The Carousel, New Orleans

Cocktails were definitely on the list when in New Orleans. We had a few obligatory Hurricanes, but when we tasted one of those vile grape-flavoured Voodoo-slushie thing, we realised it was time to up our cocktail game.

And that (and my obsession for Pinterest) is how we found the prettiest bar on Earth.
Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansA classy carousel for adults, where you can sit, drink the best cocktails and see the world (or at least the bar) unfold in front of your eyes. It was everything I was longing for.
Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansCake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansI could have just stayed there in the doorway staring at this spinning carousel for hours.
Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansCake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansGood thing it was rather busy so I get plenty of time to do so! Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansSoon enough, a couple of seats became available and jumped on them!Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansThe cocktails are the perfect mix of classic and local. Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansVieux Carré, Old Fashioned, Sazerac…  Taking their roots in old-school, traditional American cocktails, they’re mixed to perfection by the ace bar team. Cake + Whisky | Carousel bar, New OrleansA classy hotel bar without being too stuffy, The Carousel bar was the perfect start to our evening, before we tumbled down to The Preservation Hall for the best of jazz concerts. I don’t have any pictures or videos, but take my word on it and go, go, GO!!

What’s your favourite cocktail bar? Any I should add to my list?

The Carousel, New Orleans

6 thoughts on “The Carousel, New Orleans

  1. Nomadic Patriot says:

    This place looks awesome!
    If you ever find yourself in Savannah Ga check out Mata Hari. It’s a 1920’s styled speak easy with an intimate atmosphere and strong drinks 👌🏼


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