6 beauty new-ins #1

I already said it and I’ll say it again: I’d be the worst beauty blogger in the world.

But does it stops me from buying loads of beauty stuff? Nooooo! Of course not! And I’ve been especially pro-active on that front lately… 🙈🙈🙈
10 Beauty New-Ins, July 2015 | Cake + WhiskyThe worst part is, I’m been using most of those every day since I got them. How did I even live before, I have no idea!

Like toe separators. Those really shouldn’t be a revolution in anyone’s life in the 21st century, and yet until last week, I ended up with nailpolish all over my toes for lack of having purchased that most necessary accessory, but this mistake is now fixed at last.

The Bath & Beauty Works’ mini hand sanitizers I obviously brought back from my US trip after having heard literally EVERYONE raving about it on YouTube. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find sents I actually liked (I’m not much of a sickly-sweet perfume fan…) but I really like how small the bottles are (so convenient to carry them around!) and I’m really happy I got my hads on those.

Having struggle to apply my Bourgeois Bronzing Powder for far too long, I finally took the plunge and got myself a shiny brand-new RealTechniques Coutour brush. It’s so soft and I recently caught myself dreaming of a pillow made of the exact same material… (oh, and it makes applying bronzer SO easy too, in case you were wondering…)

My absolute favourite amongst my new beauty purchases is most probably that Essie nailpolish I picked up in Macy’s on my last day in New York. The name itself (Pret-A-Surfer) is THE BEST and the colour (the perfect mix of blue and lavender) is the one I had been looking for forever. Quest achieved.

With new nailpolish always comes new nailpolish remover (or am I the only one always running out of nailpolish remover when I’d most need to have it at hands?). I bought those little Superdry nailpolish remover pads mainly for the compact size of them but I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised with how great they did their job and will definitely re-purchase those again in the future (and not just because the box is the cuttest and I can think of a billion way to re-purpose it…)

Last but not least, that Shea Butter Cleasing Oil from L’Occitane is SO GREAT it’s made me want to take my make-up off EVERY SINGLE NIGHT without any exception at all. Which if you know me and how lazy I am when it comes to beauty stuff, is quite a revolution really! It’s so thick and it leaves your skin all soft and comfortable, I can’t get enough of it! And don’t even get me started on the smell…

*Not pictured* Josie Marant’s Coconut Watercolour blush (which is the prettiest blush I’ve EVER used); and the cutest lipstick EVER…

What are your latest beauty discoveries? Anything I should know about, now that I have the essentials covered? 

6 beauty new-ins #1

11 thoughts on “6 beauty new-ins #1

  1. Real Techniques brushes are unbelievably soft! I’ve been reading lots of great stuff about L’Occitane. I need to look into that brand!

    xx Izzy | Qthee


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