Bodean’s BBQ, Muswell Hill

American BBQ isn’t quite the thing new year’s resolution are made of.

Unless of course, you find yourself in North London, happen to climb from the bottom to the top of Muswell Hill, with a couple of healthy sales-oriented pitstops inbetween…

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

Then you’ll have worked up a hearty appetite, that will make a feast of all things porky and smoky absolutely appropriate.

In that case, Bodean’s new venue is the place to go.

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

As the cowboy-chic atmosphere would let you believe, this place’s all about the meat.

Melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, fall-off-the-bone ribs, super-moist & smoky chicken … but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

First things first.

Which at Bodean’s means mountains of crispy nachos, still hot from the oven and crowned with all the trimmings.

Melted cheese, tip-top guac’, chuncky salsa, cooling sour cream… the works!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

And a couple of obligatory, cherry-on-top, Yank-approved whisky sours!

The perfect combination while you wait for the more substancial plates to hit the table!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, LondonBodean's, Muswell Hill, London

Plump, spicy prawns. Succulent & satisfying, yet light and vibrant.

An absolute (prawn) star of a dish!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

Followed by (quite literally) ALL THE MEAT by the means of a shared Bodean’s Platter.

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

Baby back ribs, giant spare rib, smoked chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, burnt ends… it’s all there and it’s all good!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

Make sure you get a bit more of the pulled pork that you’re entitled to though.

I mean, I know you’re meant to be polite and let everyone get a bit of everything and stuff, but trust me on that, that baby’s worth loosing a couple of friends over. #terriblefriend #Iregretnothing

You will get a chance to get some brownie points by sharing dessert anyways.

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

There’s a few US-faves to choose from, but you might want to push for the pecan pie…

A crumbly-based, gooey-caramelised wonder, so definitely one to go nuts over!

Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

So if you ever find yourself hungry in North London, you know where to go.

Be it for a casual meat-ing or a long overdue ketchup, a visit to Bodean’s will never be a miss-steak!

They have quite a lot of room so booking aren’t compulsory, but if you’d rather be sure, you can book ahead here.


Bodean’s BBQ, 348 Muswell Hill Broadway, Muswell Hill, London, N10

Bodean’s BBQ, Muswell Hill

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