7 places I’d love to re-visit

As every wanderer dreaming of seeing as much of our lovely little planet as possible, I have a never ending to-visit list. And said list tend to focus on new-to-me places, because as Barney Simpson says: “New is always better”.



As exciting as discovering a new place is, the truth is, there’s always going to be some places that truly resonate with you.

Spots you simply can’t cover in one trip. Cities that keep changing and evolving, and therefore always in mouvement and ‘new’. Places that just feel like home.

So much so in fact that you start planning a return visit on your way to the airport.

Here’s my current top 7 of those places I’d love to re-visit.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


Much like London, New York is always changing.

No matter how many times you visits (and how many steps you walk a day!), there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Which is just as well because as you read this post, I’m actually on a 2-week trip to the USA, with two full weekends in NYC. I’m hoping to re-visit old favourites (looking at you, Katz’s!), as well as discovering new things (and eating all the brunch dishes).


I celebrated my 18th birthday in Sweden, and I have wonderful memories of visiting Stockholm and the Lake region.

There was something so beautiful about the pure, golden light, the small red wooden houses, the deep blue water and the fresh fish dishes and it all reminds engraved in my mind.

And now that I’ve mastered the art of planning city breaks, I’m itching to re-visit the Swedish capital!

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


Beautiful, unexpected and so, so, so different from anywhere else I’d ever been to, Cuba simply took my breath away.

Unfortunately, my Cuban adventures were not the most comfortable as I managed to catch a nasty stomach bug on day 2, which prevented me from making the most of our time on the dreamy Caribbean island.

I have major regrets of not being able to swim in waterfalls in Trinidad, and of not drinking all the rum cocktails.

So a Cuban do-over is most certainly on the cards at some point!


I went to Bilbao on a school trip and I keep unaltered memories of the beautiful Guggenheim undulating structure shinning in the sunshine.

The museum itself, featuring works from many of my favourite contemporary artists, was a dream.

The architectural mix of the city, combining old brick buildings and super modern glass structures in a seamless way, was another thing that caught my eye.

But because we spent very little time wandering the city and with all of our meals planned and taken care of for us, I feel like there’s still more for me to explore in Bilbao.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


The people. The vibes. The whiskey. The foooooooooooood!!

Our trip to Dublin last year was everything I had dreamt about, and then some.

Though to be honest, the prospect of dinner at Forest Avenue alone would be enough to convince me to jump in a plane!

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


With a strong focus on scandi design, interesting food creations, cinnamon buns and the purest, whitest light, Copenhagen was always to be a favourite of mine, and a place I’ll want to visit again and again.

And again.

7 places I'd love to re-visit / 7 travel destinations that deserve a second visit / #travellinkup / Cake + Whisky


When I lived in Paris, I didn’t really enjoy it as a city.

Now that I don’t, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Similar enough to London to be comfortable, yet different enough to be exciting, and the very epitome of classy easy-going ‘à la Française’…

It’s just such a lovely city to explore… just got to keep an eye on the Eurostar ticket prices!

How many of those places have you visited? What places have you been to and can’t wait to re-visit? 

This blog post has been written as part of this month’s #travellinkup, which theme was ‘places we can’t get out of our heads’. If you’re a travel-addict, make sure you join the monthly #travellinkup, hosted by Adventures of a London KiwiSilverSpoon London and Follow Your Sunshine. Every month, there’s a new fun travel brief to share stories of your adventures!

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7 places I’d love to re-visit

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  1. I would also love to go to Cuba. And NYC is always good 🙂 I hope you are loving your trip there right now! You’re probably having better weather than when I visited in January lol!


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