Where to next? My 2017 travel plans

Going back a few years, my travel plans were always a last-minute gamble sort of thing. Having to work part-time jobs during school holidays (and always knowing at the very last minute when I’d be starting said jobs) and very little money available, I didn’t have much of a choice but to settle for middle-of-the-night shuttle buses and far-from-anything hostels.

Needledd to say, most of those plans aborted for various reasons and wanderlust was strong.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now the kind of person writing entire blog posts on how to best plan your city getaways. Crazy the difference a little time (and money) can make, eh?

As a consequence, and for the first time in forever, my annual travel wish list is less on the wish side (looking at you, 2016’s list!) and more on the work-in-progress side of things.

So, here are my 2017 travel plans sofar…

Dublin in March

2017 Travel Plans | Dublin, Ireland

I was meant to visit the Irish capital a few years back. But for some horrible, stolen-passport-related reason, it did not happen. 2017 is the year I take my revenge on karma and finally make it to the fair city.

2017 Travel Plans | Dublin, Ireland

Stunning Georgian architecture, the vibrant cobbled streets of Temple Bar, beef and potato stew, the incredible Trinity College Old Library, a healthy dose of Guinness and whiskey (…) I can’t wait to take it all in!

Barcelona in May

2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain 2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain

I fell in love with Barcelona in 2015 and have spent most of last year wanting to go back. So when it came to picking a destination for the second edition of our annual family weekend trip, I put my foot down and said 2017’s would be filled with tapas, siestas and the occasional walk.

2017 Travel Plans | Barcelona, Spain

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to see the Sagrada Family in all its restored glory, stuff my face with all the patatas bravas and drink all the sangria with all my fave people!

The French/Swiss Alps in the Summer

2017 Travel Plans | Annecy, France

So, I’m not really a snow person (it’s really just frozen rain people!!), so mountains in winter aren’t quite my idea of the perfect holiday.

2017 Travel Plans | Annecy, France

In the summer though, it’s a whole different thing. Glorious scenery, hikes, followed by cooling dips in the lakes (and a much looked-forward to reunion with the French tradition of “l’apéro”)… That’s much more like it (and very much the plan we intend to follow for a few days this summer!)

Munich for Oktoberfest

2017 Travel Plans | Munich, Germany

A visit to the most sought-after Bavarian festival has been on my bucket list for a long long time. And when one of your very best friends just so happen to live in Munich, the opportunity is simply to good not to act upon.


Cuba in November

2017 Travel Plans | Havana, Cuba

Switching up a cold, rainy, dark London for a sunny, beach-ladden, rum-filled island is pretty much the dream, isn’t it?

2017 Travel Plans | Havana, Cuba

Home for Christmas

2017 Travel Plans | Poitiers, France

Because when it comes to the end-of-year Fah-lala-la-ing, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

Add to that a few day- and weekend-trips here and there and that’s me covered for 2017…

But I’m sure it’ll still leave room for plenty of wanderlust… So make sure you share your 2017 travel plans / dreams in the comments or via this month’s #travellinkup!

This years bucket list post has been written as part of the fabulous #travellinkup.  We’ve gone back to basics for January and are talking Travel plans for 2017.  Just pop your post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th January), add it to the link up widget – found on either Angie‘s,  Emma’s or Polly’s blog – from the 1st of the month.

Where to next? My 2017 travel plans

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