Tahini Brownie

I’m not sure what it is, but it seems more and more of my internet friends are falling victims of strange and spectacular baking nightmares.

Things burn, don’t raise, turn out to be weird colours… and it’s happened so much in the past few weeks I’m starting to worry it’s not just a coincidence!

No way that’ll stop be from baking though – I absolutely need both the process and the resulting cake to face the very stressful period of change I’m currently into! – so I more than ever rely on tried-and-tested, fool- (and catastrophy-) proof recipe.

Tahini Brownie Recipe // Cake + Whisky

On top of that list comes brownies.

SO easy to make (no fuss whatsoever), SO delicious (moist and dense and chocolatey and everything a good brownie should be).

I’ve been using the base recipe for years (about 10 of them!) and it’s simply perfect.

And, as it turns out, even better with added tahini to create those dreamy squares of tahini brownie goodness!

Tahini Brownie Recipe // Cake + Whisky

Because it tastes best the day after it’s baked, this tahini brownie is the ultimate make-ahead treat…


And, if you don’t look too closely, you might even say it’s a fantastic square meal!

Pin for later:

Tahini Brownie Recipe // Cake + Whisky

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Tahini Brownie

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