How to have the perfect night in on your own

There’s something about getting (just a little bit) old that makes you loose any interest in going out and become obsessed with nights in.

How to have the perfect night in on your own ● Cake + WhiskyHow to have the perfect night in on your own ● Cake + Whisky

Because really, I don’t care what you say, high heels and minis, eye-wateringly overpriced pints at the pub & vodka at the club and the mother of all hangovers the next day have nothing on a night spent cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea bigger than my head and something nice on the telly.

I do hate myself a little bit for sounding like an 80-year-old, but then again, nothing says self-care quite like a solo night in… Fellow introverts, follow my lead!

How to have the perfect night in on your own ● Cake + Whisky

Step 1: Pyjama time!

Well, that’s a no-brainer isn’t it? To be comfortable, you have to be, well, comfortable! And as far as I’m concerned, nothings quite beats PJs for that.

I have a burger-printed Primark pair that I wear every opportunity I get, but I’m not saying I won’t try to get my hands on those mermaid leggings soon…

Step 2: Comfort food

As far as I’m concerned, that means pasta (probably some sort of carbonara spin off or my fave vegan coconut & tomato recipe).

But then again, to each their ways with comfort food and if salads or dips & chips are more your thing, go ahead (and maybe pop a lil’ invite in the mail for me next time?)

A small sweet treat (chocolate and cookies at the ready!) and many a biiiiiiiig cup of tea absolutely compulsory (the new Hampstead Tea herbal range is perfect when you just want to put your feet up and relaaaaax)!

Step 3: No work, no chores, no social media.

Put that phone down will you? I know it’s tough, but disconnecting will do wonders for your brain and stress levels.

As hard as I find it to do so, stepping away from social media and the internet always helps me get back down to Earth and get the creative juices flowing again.

Step 4: Mini pamper

While you’re at it, take this opportunity to let your skin breathe. That means, make up off, face mask / face oil on!

And if you can  bring yourself to it, maybe a little mani/pedi work too? (Since I started using this, I actually find doing my nails relaxing!!)

Step 5: Fun times!

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of TV (both Chef’s Table and the newest season of Grey’s Anatomy are current faves of mine!), a good book (if you’re into crime novel, The Girl Before is the best thing I’ve read since Gone Girl… #justsaying) and a little bit of adult colouring quality time!

What are your top tips for the perfect night in on your own? Anything I must try next time?

How to have the perfect night in on your own

2 thoughts on “How to have the perfect night in on your own

  1. Pasta is totally my comfort food too! Except I’m usually more indulgent and go for a really cheesy pasta bake instead 😉 Love Chef’s Table and lately on my introvert nights I’ve been watching my way through Netflix’s Anthony Bourdain offerings, too! I fancy a night in now 🙂 x


    1. Tell me about it! This week has felt sooooooo long, I can’t wait for 5pm and that weekend feeling! 44 minutes still to go though!?
      Hope you have a lovely one!
      xx Sandra


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