My 2018 London wish list

My 2018 plans involve a lot of travel. Which is super exciting.

But they also involve a lot of time at home in London. Which I might* be even more excited about.

Hashtag home-buddy-and-nothing’s-wrong-with-that.

My 2018 London wish list ● Cake + Whisky

Especially because there’s a lot in this incredible city I want to do this year…

  • See Wicked (the musical) 

I got tickets for it last week but I messed the dates up and wasted said tickets.

But, I’m still just as in love with the Wicked soundtrack and 2018 is the year when I hear it live!

  • Dine at St John (booked)

St John is a legend of the London restaurant scene and one whose philosophy I 100% get behind. And it’s about 5min away from the flat I moved to about 10 months ago.

And yet, I haven’t managed to get myself down there yet.

Something clearly need to be done and soon!

  • Visit the Barbican Conservatory

Another one that’s been on my list since we moved into our Clerkenwell flat. Another one I haven’t managed to fit into our weekends so far.

It has greenhouses and tropical plants and amazing light so I really don’t know what I’ve been waiting for tbh.

My 2018 London wish list ● Cake + Whisky

  • See more of East London

One of my favourite London memories from last year was a visit to the Columbia Flower Market, followed by lunch at Monty’s Deli.

There’s just something about East London in the daytime that’s so beautiful, ecclectic and fun and I definitely want to make sure I make plans to get more of this in my near future.

Things along the lines of lunch at The Marksman (this custard tart will be mine!), more Columbia Road flowers, Beigel Bake bagels, brunch at Morito… Anything else I need to add to the East London list?

  • Eat at Temper City

We loved having dinner at Temper‘s Soho restaurant last year.

And then they went and opened a new venue in the city, where they focus on applying Indian flavours to their winning meat-and-cocktail concept.

So yeah, that’s happening soon…

  • Go to the (not quite so new anymore) Design Museum

It’s my favourite London museum. The new venue has been open for aaaaaages. And I haven’t been yet.

I’ll let you do the math.

My 2018 London wish list ● Cake + Whisky

  • Make the most of the Open House Day

Last year, we visited London City Hall and I’m still not quite over how fantastic that wonky building looks from the inside!

This time around, I’d like to get a closer look at some of my other favourite London buildings, maybe the gorgeous Courts of Justice, or the Gherkin…

  •  Climb Primrose Hill

Never been though it seems to be a must-do. See where I’m going with this?

  •  Explore more tiny streets & take more pictures for no reason whatsoever

Because it’s not all about blogging/instagraming/creating some content…

What’s on your London wish list this year? Any place you can’t wait to (re)visit?

*might because, well, our US travel plans involve a return visit to Katz’s Deli and a first-time visit to In-n-Out, so yeah, there’s that.

My 2018 London wish list

Curried cauliflower cheese soup V

After having spent 2 weeks at my parents eating foie gras for breakfast, lunch and dinner (without even exagerating), I was looking forward to going back to my regular soup-filled routine.

So about 3 minutes after my groceries where delivered this week, I was in my kitchen chopping away.

Curried cauliflower cheese soup (V) ● Cake + Whisky

This cauliflower cheese soup was one of those wonderful accidents that happen when you’re trying to make the most of your ingredients.

After separating the cauliflower florets for another dish, I was left with the stalks. For some reason, I decided to boil them in some water, then blended them with curry powder and a cheeky bit of grated cheddar and it turned out GREAT!

Curried cauliflower cheese soup (V) ● Cake + Whisky

It tastes absolutely delicious (I mean, it’s basically cauliflower cheese in soup form!) and, because it’s a zero waste sort of recipe, it’s also great for the environment and your wallet.

Curried cauliflower cheese soup (V) ● Cake + Whisky

It’s a well-known fact that free food is the best food. And that little number is a great example of how incredible scraps can be.

Fragrant, gently spiced, indulgent-sounding but incredibly light – it’s soooooo gouda!

