Basement Sate Dessert & Cocktail Bar

A party without cake is really just a meeting.

And birthday meetings aren’t really a thing, so cake was most definitely needed after our Bao feast.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Dessert bars are having a bit of a revival in London, and Basement Sate was one of the trend-setters.

Created by two friends who love well made drinks, decadent desserts and meaningful music in equal parts.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Inspired by the revival of Soho, they created a place where people can sate (= satisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the full) themself in an informal and social setting, and where the music is as vibrant as the cocktails & desserts.

Cocktails + dessert it was then!

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Little Japan for the Mr.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

An unusual but intoxicating mix of Japanese whisky, artichoke liqueur and sweet vermouth.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

El Pampa (pisco, almond & champagne syrup, granny smith juice) for me.

… and then the puds!

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

The Hazelnut Rocher.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

A Ferrero-inspired wonder combining hazelnut praline brownie, chocolate espuma, milk chocolate sphere, dark gianduja, caramelised hazelnuts, chocolate caviar and caramelia pearls.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Between smashing the chocolate dome & all the endorphins, it’d be a delicious cure for a bad day (and the perfect way to make a good one eve better!)

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

And then there was fruit.

Cocktail-inspired fruit-based pud’, that is…

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

The beautiful, zesty & exotic Bitter Orange.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Basically a Negroni in dessert-shape, with white and pink grapefruit jelly, gin-infused rhubarb wind, vanilla poached rhubarb, chocolate crumble & orange sponge cake.

Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Creative desserts & cocktails, Basement Sate definitely lived up to the expectation and is the perfect venue for any special celebration (or any time you want to treat the sweet-toothed in your life!)

Only one thing left to say: ‘Pip Pip Hooray, it (was) my birthday’

Basement Sate8 Broadwick Street, Soho, London W1F 8HN


Basement Sate | Cake + Whisky

Basement Sate Dessert & Cocktail Bar

3 thoughts on “Basement Sate Dessert & Cocktail Bar

  1. Love Basement Sate – it’s such a great idea for a bar! Desserts are always welcome alongside alcohol in my world 😉 The Rocher dome looks spectacular. I remember loving the Jessica Rabbit – it had carrot syrup in along my usual fave combo of elderflower and gin, such a creative twist on a classic! x


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