2016 travel wish list

The year has only just started but I already feel like I could use a holiday. Which led to some serious wanderlusting over the past few days!

I must admit that the cold weather (and the fact that the windows in my flat let quite a bit of wind through!) are probably to blame for this.

Pretty much anywhere that’s sunny and hot would do the trick right now, but on a more long-term perspective, here are a handful of things that are on my travel wanderlust list this year.

1. Eat pasta in Italy

Hopping on a Vespa, roaming through the world’s most famous churches, and eating all the carbs. Doesn’t it sounds like the dream?

2. Paris is always a good idea

For most people, Paris is the city of love, but for me, it’s mainly about croissants, reconnecting with old friends and hopefully seing Versailles’ gardens in full bloom. And I simply can’t wait for all of this to become reality again.

3. Walk in the Incas’ footsteps in Peru

This one has been ranking high on my wishlist for a very, very long time. The Incan civilization is such a fascinating one!

4. Day adventures near home

Except for the odd trip to Brighton to stock up on Bluebird tea, I almost never travel across the UK, and that obviously needs to change.

What’s your dream destination for 2016?

(No worries if you’re a little low on funds though, just take part in the Ice Lolly Holiday #SendMeAway giveaway for a chance to win ££ towards your dream holiday!)

* pictures source available via Pinterest

2016 travel wish list

One thought on “2016 travel wish list

  1. You really need to go around the UK, because there are so many amazing places to see, it’d be a shame not to. I still need to go to Brighton though – but Spring should be a good time to do so! xx


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