Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

I’ve recently re-discovered Golden Berries (also called Inca Berries, or Physalis).

Relatively difficult to find in the UK just a few months ago, they seem to have become more and more popular and I start seeing them everywhere nowdays. Which is perfectly fine by me.

Not only do those small golden, cherry tomato-like look lovely enclosed in their papery shell, but it’s also packed-full of anti-oxydants, vitamins and even has anti-inflamatory properties.

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

And covered in good quality, magnesium-rich Ecuadorian dark chocolate, it’s quickly become my favourite snack!

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Making a big bowl of those will barely take you 10 minutes, and I swear you’ll be glad you use your time this way!

Currently snacking on | Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

Ingredients: 100g fresh Golden Berries, 80-100g good quality dark chocolate (I used the perfectly balanced Hoja Verde 72%)

1. Melt your chocolate using the double-boiler technique.

2. When it’s melted, dip your berries in the chocolate and set aside to dry on a sheet of greaseproof paper.

I think those would make a brilliant addition to any chocolate dessert for that extra bit of wow factor we’re all after when entertaining. Or why not serving them with coffee for an indulging, yet healthy end to a meal? 


Chocolate-dipped Golden Berries

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