10 things you should never do on a bank holiday weekend

Three glorious days off! Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Until you start making plans, that is…

Sorry we're Closed sign - Cake + Whisky

1. Plan to go to the bank
It’s all in the name, really.

2. Plan to go to the Post Office
Wouldn’t it be a bit too convenient if your local Post Office was actually open when you’re at home and would have time to go and –finally- send all those eBay orders / belated birthday postcards?

3. Go shopping
Oxford Street is enough of a nightmare on a regular weekend thank you very much.

4. Get your phone/laptop/Internet connection/water boiler fixed, or a haircut/manicure
If you find anybody who’s actually working on a bank holiday, chances are he/she is already triple-book. Give up on the idea of doing anything productive of your weekend, really.

5. Take a trip
Sure, travelling sounds like a dream in theory, but trust me, the prices and the crowds makes this idea more than debatable in practice. Just imagining the lines to pass security at Heathrow gives me chills.

6. Go to a slide and ice cream festival
Eating ice cream for lunch, going down slides and giggling all day is not what responsible grown-ups do on a bank holiday I’m afraid.

7. Organise an impromptu dinner party
Supermarkets’ opening hours are not going to be doing anything for you on that one… And how could you do without all those “essentials” Waitrose is famous for? #YESBriocheIsEssential

8. Clean your whole house
The first thing your colleagues will ask you on Tuesday morning is what you did on the weekend, and spring-cleaning is nowhere near as glamourous as the answer they’re expecting. You deserve better.

9. Have a picnic
Not that the weather is unpredictable in this lovely country of ours or anything… #WinterInAugust

10. Bake cake
Despite my advance notice (see #5), it’s very likely all your friends/family/neighbours will be away for the weekend and you’d have to eat it all by yourself while watching re-runs of the Great British Bake Off… Wouldn’t that be terrible?

Obviously, I’m planning on doing most of those things anyway (I mean, NO WAY I’m missing a slides and ice cream event!)… What about you? Any cool plans for the weekend?

10 things you should never do on a bank holiday weekend

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