7 Silver Linings to Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Last week was a bit tough on me as I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend who is going away for a few months.

Let’s get this right: being in a long distance relationship SUCKS. Unfortunately, I know far too much about that already.

Long Distance Silver Linings | Cake + Whisky

It sucks that you can’t go out for dinner together, that you don’t get to see each other every day, that you might not even be able to talk as often as you might want to. It sucks that you no longer get to do all the little things.

But there definitely are some silver linings as well…

1. Goodbyes usually come with a side of really, really good food.

Long distance relationship silver lining #1: goodbyes usually include really really good food.

Best bread I’ve had in a long time. Well played @mobalondon!


Dinner in your favourite restaurant(s) and enough chocolate to last you until Christmas are only the beginning. But more on that later this week…

2. All the presents!  Goodbye presents, Welcome back presents… Basically like Christmas but better!

Working from home with this little fellow by my side. And by working, I totally mean trying to find the perfect name for him… What do you reckon? ?


I mean just look at him, isn’t he just the CUTEST?

Found my cryptonite. Somebody please take those away from me. ??


Also, those! ❤❤❤

3. Not going to the restaurant that often anymore might actually be a good thing for your ongoing “healthy eating” plans.

Cake + Whisky | Bahn-Mi inspired Vietnamese Prawn Salad

Sure, I’ll probably miss having fries three times a week but it probably is better that way. Vegetable and nice home-cooked meals FTW!

4. Nobody’s judging your poor TV-choices.

Gossip Girl GIF

Gossip Girl marathon? Disney movie sing-along? America’s Next Top Model binge-watching? Yes, yes and YES!

5. Sleeping in the middle of the bed.

‘No sleep. I go days without sleep.’ #whoamikidding #sleepyhead #disneyquotes


Guest who doesn’t have to keep pulling on the blanket all night?

6. You can eat whatever YOU want for dinner.

My favourite squash soup recipe | Cake + Whisky

Helloooooooo pumpkin soup and bread roll! I know I probably shouldn’t be that excited but that’s what living with someone who doesn’t consider soup an acceptable dinner will do to you!

7. Buying Christmas presents is MUCH easier when you’re not together 24/7.

Somebody get me these socks!! #Christmas @johnlewisretail


So maybe this year I WON’T give away too many clues and it will ACTUALLY be a surprise!

8. Making plans for when you next see each other is simply THE BEST.

Yes the best thing about not being together is definitely seing the light at the end of the tunnel and making plans for when you’ll next get to spend time together. #duh

Speaking of which… any absolute musts besides Champagne and chocolates? 

7 Silver Linings to Being in a Long Distance Relationship

4 thoughts on “7 Silver Linings to Being in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Everything is always better with cupcakes.

    I’d also add you are forced to become great communicators since all you have is email or phone!


  2. Lola says:

    Love this haha! Long distance relationships definitely have good sides 🙂
    By the way we spice it up with apps like the happycoupleapp, you should give it a try 🙂


  3. I was in a long distance relationship for years! These points are so true… and you can get away with eating ice cream for breakfast 😉 Silver lining, my friend!


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