27 things I’m looking forward to

Today’s my 27th birthday.

And for the first time in literally forever, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Birthday wishes • Cake + Whisky

Not because I don’t want to be old or any of this nonsense, but I’m going through a rough patch at the moment, with lots of things to work through and sort out and I somehow wish my birthday wasn’t caught in the middle of it all.

So yeah, not the happiest of birthday this time ’round.

But it doesn’t stop me looking forward to the year ahead and all the good things it will bring, including all of the below…

  1. Going to Cuba
  2. FINALLY eating at El Pastor (muuuuuuch excited for dinner tonight!!)
  3. Wearing my new blue suede ballerinas
  4. Christmas – family gatherings, Christmas cocktail parties, glittery lights, wrapping presents, over-eating, all of it!
  5. Seeing Wicked in the theatre
  6. And Les Miserables too (hopefully)
  7. Watching the new Crime of the Orient Express movie
  8. Reading the upcoming new Dan Brown book
  9. Catching up with friends in Paris
  10. Finally seeing the Royal Opera House’s production of Alice in Wonderland (after all, it did take me 5 years to get tickets…)
  11. Finding prints for our bedroom (I love this one but it wouldn’t really work…)
  12. Getting to wear my signature perfume once again (an early birthday present from me to myself)
  13. Hosting more house parties
  14. Perfecting my skillet cookie recipe (it’s coming people, it’s coming!)
  15. Exploring more of London, always
  16. Visiting my baby bro’ first proper appartment
  17. Teaching myself how to make puff pastry
  18. Buying new underwear (some like shoes, some like bags, I like underwear. Deal with it.)
  19. Visiting the Barbican conservatory
  20. Taking too many pictures (obv)
  21. Seeing Sheldon marry Amy #teamshamy
  22. Lighting up this candle (it smells divine)
  23. Doing more crafty things – be it embroidery, hand lettering or just colouring
  24. Getting a new laptop (fingers crossed)
  25. Finally getting around to watching some classic movies (can you believe I’ve never seen E.T. or Titanic?)
  26. Learning new things
  27. And, most importantly, finding my way back to a happy, peaceful me (hopefully)
27 things I’m looking forward to

6 thoughts on “27 things I’m looking forward to

    1. Thanks Aaron! Doing what I can to keep myself afloat atm, and it does seem to be helping, so fingers crossed it’ll all be good in the end!
      xx Sandra


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