On Whisky Cocktails

Whisky is a divider sort of drink.

You love it or you loathe it.

You drink it neat or on the rocks, with maybe a few classic cocktails thrown in for good measure.

And that’s about all the options there seem to be.

On Whisky Cocktails • Cake + Whisky

But while I’m a neat-whisky-loving kind of person with some bias towards a nicely crafted Manhattan, Sazerac or Whisky Sour, I still find this vision to be quite limitative.

Whisky doesn’t have to be the manly-man drink it’s too often seen as being.

Drinking whisky can be done in a variety of ways.

Whisky cocktails don’t always have to be strong – they can also be subtle, and go all the way around the flavour wheel.

Spicy, floral, zesty, herbacious… the only  limit is your imagination – or that of a good bartender, as recently demonstrated by an incredible Bruichladdich-based cocktail I tried recently at The Rosewood’s Scarfes Bar.

Unlike any whisky I’d ever tried before, this was fresh and sour, subtle and floral and all-in-all absolutely fantastic!

So if you’re convinced you’re a whisky loather, give this one a go… maybe it’ll convert you!


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On Whisky Cocktails

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