Summer’s coming | Virgin Watermelon Fizz

It’s a well-known fact that the weather in London is not always the nicest and it has kind of been playing with my nerves lately. One day, it’s perfectly nice and sunny and the next, it’s windy and cold and November-ey.

But I found the perfect way to trick my brain into thinking that Summer is on its way no matter what the colour of the sky. And that trick my friends, is my new favourite mocktail: the Virgin Watermelon Fizz!
Cake + Whisky | Summer's coming | Virgin Watermelon Fizz recipeFor 2 glasses, you’ll need: 1/4 of a small watermelon, diced and de-seeded; juice of 1/2 lime (+ a few slices to serve), mint leaves, ice cubes, sparkling water. 

Put some mint leaves at the botom of your glasses and muddle lightly. Juice your watermelon (I have a juicer but you can also do it with a hand blender as watermelon is pretty much just water anyway!). Share the juice between the glasses (they should be about half-full). Top with lime juice, ice cubes and sparkling water. Dress your glass with lime slices and serve immediately.

Summer’s coming | Virgin Watermelon Fizz

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