Illustrated recipes #1 | The fantastic quiche!

After my hosting of yesterday’s #ltbloggers chat (it’s everyday at 1 and 5 PM on Twitter, join us!) where we discussed all things food (and got so excited we almost broke Storify! oops! #sorrynotsorry) I thought it would only be fitting to share my absolute favourite recipe over here today. Welcome the fantastic quiche (aka. the easiest and most adaptable recipe I know)!

I initially created this illustration for one of my friends who was looking for easy recipes to bake in his newly acquired oven. You can of course substitute bacon for anything you have laying in your fridge (don’t forget to let me know what you go for!).
Cake + Whisky | Illustrated recipe | The fantastic QuicheWhat’s your favourite recipe? Send me your links! 

Illustrated recipes #1 | The fantastic quiche!

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