say cookie? (also, some of the most lovely pictures around!)

That’s So Bekaah: I don’t know the first thing about beauty stuff. I need more people like her in my life.

Isoscella: Can I please leave in that blog? I promise I’ll behave and put things back where they belong!

Too Short for High Fashion: Totally relate to that blog name! Also, major clothes envy.

Wander To Wonder: So many perfect macaroons! It -almost- makes me want to try making them again!

Pretty Hungry: If anyone can ever convince me to go somewhere, it most certainly is Bianca. Everything just looks fantastic (and delicious, obviously).

… and YOU! Yes, you, who are ready that right now! Come on, it’ll be fun!

My questions:

1- 5 things you always have in your fridge?
2- The most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen?
3- The quality you value over every other?
4- The ultimate comfort food?
5- The website I should definitely add to my read-list?
6- Your ultimate pizza toppings?
7- Your favourite colour?
8- What do you always ask your mum to cook for you?
9- What you dream to get for your birthday?
10- What should I eat tonight?
11- Biggest pet peeve(s)?

I honestly can’t wait to read the answers!

The Liebster Award

25 before 25

I’m not the kind of person who love birthdays. Or actually, I love them when it’s somebody else’s (because it gives me a good excuse to bake cakes and write cards and wrap presents and do all the things I love).

Cake + Whisky | Another Birthday
A previous birthday party of mine (and the definite proof I shouldn’t be a fashion blogger!)

I’m, however, not quite as good at dealing with my own birthday. I have this weird thing with presents, and I definitely don’t know how to deal with surprises.Oh, and I don’t quite like the ‘I’m so oooooold’ feeling (even if I probably shouldn’t worry about this too much as I’m still being asked for IDs in most places…).

But this year’s a big one as I’m going to be turning 25 in 4 months. I can hardly believe it, it’s like each year is shorter than the one before. So I thought I’d make it a bit less crazy/scary by setting myself 25 goals to reach before my birthday (so I feel like I’ve done things with my life etc etc…).


1. Eat at Duck & WaffleCake + Whisky | Duck & Waffle | London04/05/2015: I was told to order the signature Duck & Waffle dish and it did not disappoint.

2. Make jam (pinapple-rum-vanilla IS a winning combination, in case you were wondering!)

3. Eat jellyfish (what do you say, yay or yuck?)

4. Make pickled turnipsCake + Whisky | Lebanese pickles

5. Make falafels at home (Can you feel the Lebanese feast coming?)

6. Poach eggs (it’s just ridiculous how long I’ve postponned that!)

7. Go to Street Feast

8. Cook at least one recipe from all of my cookbooks

9. Have really good sushi (it’s been too long!)

10. Have dinner in a gastropub (see #9)Cake + Whisky | Pig & Butcher, Islington25/04/2015: Excellent cod brandade (and overall meal) at The Pig and Butcher

11. Write another “5 healthy recipes” article Cake + Whisky | 5 lunchbox ideas | Mexican Chicken Salad15/06/2015: 5 new recipes including this delicious Mexican-ispired chicken salad!


12. Book tickets to The Lion King

13. Go to Greenwich

14. Go to the V&A


15. Keep up with daily abs exercise for 1 month

16. Fit in my jean shorts again

17. Get a pedicure

18. De-clutter my wardrobe

19. and my kitchen cupboards!

20. Get tested for HIV (not fun, I hate bloodtests!)

21. Read 10 books (any recommendations?) Sofar I’ve read: Une Page d’Amour, Emile Zola; La Faute de l’Abbé Mouret, Emile Zola; 1984, George Orwell; The 13 problems, Agatha Christie; Not that kind of girl, Lena Dunham (5/10)


22. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been I’m going to the US at the end of June! Wooo!

23. Give a talk

24. Learn how to use the manual settings on my camera

25. Organise something special to celebrate being 1/4-of-a-century old!

What do you want to achieve this year? Anything exciting? Let me know!

25 before 25

The Creative Bloggers’ Award

Cooking without limits not only have a cracking blog name and brilliant photography skills, but also happen to have excellent tastes (if I can say so myself) and just nominated my little blog for The Creative Bloggers’ Award!

I’m naturally over the moon and being told what I write here has value makes me want to work even harder to build something I’m proud of and you, all my lovely readers, enjoy!

Cake + Whisky | Natural History Museum LondonLovely pic from my even lovelier sister. Isn’t it just the most beautiful stone you’ve ever seen? It reminds me of old-fashioned plates…

The Rules

1. Thank and post the link of the person/people that nominated you

2. Share 5 facts about yourself

3. Nominate your favourite blogs and pass the rules on to them!

5 things you’ve always wanted to know about me (don’t lie, I know you do!)

