Why I love London

I ❤ London. Since the moment I first saw it, I knew it was it. A love-at-first-sight sort of story.
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Tower BridgeCake + Whisky | Why I Love London | V&A Museum
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Museum of LondonBut then, isn’t it difficult NOT to love London. When I first had to leave it, I tried to make the separation less difficult by drawing a list of things I wouldn’t be missing. This list had, if I remember properly, only 3 things on it by the end of the week.
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Green ParkCake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Borough Market
The reason why London is so lovable is that it truly offers something for everyone. From the shop-aholic (me) to the foodie (me) to the museum-aficionado (me) and the gym-bunny (me? I wish!), everybody can find their London if they know where to look for it. It’s the diversity of London that truly made the difference for me.
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Piccadilly CircusCake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Duck & Waffle
Maybe it’s linked to London being the result of many villages merging together to create one massive metropole. Maybe it’s the result of centuries of immigration from all over the world. Maybe it’s something entirely different that led London to be what it is today; this bright, exciting, strongly multi-cultural city.
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | South Bank Millenium BridgeCake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Trafalgar Square
And it’s the freedom we, as Londoners, get from a such unique environment that I truly love about London. I love the variety of the food offering and the endless possibilities it creates.
Cake + Whisky | Why I Love London | Covent GardenCake + Whisky | Why I Love London
I love the effervescence of the Borough Market and the calm of the V&A’s medieval galleries; I love the small streets of the City and how spacious Royal Parks are; I love the crowds of Oxford Street and the quiet contemplation atmosphere of churches; I love the fire of Indian curries, the tang of Peruvian ceviche, the cleaness of Japanese sahimi, the home-iness of Italian pasta; I love it all. And above all, I love that there’s always something new to discover.
“Tired of London, Tired of Life” has never seem more fitting.
Why I love London

8 thoughts on “Why I love London

  1. Amila says:

    Such a simple but convincing post.. Makes me sigh and want to come back there (I just visited London a few days ago). You know, when I ask people about London and tell them I want to move there they do everything to change my mind. I guess we all see the beauty of a city in different things but I just l-o-v-e London.


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