#FiftyChefs: The Hands that feed London | Photography | Shoreditch

I grew up in a family where food was very very important. It was never just fuel. Food is social. It’s an import  moment in the day where you should get together with friends, family or someone else.” says Michel Roux Jr on the introductory picture of Fifty Chefs: The Hands That feed London.

From that moment on, I knew I’d love it. 50 or so chefs, facing the objective of the talented Katie Wilson, revealing how they came to cooking and showing how a lifetime behind the pots and pans has changed them. Showing their scars, reminding us that despite it looking like a very glamourous choice of carreer, life in a kitchen is tough, loud, tiring. But in the honest eyes and the tired smiles, each one of them still shows that cooking is their life and no matter how hard, they wouldn’t exchange it for the world.

Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographyCake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographySome of the UK’s top chefs and some not-so-well-known, yet still top-knotch restauranteurs.Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographyI especially liked reading about Nuno Mendes‘ (of the Chiltern Firehouse fame) tatoos (and how they remind him where he comes from and went through).
Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | Photographyfifty-chefs-7Also very touching where those stories about those places which became some of London’s top dining spots almost by accident. Because the people who created them worked hard, day and night, and cared about the quality of the food and the service they were providing to their customers.Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographyCake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographySo many hands, so many faces, so many stories making up London’s exciting, incredibly diverse food scene.Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographyMy favourite of the pictures was probably that of Bread Ahead‘s Justin Gellatly, which reminded me of my dad’s (who started working as a pastry chef when he was 15). I guess when it comes to food, we never really forget what we grew up with…Cake + Whisky | #FiftyChefs Exibition | PhotographyFrom Shoreditch, with love! ❤

#FiftyChefs: The Hands that feed London | Photography | Shoreditch

4 thoughts on “#FiftyChefs: The Hands that feed London | Photography | Shoreditch

  1. It was brilliant! Unfortunately, I thik it’s over now (bad blogger, going to an exhibition on the very last day it’s on…) but I really hope it’ll come back to London some time soon! Not sure what I’ll be doing this weekend, the sun makes me want to explore London… any ideas?


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