The best night in with #YelpBigNightIn

I’m the biggest home-buddy there ever was. Sure I’m always up for dinner in a nice restaurant, or a few drinks with friends, but my favourite nights are usually the ones spent at home, curled up on the sofa watching TV.

The only problem being that that ideal scenario often ends up not being that idyllic a scenario since life very often comes inbetween my (admittedly lazy) plans and reality. Laundry, flat cleaning, cooking… There’s so much to be done!

But last Friday was different thanks to Yelp’s Big Night In. All I had to do was come home and relax as everything else had been taking care of for me.

When I came back home that evening, on-demand cleaning app Hassle had already made sure my flat was shining-clean and my laundry had been picked up by the newly-launched Laundrapp. No chores for me then!

And there was wine, carefully selected and delivered to my door by advisor-extraordinaire Mr Vine.

Mr Vine, London's new sommelier app! | Cake + WhiskyI was really impressed with the app, which promises to find you wine you love, no matter what your criteria (style, price, country of origine…) are.
#YelpBigNightIn | Wine from Mr Vine | Cake + Whisky#YelpBigNightIn | Wine from Mr Vine | Cake + WhiskyWe started our big night in with a glass of chilled Currabridge Chardonnay, which was far superior to many supermarket equivalents I’ve tried in the same price range.#YelpBigNightIn | Wine from Mr Vine | Cake + WhiskyThe perfect way to unwind while deciding which movie we wanted to watch (you can’t do a night in without a good movie, can you?)!
#YelpBigNightIn | Food from Jubo via Deliveroo | Cake + WhiskyJust as we settled on watching The Wolf of Wall Street, the bell rang and dinner was served, courtesy of Deliveroo (my favourite London delivery app! They have such great restaurants onboard and would even deliver food to you in the park if you wish so!)!
#YelpBigNightIn | Food from Jubo via Deliveroo | Cake + WhiskyWe were starving so that spectacural Korean food display (from one of my favourite Shoreditch restaurant, Jubo) didn’t last very long!
#YelpBigNightIn | Food from Jubo via Deliveroo | Cake + WhiskyThe soy-glazed wings are the #1 reason to order from Jubo, but the Kimchi slaw is never far behind! I love how complex the flavours are in such a simple dish!
#YelpBigNightIn | Food from Jubo via Deliveroo | Cake + WhiskyFor some reason, I also ended up eating chips with chopsticks that night… (I blame the wine!)

Having wolfed down our dinner, we had a few more glasses of wine and chatted happily until one of us (me) starting to have some dessert cravings…
Quiqup London delivery app | Cake + WhiskyIn just a few clicks, Ladurée macaroons were on their way thanks to Quiqup, the new app that will revolutionize how I handle my midnight cravings!#YelpBigNightIn | Ladurée macaroons via Quiqup | Cake + WhiskyShortly after, I was presented with this adorable box… #MyPrecious#YelpBigNightIn | Ladurée macaroons via Quiqup | Cake + Whisky#YelpBigNightIn | Ladurée macaroons via Quiqup | Cake + WhiskyAlmost too pretty to eat… (Almost). And the perfect ending to a perfect evening!

Thanks Yelp for including me on the list of the lucky fews who were treated to the most brilliant night in I’ve had in a long, long time!

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The best night in with #YelpBigNightIn

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