Curried cauliflower cheese soup (V) ● Cake + Whisky[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:51]

More soup recipes

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Curried cauliflower cheese soup V

Oh the places we’ll go!

2017 was a pretty fantastic year when it came to travelling the world.

I ate all the potatoes, drank all the whisky, had the best meal of the year and all-in-all fell in love with Dublin in March. I finally visited Munich in April, then got early Spring sunburns and survived on just ice cream in Brighton. I ate all the tapas in Barcelona with my parents in May. I treated my boyfriend to a weekend in Paris for his birthday in August. Last but not least, I made the most of November sun (and incredibly cheap rum) in Cuba before heading home to France for Christmas.

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

Basically, I ticked (almost) all the boxes on my 2017 travel wish list.

I really hope 2018 will work out just as well…

Here’s what’s on the travel agenda / in the travel dream pipes so far.

York to visit my best friend

2017 was great on the travel front, but not quite so good in terms of exploring the UK itself. This is something we plan to rectify this time around, starting with a visit to my oldest friend’s new playing ground early this year.

I’m looking forward to wandering its history-ladden streets, taking too many pictures and my belly hurting from too much laughing.

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

The US on a reconnaissance mission

Our biggest trip of the year will be a research one. My Mr. is seriously considering applying to business school in the next few years, so this spring, we’ll be heading off to the US to visit campuses.

The plan so far includes New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco. Amongst other things, I’m excited to hit up the East Coast for the first time, as well as catching up with friends on both sides of the country and getting to re-visit Katz’s Deli.

Amsterdam with my sister

Last year, my sister turned 20. As a present, we treated her to a weekend trip to the city of her choice. She said Amsterdam, so that’s where we’ll be heading later this year.

I’m interested to give the Netherland’s capital a second chance and hope it’ll surprise and delight this time around!

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

France for my grandpa’s 80th birthday

The perfect chance to catch up with all the family I didn’t get a chance to see around Christmas!

Berlin to celebrate our birthdays

My Mr.’s and my birthdays are exactly one week apart, and his is always on the week of the August Bank Holiday, so it’s basically like the calendar wants us to go on a celebratory trip, isn’t it?

Lats year, it was Paris. We ate tones of croissants, caught up with friends, walked aimlessly and all-in-all did a whole lot of nothing and it was absolutely brilliant.

This year, it might be a touch more active as we explore Berlin for the very first time. The German capital has been on my travel wish forever and I can’t wait to finally get a chance to see all the places I learnt about in my uni classes in real life!

My 2018 travel plans ● #travellinkup ● Cake + Whisky

And that’s about it for now, though there’ll probably be a few other plans coming up as the year unfolds. Bring it on, 2018! May you be as travel-good as your predecessor!

What travel plans do you have for 2018? Will you be flying across the world or exploring places closer to home? 

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Oh the places we’ll go!

Starting 2018 as I mean to go on…

… with good friends, pizza and cocktails at Pizza Union!

Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

If I’ve learnt anything from the past year, it’s that the little moments of everyday joy are what it’s all really about.

And pizza definitely makes me very, very happy.

Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + WhiskyPizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + WhiskyPizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

Pizza Union is one of my regular spots when only dough will do.

I love the excellent value for money, the neon-filled decor and the speedy service (hellooooo pizza pager!).

Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

I love the no-nonsense menu: thin, crunchy, super light crust, flavourful tomato sauce, an extensive (and super affordable!) list of extra toppings (all £1, an absolute bargain) and simple but efficient Italian-inspired cocktails.

Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + WhiskyPizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

But more than anything else, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the Funghi pizza with extra N’Duja on top!

Pizza Union’s new Dalston venue scores just as high as its sibblings on all the above points.

With a few extra ones for the super welcoming team that’s always full of brilliant advice on what toppings to add to your pizza to make it even more delicious.

Pizza Union Dalston ● London restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

What do you say? Wanna a pizza that?

Pizza Union Dalston, 14 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2JP (but they have a few other locations as well…)

Starting 2018 as I mean to go on…