Breakfast on the go : Chia seed pudding

I can’t quite say I’m usually one to pursue the latest food-trend (or superfood, for that matter). Proof is, I only had kale for the first time in September (and I’m pretty sure by then, it wasn’t trendy anymore!).

sndguerin-chia-pud-10The first time I heard of chia seeds, I was absolutely sure I wouldn’t like them. Sure, they were really good for you, with all their anti-oxydants, fibers, protein, and all, but they were always described as jelly-like, which is a texture I really couldn’t care less about (unless we’re talking about panna cotta, obviously). But then they started popping up regularly on my favourite food blogs, and on Pinterest, and some of the things I was seeing were looking pretty good indeed. So I swallowed my pride (and crossed my fingers), headed to Whole Foods and got myself a box.

I’ve been in love since then, and chia seeds have since been a regular feature in my breakfasts. Mainly because chia seed pudding makes such a convenient, cheap, fast to prep and healthy on-the-go breakfast. Oh, and it’s vegan too…  Ticks all the boxes for me!

Chia see pudding (serves 1)

3 tablespoons chia seeds, 9 tablespoons Alpro Coconut milk (or other liquid), Fresh fruit (I used plums here, but my favourite version is actually with blood orange), some sort of syrup (I used the syrup from my absolute favourite preserved sour cherries from Ergon*) 


In a bowl or sealable container, combine the chia seeds and the “milk”.

sndguerin-chia-pud-4Stir and let to rest for a few minutes.

sndguerin-chia-pud-5When the mixture reaches a loose jelly-like texture, pile up fruit on top.

sndguerin-chia-pud-6You can try doing it neatly…sndguerin-chia-pud-7But more often than not, I end up being quite messy! sndguerin-chia-pud-8

Add your syrup of choice (look at those glossy cherries!).sndguerin-chia-pud-9

Add one more, you deserve it! sndguerin-chia-pud-10Eat immediately or cover and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat/leave for work!

*a note on Ergon: if you’re ever looking for fantastic Greek groceries (or just those cherries!), look no further. The little store in the basement of their restaurant is any foodie’s dream (if you go, you might as well take 5 minutes to have the cardamom panna cotta from the above restaurant. You won’t regret it). And they deliver too! 

See, I told you it was an easy and quick recipe! Have you tried chia seed? How do you use them? 

Breakfast on the go : Chia seed pudding

4 thoughts on “Breakfast on the go : Chia seed pudding

  1. This looks great. I’m always looking for a healthy, and quick, breakfast. I posted on an overnight muesli recipe that works as well for a healthy start that can be taken into the car.


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