Crumble in a jar

Lately, I’m about 75% tomatoes (because tomato glut season and all that) and 25% peaches.

What can I say: when my favourite fruit & veggies are in season (and consequently cheap), I become completely obsessed try and make the most of it.

Crumble in a jar • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

As far as peaches are concerned, that means having them for breakfast with yoghurt, carrying boxes of chopped peach for on the go snacks, making jam…

And of course, crumble.

Crumble in a jar • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

Crumble is one of my favourite desserts.

It tastes THE BOMB and it’s the easiest thing to make.

You know how partial I am to a lazy dessert.

Crumble in a jar • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

Especially when said lazy dessert looks faaaaaaaar more impressive that it actually is.

And even more so if said lazy dessert, like these crumble in a jar, can be slipped into picnic baskets/totes/briefcases or gym bags.

Crumble in a jar • Recipe • Cake + Whisky

Perfect for al-desko/fresco lunches, suppers or a particularly indulgent snack… No matter the time of the day, those crumble in jar are just peachy!


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Crumble in a jar

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