DIY Christmas Bingo cards


(sorry about the all caps, but not sorry because OMG SO EXCITED!!)

Time to get wrapping & sticking & enveloppe licking, hosting, toasting & turkey roasting, baking, dishing & mistletoe kissing… and then some!

Christmas Bingo cards | Cake + Whisky

Because as much as I LOOOOVE the festive season, there’s just SO MUCH to do before Christmas Day!

Christmas Bingo cards | Cake + Whisky

Decorate the tree, wrap the presents, fill the stockings… the list goes on and on and managing to get it all done is often a challenge.

Unless of course you turn the whole thing on its head and into Christmas Bingo cards!

Christmas Bingo cards | Cake + Whisky

Because what’s more satisfying than popping golden stars onto a beautifully festive card and shout BINGO! once you complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line? Nothing. Exactly.

I pre-filled them with festive chores & treats and left some polka-dotted spots empty for you to fill with your own Christmas traditions.

DIY Christmas Bingo cards | Cake + Whisky

Save the image above, print a bunch of Christmas Bingo cards and share them at home, at work, between friends… After all, there’s no gift like the gift of festive productivity (plus this one is free!).

Christmas Bingo cards | Cake + Whisky

…so get gold-star-sticking and don’t forget to shout BINGO! (and maybe treat yourself to a couple of chocolate truffles) as soon as you have marked five consecutive squares on your card!

DIY Christmas Bingo cards

2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Bingo cards

  1. Lacy Hill says:

    I looooved this post so much! Such a unique take on Blogmas and I’m pretty sure that this would definitely get me going and doing all of the things that I need to get done. I’ll be printing some off and even one for my boyfriend (he’s refusing to accept that it’s Christmas soon- so maybe this will help with his festivities) Thanks for sharing!


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