BiBimBap Fitzrovia

What did you do with the extra 24h you got this #LeapYear?

You know me, I took advantage of it to stuff even more food into my life.

So I met with my favourite foodie sidekicks for a taste of Korean food at BiBimBap.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

The restaurant itself is a bit clean-lines meets K-Town.

Understands fairly basics but with a Korean pop-star fan club touch ??

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

And the cutest, most kawaii menu EVER!

The restaurant takes its name from bibimbap, a signature Korean dish of fried rice, topped with vegetables and soy sauce, served in a hot stone bowl.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

Each bibimbap bowl comes with a rainbow of thinly sliced vegetables (carrots, daikon, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, spinach…) and there’s a huge variety of toppings for you to choose from, ranging from Kimchi (chilli-spiced fermented cabbage) to seafood, spicy pork, beef and much more.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

The whole lot is brought to your table in a blisteringly hot stone bowl. So hot in fact that you can hear the rice sizzling!

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

A very good thing as it means that while you make your way through the layers of flavourful marinated meat and colourful, artifully arranged vegetables, the thin layer of rice will continue to cook and turn crispy, making for the most wonderful of surprises when you reach the bottom of the bowl!

A much healthier (and vegetarian friendly) version of crackling, but just as addictive!

While the many variations of the humble bibimbap lead the show at the eponymous restaurant, there are also plenty of sides to choose from.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

Pork & vegetable dumplings (lovely and crispy)

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

Sweet and salty Korean Fried Chicken.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

Just look at that shinny soy sauce glaze!

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

Kimchi pancakes. Spicy and comforting at the same time, and my absolute favourite.

BiBimBap, Fitzrovia | Cake + Whisky

My verdict? BiBimBap was a great way to wave February goodbye. Relatively healthy food, excellent value, great company and many a giggle… Quite a brilliant way to use that extra leap year day (or any other day, really!)

BiBimBap, 10 Charlotte Street,Fitzrovia, London W1T 2LT  Bibimbap Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

BiBimBap Fitzrovia

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