Advent Calendar Inspiration

Tomorrow is December! How crazy is that?

I have literally no idea how this ever happen, but it means it’s Advent Calendar time again!

If you haven’t made one for yourself / your partner / your kids yet, here is a bit of inspiration for your crafty evening tonight!

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Simplicity is key for last minute projects and this tree-shaped pile of presents just looks stunning!

Advent Calendar Inspiration

You can’t really go wrong with black and white, can you? Especially when¬†there’s a printable included!

Less time on the making means more time pondering which candy to buy (or am I the only one haunting the Christmas aisle of my local supermarket?)

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Along the same lines, how cute would this forest of sleek paper trees look in your flat?

(Adorable, my point exactly!)

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Or what about a box of 24 chocolate truffles in colourful coatings?

Definitely a treat for the chocolate lovers in your life!

Advent Calendar Inspiration

And if you’re definitely running too late for any other crafty project, you can still trim Santa’s beard!

Do you have an Advent Calendar? Do you buy it or DIY? 

Advent Calendar Inspiration

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