1. I don’t like Nutella. Shocking, I know.

2. I do however like what most people consider to be “boring” books. As in French-classics-that-are-nothing-but-detailled-description-from-the-first-page-’til-the-last-one.

3. Up until 3 years ago, I had no idea soy sauce was a thing. Needless to say, I also didn’t know the first about Asian food. Pathetic (but I’m trying to catch up!).

4. I think I’m starting to enjoy exercising (but don’t tell my dad, he’d make me go on a run with him and I don’t think I’m ready fot this just yet!).

5. I am absolutely obsessed with postcards and convinced I’m one of the main reasons with the Post Office still has work to do (well, that and my boyfriend’s Ebay habits…).

Brilliant blogs I love reading

A Certain Adventure: It’s just like being taken along on an adventure with a friend. Plus she’s a sweety and a half (and often contemplating eating pie, which is something I can definitely relate to!)

A Little Lusciousness: This blog is at the very top of my list of reasons why we should invent a way to send food through a screen. Also one of the most passionate cooks I’ve met.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: Ophélie’s been strong enough to deal with me for over 20 years, so she’s more than earned her way in this list! Plus she gives me good reasons to try all the veggie food in London!

Little Miss Katy: I love the chatty tone (+ she’s far more fearless a blogger than I will ever be!)

Marine Loves Polish: I struggle to put clear nailpolish on, but she creates real wonders!

Pretty Hungry: We share a passion for peanut butter, which clearly is a mark of people knowing what’s good. Also, drool inducing pics EVERYWHERE!!

The Londoner: I don’t think I’ve ever had that much life-envy before.

… not on my list yet? Follow Cake + Whisky on Bloglovin’ and I’ll add you to my reading list!

The Creative Bloggers’ Award

2015 Bucket List

A little while ago, I overheard a conversation between two elderly people in the bus. She was coming back from a concert. “When you live in London, it’s so easy not to do things” she said. And you know what? She was right.


When I was younger, I wanted to live in a city and finally have access to all these things I couldn’t do. Museums, theatre, musicals, stores, restaurants, all of it. But now that I live in London, I realize that I don’t do quite as much of them as I wanted to. Because life gets inbetween and the proximity, the convenience often makes me reconsider doing them now, because I could “just go anytime”.

But that lady on the bus got me thinking, and made me realize that “anytime” almost always meant never. I decided I had to take actions to save me from myself and (after procrastinating a little bit more, Rome wasn’t built in one day!) chose to tackle it the one way I tackle most issues I come across: by writing a list, and ticking things off it.

So here it goes; my 2015 bucket list!

□ See The Lion King (the musical)

□ Go to Duck & Waffle

□ Make cured salmon

□ Organise something for Restaurant Day

□ Read 25 books

□ Go to Barcelona

□ De-clutter my wardrobe

□ See a ballet

□ Start learning Spanish

□ Loose 5kg

□ Post at least twice a week on this blog


What are your goals for 2015? Do you have a bucket list? 

2015 Bucket List

The new blog.

I am at this point of my life where I have no idea what it’s all going to be like. Or how to describe myself, for that matter. Which is both exciting and quite unfortunate.

Especially as I just started this blog and you probably want to know all –or at the very least, something- about me.

What I can tell you is that I am no longer a student, but still struggle to see myself as a young working professional (who pays taxes, errgh!). Not Her Majesty’s subject, but speaking with fellow “expats” has become a bit too complicated to introduce myself as French. More of a Londoner than a Parisian, even if my heart will always belong to croissants and baguette.

There are very few things I am sure about, but my love for food, sleep and a few DYI projects are no secrets. Especially food. My current life pretty much revolves around it. I think it always has. But no cheese or onion soup for me I’m afraid. That’d make me far too French, wouldn’t it?

The new blog.

Making -and sharing- Memories

{Day 8872- Opening the doors of Making Memories}

I’ve always been very into the idea of having a home of my own.

As a teenager, I use to keep a notebook with cut-out pictures of dream interiors and collect disposable flatware because ‘it could come in handy when I moved to my own place’.

It took quite a few more years for me to realise that home didn’t have to be just that.

That building a home was just as much about picking objects to fill your physical space as it is about making memories in said space.

That the travel memories you make half way across the world and the taste of your dad’s signature lemon tart, your favourite breakfast and the little things that make you happy every day are just as big a part of home as, say, your sofa and your coffee table.

So here it is – a digital home for the memories I’m making.

Memories of daily life and extraordinary days, of being home and adventures far, far away, f delicious meals and life changing discoveries – in the hope it helps and inspires you to make your own!

Making -and sharing- Memories