My current leg workout routine

I never thought I would say that, but I think I actually enjoy working out. Anybody who knows me even a little bit is most probably laughing already! But I swear it’s true. Plus endorphins are the best thing ever!

I’m currently trying to work a lot on my legs as they are currently the part of my body I like least and I’d love to be able to wear shorts this summer without feeling bad about them. I’ve been sticking to more-or-less the same routine for about 3 weeks and I can already see results: my legs look thinner, stronger (and for some weird reason, I seem to walk taller, which is a good thing when you’re teeny-tiny like me!).

But God! is it exausting! As I write this, I just finished this exercise and my legs are TIRED! But if you want to give it a go, here is my current leg workout routine!

I start with 15 sumo squatsCake + Whisky | Leg Workout Routine 1I go down, stay there for 3 sec. and then go back up again.

Then I do 2 reps of this (it’s all part of a workout which was published on Cosmopolitan that I found on Pinterest)Cake + Whisky | Leg Workout 1After that, I do 15 more sumo squats and then go on with 30 calf raises (I stay up for 3 sec. before going back down).

Afterwards comes a real killer: a 1 min. Tip Toe Squats. Cake + Whisky | Leg Workout 1I first read about it there and thought ‘eh, that sounds easy and fun!’. Boy was I wrong about it!!

I cool down with 2 more reps of the Cosmo workout, following up with a second 1 min. Tip Toe Squats.

I then switch off my brain and follow all the steps of this video (I LOVE workout videos, I find it to be a very relaxing way to exercise as I don’t have to count or time myself or anything!!).

Moving onto 15 more squats (either the normal ones, or 15 more sumo ones, depending on my mood and how much my knees hurt…). Cake + Whisky | Leg Workout Routine 1Working a bit on my balance with 10 single-leg Romanian Deadlift (on each side).

Then flat out for 15 reps of Thrusts and Holds (while squeezing a medicinal ball between my knees. I know it doesn’t seem like a big difference, but trust me, it DOES!).Cake + Whisky | Leg Workout Routine 1 Polishing off with 10 Lateral lunges (on each side), one more rep of the workout video and  a 1 min wall sit with medicinal ball (squeeeeeze it between my knees to make my thighs work harder!). Pffff! So tired!

I cool down with a few strech-ey moves and a BIIIIIIG glass of water! And then I start it all over again the next day!

What does your workout routine look like? Anything I could include into mine? Send me your blog posts if you’ve written about it! 

My current leg workout routine

4 thoughts on “My current leg workout routine

  1. How long does it take you everyday? Because I’m looking for a not-so-long everyday workout and this one looks ace (my legs are killing just thinking about it though).


    1. a bit over half an hour I’d say… but you can also just skip bits if you’ve less time (it’s quite easy to adapt as each part doesn’t really take much time)…


  2. This looks really good! I know what you mean, I’m SO into fitness at the moment but my friends and family cannot believe it, I’ve always hidden from it before!
    I can definitely see that this workout would be great for your legs, I think I’ll try it! 🙂 I’m about to start the 30 day abs challenge, so hopefully if I’m not too tired after that I can add this to it!

    Sian xx


    1. Yes! I don’t really know what’s up with me, I think endorphins are just too addictive after a while (fine by me!!) Let me know how you get along with both the ab challenge (I didn’t like it to much, but I think it might have been because it have too many reps so I got bored!) and this one when you give it a go (maybe do’nt start with the whole lot at first?)

      Sandra xx


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