12 Fool-proof Ways to Get into the Festive Spirit

In just two more weeks, Christmas will have come and gone. But weirdly enough, the closer the C-day gets, the less it really feel like Christmas to me…

Maybe it’s a case of early cranberry & cinnamon tiredness (in which case I would have no choice but to plead guilty) or my brain’s last desperate attempt to slow time down (so I actually have time to get everything done), but the fact is, my Christmas spirit-o-meter has been running low for the past few days.

But I simply love Christmas too much not to fit as much as possible into this whole month, so something had to be done.

So if the festive cheer hasn’t quite reached you yet (or if it’s trying to leave early), then here’s a checklist of tried-and-tasted ways to get into the festive spirit.

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

1. Decking the halls.

Whether you go all out, put up a tree with lights, bobbles, garlands and then some, or the less-is-more way with a little festive corner, any amount of hall-decking will do wonders for your Christmas spirit-o-meter!

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

2. Festive baking

The more of them you make/eat, the merrier you get. Trust me, I have the experience to back this up. Nothing like mixing, baking, icing and sprinkling to get into the festive spirit!

3. Opening your advent calendar.

Counting down days, building anticipation AND getting treats along the way… So, so much better than regular calendars!

4. Cinnamon anything everything.

Cinnamon roll, cinnamon cookies, cinnamon chocolate truffles, cinnamon granola, cinnamon-scented orange salad… Don’t miss any opportunity you get to make every single bite you take ’til the 26th a festive one!

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

5. Hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top.

With cream on top, obviously. Everyone knows that Christmas calories don’t count, so better make the most of it while you can!

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

6. Taking yourself on a lil’ Christmas lights/windows tour.

Wrap up warm and take yourself on a walk/drive around the ‘hood to see the twinkly lights in all their twinkly glory. Do not however sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ as you go or it’ll be stuck in your head forever (you’re welcome).


Wine, cider, fruit juice… Whether you’re off the booze or very much on it this Christmas, a mulled drink of some sort is an absolute must to get the ho-ho-ho vibes going.

Most supermarkets sell spice mix you can warm up over the stove with your poison of choice, or you can easily mix your own.

8. Peeling an orange.

There’s something about the smell of citrus that makes everything feel super merry. Aromatheraphy? Magic? Who knows / cares?!

10. A visit to your local Starbucks.

Because gingerbread-toffee-eggnog filled red cups and the most festive of Chrismas playlist are absolutely the way to get even the Grinch-iest of people have a Christmas movie marathon.

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

11. Do some Christmas shopping.

Nothing will warm your heart the way buying something you know will put a big smile on your fave faces will.

Remind yourself of that when you have to elbow your way through the Oxford Street crowds. And also of the fact that, despite it sounding all Agatha Christie-esque, a Christmas Murder would sort of get in the way of all the eating, drinking and being merry.

12 ways to get into the festive spirit | Cake + Whisky

12. If all else fails, just switch off & spend time with your loved ones.

Because that (and a brilliant excuse to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner) is what Christmas is really all about! 

Actually, that’s what I’ll be up to for the next two weeks or so, so things might slow down a bit over here and on social media. In the meantime, you guys have the most festive of times!

What are you favourite ways to get festive? Anything I definitely need to try to go back to my cinnamon-fuelled, extra merry self?

12 Fool-proof Ways to Get into the Festive Spirit

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